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2020's 12th Welcome-to-Hunt Outing ... June 3rd thru 6th / 7th.

January 06, 2020 12:49PM avatar
Well, it's time to get some planning in motion for our Welcome-to-Hunt Outing. Things will be a little bit the same this year, and the date spread is a little different. Instead of a Thursday-thru-Sunday Outing as many have been, I've had several people ask about changing it to a Wednesday-thru-Saturday Outing because of their travelling plans. They make it for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but wanted to then get rest and pull-out to head home (or wherever) on Sunday so they were a day short on the Outing.

Not everyone leaves on Sunday so they could just use that as a final day to get more search-time in. So, here's the new plan. Not all that different, just a little bit. We will start the Outing Wednesday morning, June 3rd and hunt that day thru Saturday. Four days of finding stuff should give us some good opportunities. We will still hold our 'Saturday Evening Dinner Get-Together' on the 6th to let everyone visit, brag about a find or two, and just reflect on how things have gone after 4-days of searching. If anyone's made a nice discovery to display and/or maybe found a '1st' or a 'Bucket-Lister,' there's our opportunity to share that event.

That will be when we 'officially' wrap up the Outing, even though some are going to hang-around and put in a bonus 5th day of hunting on Sunday. Others can go to church, rest up a day before pulling out, or just hit the road for home or other adventures they've planned on.

Now, what is a 'little bit' the same? Well, that's our 'Outing Location.' Once again, our 'base-point' is going to be Wells, Nevada, for both bad reasons and good reasons. Let me touch on the 'bad reasons' first. This is the 6th year of hosting WTHO's with the first adeventure from May 14th-17th of 2015. We've used May before and while we have had weather we could live with and a lot of nice finds were made, we also have found the month of May to be a little rainy at times or we even awoke to a light snowfall.

I know that country and it can go from 'OK' to blistering hot in the summer, so we don't want to hold off too long. So, why the June 3rd thru 7th days this year? They work. Too early in May you have Mother's Day and Memorial Day Weekend, and that has interfered with some participant's plans in the past. In mid June there is Father's Day and that, too, messed up some planning for a few. If we go later, it can be getting too hot.

Also, if we wait too long, as we've seen in years that had too much wetness early followed by too much dryness and warmth, it can give those blasted weeds a chance to grow and get in our way. The first two outings to those Northern Nevada sites had very kind ground cover ... or lack of weeds ... and hunting was great. When weeds got thick it made it tough. So this year we are hoping things will be in our favor and some weeds have died off, the weather will cooperate, and all the sites will offer better detecting access.

Now, how about the 'good reasons'? Well, it's a handy and workable Outing Hub ... Wells ... since there are at least 6 ghost town sites in a reasonably short drive. That lets us change location if we feel we're having a bad day, or it allows us to stick-it-out and work a site more methodically to turn it into a rewarding day. They do offer a little variety in location conditions, and some are a little older than others, even though ALL of the townsites have proven to bring some of us very pleasing success.

Many of the WTHO Participants have worked these places and are familiar with their layout, and we've had a lot of 1st Timers make a WTHO that resulted in some very impressive recoveries!thumbs up Naturally, there will be a few who might say something like: "Oh, I've been there before and that place is 'worked out" --- Really? --- Don't you have some nearby parks or schools or sports fields and such you have hunted a lot but still find stuff? Or find out others have visited there and walked away with some keepers? Of course you have!

Why? Because we never get it all, and these old sites are even better because they usually have more iron debris to deal with. That chases some folks away, but for those of use who have learned it and know better each time how to del with it to find the partially-masked good targets will also be rewarded for our efforts.

Also consider how many of us, perhaps you the reader, have made some detector changes and have a better detector for hunting in ghost town sites, or even just a better search coil to use. Maybe you have been working similar places since a prior visit and feel you're more prepared and up to the adventure.

I have been taking some time, as has OregonGregg who mentioned it to me yesterday, to use the 'cabin fever' season to go back through many of the Forum Posts from years-gone-by and read some reports, look at the finds people have made, and ponder the sites, or types of sites, that were searched. Maybe even look at the make and model of detectors they used, the coils they preferred, and comments about those and their experiences. That's what I've done, and here are some links to just the WTHO's over the past 5 years. I've been going over all kinds of posts, not just the WTHO reports, but these make a good starting point to pass the time.

1st WTHO: [www.ahrps.org]

2nd WTHO: [www.ahrps.org]

3rd WTHO: [www.ahrps.org]

4th WTHO: [www.ahrps.org] … and … [www.ahrps.org]

5th WTHO: [www.ahrps.org] … and … [www.ahrps.org]

6th WTHO: [www.ahrps.org]

7th WTHO: [www.ahrps.org]

8th WTHO: [www.ahrps.org]

an extra Outing in 2018 9th WTHO: [www.ahrps.org]

10th WTHO to Ogden: [www.ahrps.org]

11th WTHO: [www.ahrps.org]

Another reason for selecting Wells, Nevada as an Outing 'hub' is because we know the places to go, and I haven't had the time or the health to get away for any travelling to try and locate any new sites. Besides, I shouldn't be the only one trying to do it all, and I have asked the past couple of years for anyone to step up and volunteer to 'Host' an Outing. It's easy to do, and with a volunteer to 'Host' and Outing we could fit in more of them.

I've also asked for some hints for possible Outing locations where we might have 2 or 3, or more, places to hunt in a reasonable proximity to an Outing 'hub' that has motels, RV Parks, food and gas. Seems to have been a dead end road on that request, too. Many people have said there are not many sites close to them and that's why they attend a WTHO. Of course the best reason to do that is to get out, have some fun, and meet up with the great group of people who attend these gathering.

If anything develops, such as a new hunt location or someone to volunteer to coordinate and Host it, we might just work in another Outing or possibly two later this year, but for now, these are the 2020 WTHO scheduled dates. Please, shoot me an e-mail if you plan to attend and what days you think you'll be there. That will let me get a tentative list going. If I have any additional information, I'll share it with you. I'm also going to get busy now, as can anyone else who'll be coming, to try and track down any other hunt sites that are in that proximity. Six old town sites now offer a lot of opportunity, but any new places to visit can add a little new adventure for us.

Happy Hunting, and my all your plans and detecting efforts be enjoyable and rewarding,


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2020's 12th Welcome-to-Hunt Outing ... June 3rd thru 6th / 7th.

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