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2018 Welcome-to-Hunt Outings .... Dates and Locations.

December 12, 2017 05:48AM avatar
We are going to have our 7th WTHO the first to kick things off in 2018 right back here in Eastern Oregon in late April.

We will have WTHO #8 followed by WTHO #9 in Nevada, based out of two different ‘base camp’ locations.

This way we can get some Outings in before the summer heat arrives. It will make 3 Outings in 2018 instead of only 2, but it also opens the door to try and plan a 10th WTHO sometime later in the year. If anyone has any suggestions of a base location where we can access two or more hunt locations from there with a reasonable drive, please let me know and we’ll try to research it for another WTHO get-together.

Almost everyone on the current WTHO Contact List should have information on these locations from the past few years we’ve held our Outings. If you are a newer addition to our Contact List, you are welcome to e-mail me any questions you have and I’ll get them answered.

For those who haven’t followed last year’s Oregon ghost town listing, let me just remind all that I often have assigned a name to towns, or use an old and unfamiliar name of the location I like to visit, so other’s won’t happen to catch my comments or references and ‘invade’ some of my favorite hunt sites.

For example, my long-time favorite place in Utah I named ‘Twin Flats’ back in '69, and other sites in Utah I've renamed ‘South Point’ and ‘East Bound’ to name just two. You won’t find those names in books or maps. Here in Eastern Oregon the three gold mining era ghost towns, the same three we planned to hunt in 2017, I’ve named ‘Lone Tree’, ‘Lonesome Arch’ and ‘Lost.’

By having our 7th WTHO here in Oregon the end of April we ought to be able to hunt all three town sites, and ‘Lost’ is one of the oldest in the region with both it and ‘Lone Tree’ dating activity to 1863 and '64 for a start.

For those who couldn’t make our Oregon Outing in 2017, I will refer you to the reports participants made on the ahrps.org Relic / Old Site Hunting Forum under this link:


It produced the oldest-dated US coin from any of our WTHO’s, when Darby H. found an 1836 Capped Bust Half-Dime. Others, such as Paul S. & Ray S. who made a lot of nice finds to include several Chinese Cash Coins and a very nice Civil War era belt buckle!, Gregg Z. found several old coins, and Tom and Roger P. each recovered Seated Liberty Dimes from the 1860’s. Everyone had an equal opportunity to have chanced across those targets, but we all had fun and did find other artifacts of interest.

The two WTHO’s in Nevada will quite possibly draw participants who will want to make it to both Outings as they will be adjacent weekends as noted below. The first will be based out of Wells, as we have done on a couple of the last trips into Nevada, but there are several old town sites that have continued to produce for us, and this year we worked one town site for the first time and it also produced ‘V’ Nickels, Barber Dimes and other ‘keepers.’

The 3rd WTHO for 2018 will be farther south in Nevada where we can meet up with some avid Relic Hunters who make a trek to dig, screen and metal detect the dumps at Tonopah. Several attendees in the last couple of years have asked about dong an Outing there and I’ve been hesitant because there will be people there not part of our group and I’d like to keep us and out activities ‘sheltered,’ so-to-speak, because we have a really great bunch of guys and gals who have made our trips ‘special’ because of their good personalities. However, after a few more requests on our last trip to Nevada, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to blend two outings and allow folks to pick one or the other, or attend both since they are on consecutive weekends.

Thus, I am giving everyone a heads-up on our 2018 WTHO’s now so you can all plan on your accommodations there. They do get busy and motel rooms can get booked-up ahead of time so do your planning quickly, and if you’re going to make this trip, get calling soon to book your stay. I bought a new camp trailer and I’ll be booking a space at an RV Park in Wells and Tonopah to make both Nevada Outings. For those interested in participating in the first Outing here in Eastern Oregon, we will again base use Vale, where I live, as the ‘base camp’ for those who want a motel or an RV Park.

Here are the 2018 WTHO Dates and Locations so you can start planning now:

7th WTHO
Based out of Vale, Oregon
Thur. April 26th thru Sun. April 29th
Ghost towns to hunt include: ‘Lost’, ‘Lonesome Arch’ and ‘Lone Tree’

You are naturally welcome to arrive on Wednesday. Vale as at least one motel, and a pretty decent RV Park. If you plan to camp at or near the townsites we will be searching, ‘Lonesome Arch’ is the more accommodating for room for maybe up to three camp trailers or RV’s. We will be able to coordinate working any of the three locations with others who participate so as not to crowd just one site, and if you haven’t been there in the past, trust me, there is ample room to roam around detecting.

