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2019's Welcome-to-Hunt Outings. A new approach.

November 24, 2018 04:35AM avatar
A 'Welcome' to all readers and I encourage anyone interested in having a fun time to attend one (or more) of our Welcome-to-Hunt Outings in 2019.

Every year we have seen some splendid finds made by Outing Participants from an assortment of sites we have hunted in Eastern Oregon (3 or 4 town sites) and NE Nevada (7 or 8 town sites). Each outing provides a learning experience for everyone, and that is all inclusive by the way, but all have been the types of sites that call for Relic Hunting techniques.

Also, my travel time is restricted as I have been advised, since 1991 and a few times since then, to limit my daily driving time to no more than 1½ to 2 hours ... per day. Making a drive to Wells, Nevada from my home here in Vale, Oregon can take between 6 and 7 hours. That means it would call for a 3-day drive just to get there and 3 days to return. When I push it and drive an extended period per-day, it usually takes 4-7 days for me to recoup from that prolonged driving experience.

So that brings about the change in future WTHOs we will hold. Since I can't easily make the travels to every outing, especially if spread out across more of the country, we are starting a new program for participants to Host a WTHO.

An Outing Host will only need to do the following:

1.. Select the four days (Thursday thru Sunday) for the Outing.

2.. Select the Location for the Outing, making sure that the ‘base location’ has motels, RV accommodates, gas stations, stores and eateries.

3.. Select the morning meeting location, such as a McDonalds, Carl’s Jr. or similar place, to meet folks who might just be showing up and to coordinate potential places for folks to go hunting that day.

4.. Select a location and time for the Saturday Evening get-together for Dinner.

5.. Finally, make sure I am notified of who attends the Outing (unless I am also able to attend).

We'll continue to use the AHRPS Forums for posting results and comments about the Outings. Also, I will continue to handle all e-mail correspondence to all those on the WTHO Contact List to maintain confidentiality of personal information. So Outing Hosts will only have to communicate the information to me.

With 104 individuals on the list, located in 14 US states from coast-to-coast, this will also provide an opportunity to have a Welcome-to-Hunt Outing in a wider-range of locations. I will be Hosting a WTHO in 2019, possibly the 10th Outing, and I will be listing the Outing Dates and Locations here on this thread sometime before the end of December. I do know it will have a 'Base location' in Northern Utah. Just hoping to hear from anyone else about when and where they would like to Host a WTHO and provide all the information possible for 2019's Outings soon.

In the meantime, get out hunting as often as possible, enjoy a lot of 'fun' and have some rewarding success of those detecting jaunts! If you have any questions or comments, feel welcome to send me an e-mail.


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2019's Welcome-to-Hunt Outings. A new approach.

Monte 1408 November 24, 2018 04:35AM

The 11th WTHO for 2019 will be June 13th thru 16th

Monte 1067 February 03, 2019 06:22AM

The 10th WTHO will be May 9th thru 12th, 2019.

Monte 1003 December 13, 2018 07:18AM

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