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Search coils for the Eldorado? ... What are My opinions?

November 22, 2018 02:37AM avatar
Seeing that I originally bought my Eldorado, (on Monte's recommendation back when they were first released), with the 7" concentric coil as well as the spoked 9x8 stocker, will I see any benefit to adding a 5.75" and/or 4" coil to the mix?
What do you all think?
The first thing I think when it comes to search coils is that I only have one or two models in my entire Detector Outfit that have 3 or more search coils for them. Those are the ones that have things covered for selected deep-object hunting such as the occasional Cache Hunting contract searches I do.

For that I have the larger 13X15 DD for my Nokta FORS CoRe as well as having the smaller 4.7X5.2 DD 'OOR' coil, the mid-size 5X9½ DD open-frame and the stock 7X11 DD. I keep an 'OOR' and a 5X9½, one each, mounted on my two CoRe devices as they are the most used and most functional for my needs, but the larger coils for specialty applications..

My other 8 different models are at-the-ready with the most often used search coil for them, and for some I do have a 2nd search coil in my Accessory Coil Tote for different needs. In every case I have a smaller-size search coil that is most functional as well as a mid-sized search coil or possibly a 'standard' coil, if it isn't too large or useless for my wants and needs. Seldom do I have 3 coils for one model unless there is some noteworthy benefit to having them.

Examples from my current Detector Outfit:

I only want or use 2 coils for my Nokta FORS Relic, the 5" DD and the mid-size, open-frame 5X9½ DD. I have two Relics with each wearing one of these two coils.

I keep the 7" Concentric mounted on my Nokta-Makro Anfibio Multi and have the stock, round, open-frame 11" DD in my tote. For this model I do plan to add a 5" DD as a 3rd search coil.

My White's XLT keeps the 6½" Concentric mounted and stock 950 in my tote.

The White's Classic ID has a 5½" Concentric coil attached and the stock 8" Concentric in my tote.

My White's MX-7 sports the 6½" Concentric and I do have two other coils in my tote. The 7" DD made for White's by Detech and the standard 950 Concentric.

My two Teknetics Omega 8000's each have a 7" Concentric coil mounted and I have a spare 5" DD in my tote.

Then we get to my Tesoro favorites. After they released the Inca in July of '83 I started using it and soon swapped the 7" Concentric off my Mayan and used the 7" Concentric coil almost exclusively on almost all my Tesoro's after that, and on only a few occasions did I make use of the 8" Concentric, and less frequently the open-frame 8X9 Concentric. I did use the 4" on several occasions to see if there was a real benefit for me in the very trashy sites I hunt most often, but was best served with the 7" Concentric.

I used the 7" almost exclusively, for Coin Hunting and Relic Hunting until I got the thinner and lighter-weight 6" Concentric (the one they called 5.75) and switched over to that coil. Today I own three of my all-time favorite Tesoro's, two Bandido II µMAX and one Silver Sabre µMAX. Each of these microMAX devices has a 6" Concentric coil mounted full-time so they are ready to grab-and-go for almost any site I encounter. In my Accessory Coil Tote I do have one, just one, standard 8" Concentric coil I can use on any of these three if I have a real need ... and I very seldom do.

Out of all the Tesoro models we've enjoyed through for over a third-of-a-century, I have my other favorites, such as the Inca, Silver Sabre II, Bandido and Bandido II, and Eldorado in the microMAX configuration. The latter being a more versatile specimen with the ED-180 Discrimination for times when you want to accept all metals, ferrous and non-ferrous.

In my opinion, a lot of search coil selection will depend upon how much detecting an individual does, the types of sites hunted, and what other detectors and search coils they have in their own outfit. If there are situations where I want or need a bit extra depth-of-detection than most Tesoro's might provide, I don't have a bigger Tesoro coil, I just grab a detector that, by design, can give me better detection depth for the site environment. In my case those would be my Nokta-Makro CoRe, Relic, Anfibio Multi or White's MXT.

Since Tesoro's lack a visual TID display or a functional audio Tone ID, then when I want to use a detector with those features search coil selection isn't an issue and Tesoro's don't fill the wants and needs. I just grab a different detector. That could be any of my other models, with the CoRe, Relic, Anfibio Multi, XLT, Classic ID, MX-7 or Omega 8000 all ready-to-go with Target ID, and the Classic ID is the only one of those that doesn't provide audio Tone ID.

Thus, the Tesoro models might be able to hunt virtually anywhere to find anything and are very efficient performers, but since they lack TID and Tone ID they often see more limited use by most people who own both display and non-display models. Note that I have the 6" Concentric mounted full-time on all three of my Tesoro's. Why? Because it is the handiest coil, for me, for tot-lot hunting, or park, school and yard hunting when working in and around brush or close to metal fences or other structures. It is also at its best when afield for Relic Hunting any iron contaminated old site I visit.

That's why I keep a smaller-size coil mounted and have only one bigger-size coil, the standard 8" Concentric, that I can use on any of these three models. Now, I like the 6" Concentric for personal reasons, but I know many who already own or would prefer the 7" Concentric and that's fine, too. In your case, having more than one detector, I wouild equip my Tesoro Eldorado with just two search coils. One smaller size, being either the thin-profile 6" Concentric or the standard thicker-body 7" Concentric. Then keep the stock 8X9 Concentric at-the-ready in case you felt it was a needed coil for some applications. I wouldn't even consider the 4" Concentric coil.

Just my opinions.


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Eldorado coils opinions please

Druid 486 November 21, 2018 05:18PM

Re: Eldorado coils opinions please

Hombre 368 November 22, 2018 09:45AM

Re: Eldorado coils opinions please

Druid 337 November 22, 2018 10:25AM

Search coils for the Eldorado? ... What are My opinions?

Monte 415 November 22, 2018 02:37AM

Re: Search coils for the Eldorado? ... What are My opinions?

Druid 383 November 22, 2018 10:31AM

Drew, you are probably right, but it is just a personal thing, decision wise.

Monte 404 November 23, 2018 07:57AM

Re: Drew, you are probably right, but it is just a personal thing, decision wise.

Druid 348 November 25, 2018 03:33PM

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