Last outing we also had a get-together at the Vale City Park covered picnic bowery on Saturday evening as some folks wanted to travel home on Sunday while others wanted to do some detecting. That meant heading back down to Vale just a little earlier on Saturday, but I’ll be down there early to make sure things are set-up for our picnic. It will also be a fun time for each of us to display some of the trash and treasures we find up to that point, share some relaxing discussion time, and introduce ourselves to others. Let them know where we are from, what detector(s) we use, how long we have been enjoying the metal detecting sport, etc.

For those who want to do more detect6ing on Sunday, we still have the three gold mining ghost town sites to visit, or Gregg Z. & I will maybe have one or two shorter-duration hunt sites closer to Vale.

8th WTHO
Based out of Wells, Nevada
Thur. May 17th thru Mon. May 21st
Ghost towns to hunt include: Cobre, Metropolis, Shafter, Tecoma, Toano and Tobar

Wells has several motels and a couple of RV Parks. Some might want to locate out of Montello for a day or so at their small motel to be closer to Cobre, Tecoma and Toano, but it is cheaper to stay in Wells for a motel or for food or for gas. I had considered starting this on Friday and stretching through Monday, but some participants can’t make both outings so I went back to Thursday as a start date.

It is extended an extra day, however, for those who maybe plan to attend the 9th Outing in Tonopah and this will give us an extra day to search the Wells area locations before we make the drive south to Tonopah where, I am sure, quite a few people will be arriving on Wednesday or Thursday for their annual planned trip there. That would allow us to be close, then use Tuesday or Wednesday make the travel from Wells to Tonopah.

I know, I know … some are thinking we have hunted some of these towns out of Wells and Montello on two trips in 2015, two in 2016 and once this year, to the point of being 'hunted out.' Not so. I've hunted several of those railroad towns since the mid-80's and they still hold keepers. But once again, go back to the Relic / Old Site Hunting Forum and you’ll see reports of some really exciting finds folks have made from each of the towns on various outings in 2015, ’16 and ‘17. Just scroll back and you'll find the Outing reports.

As we did on the last Outing here in Vale and plan to do in the future, we will have a group get-together on Saturday evening, the 19th, in Wells. The location will be announced to those who are attending. It will be a relaxing social time to have a picnic or dine out, to be planned, and we can get to know each other better and show off some of the interesting finds we have made to that point. It will still leave two more Outing days to add to our ‘keeper kollection’ before that Outing is over.

9th WTHO
Based out of Tonopah, Nevada
Thur. May 24th thru Mon. May 28th … which includes Memorial Day Weekend
Ghost town to hunt includes: The Tonopah ‘dumps’ and ???

If you enjoy ‘dump digging and screening’ then you’ll get a workout there. If you haven’t but want to learn from some experienced folks who do, you’ll certainly find some help and instruction there. If you only like metal detecting, well, there might be a lot of trash at the dumps, but it is a big area, spread out, and many people have had good success working their detectors, using a smaller-size search coil and a slow and methodical sweep speed.

Requests and Reminders:

I you would like to be removed from the WTHO Contact List, please e-mail me a simple request . Thank You.

If you know of someone who would like to be added to the WTHO Contact List, please refer them to my e-mail address. Have them send me the request to be added, and include their: Name, Mailing Address w/Zip Code, Phone Number and E-mail contact.

Please e-mail me ahead of time if you plan to attend any or all of the announced WTHO’s for this year. I like to have an advanced head-up of how many, and who, plan to participate. If you are bringing a family member or friend, please let me know that information as well.

Finally, another reminder that we are always looking for any location to base a WTHO that has two or three workable nearby sites that could accommodate a group of about 20-25 detecting hobbyists, anywhere in the USA. If you have some ideas for a future Outing, please share those with me. We have a lot of time left in the year and might be able to work up a 10th WTHO in 2018, or get a head start planning on some for 2019.

Thank You ALL for your interest and participation in our open-to-hunt Outings. I hope you’re wrapping up a good 2017 that brought you some success afield, and I look forward to meeting up with a lot of you on our 2018 WTHO get-togethers.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Successful 2018!


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2018 Welcome-to-Hunt Outings .... Dates and Locations.

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Reminder: 2018 WTHO... Dates and Locations.

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