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Adapting to your Cibola, and adabting your Cibola to the ground mineral environment.

December 04, 2018 06:50AM avatar
Well I haven't hunted with it yet, just piddled around with some air tests and sampled the test garden some.

My observations so far
Bench Testing (aka Air Testing) is always a good thing to do in order to become familiar with the controls, the control placement, and get an idea of the adjustability of a unit. The some basic Outdoor Testing (be it in a planted Test Garden or just typical hunting a dedicated area and analyze the audio signal and the recovered targets) all help a user adapt to what a new-to-them detector might do for day-to-day hunting. Then the 'fun' begins when you take it out to a selected site with potentially good targets to be found. Now to address the other specific things:

1- the discrimination knob is awkwardly on the wrong side. ( I've only had one other Tesoro,, a Compadre eye rolling smiley )
For some that might depend on if they are right-handed or left-handed. However, it really shouldn't matter that much because once you have determined your patience / tolerance level and set your Discrimination to begin a day afield, you shouldn't be concerned with the location of the Discriminate control because it should be left alone and not tinkered with. The often spoken of method of "thumbing the Disc." is just consumption of time and can defeat the whole purpose you started out to do, and that is find and recover desired targets.

Always determine the least amount of rejection you can tolerate, then set the Discriminate level as desired and leave it alone. Just get about working a site, using a slow-and-methodical sweep speed, pausing only long enough to isolate (aka Pinpoint) a located target that produced a 'Beep' and recover it, then get back to searching for more keepers. With 'Simplicity' comes success.

2- The preset ground balance is quite positive
This is possible due to factory GB calibration during production that could be too positive based upon the Ground Mineral make-up in your area, if you're in a low-to-moderate mineralized environment. Also, it could have been errantly calibrated during production due to unspecific guidelines or an employee who just didn't care or pay attention. A third consideration is that it might have been opened-up and the GB trimmer 'tweaked' by someone after it left the factory.

It is a simple matter to address, however, as all the user needs to do if find the most mineralized ground in the areas you generally hunt, then be ready with a small screw driver and open the Cibola to locate the GB trimmer, then very carefully tweak the internal GB in the All Metal mode so that it is just very slightly negative in the All Metal mode with a Tesoro. Double-check the GB setting in the Discriminate mode to make sure it isn't set too negatively.

To do this, simply start with the Sensitivity as high as tolerable w/o falsing; set the Discriminate control to the absolute minimum Disc. level; hold the search coil about 6" above the ground and bob the coil towards-and-away from the ground, lowering it to within about 1" from the ground. If you get a 'Beep' on the uplift of the coil away from the ground, the GB is a little negative and you'll need to gently increase the GB (to the positive direction) just until the false response on the uplift is eliminated. Then STOP. You're adjusted and ready-to-hunt.

Note that with most Tesoro models you do NOT want to have a too-positive GB as it can, and will, have a negative impact on depth of detection or even target response to larger-size and higher-conductive targets. Translated, that means if the GB is too positive you might not find (get a signal from) a big US silver Dollar, and in some cases not even a Half-Dollar or even a Quarter!

Just remember to tweak the internal GB trimmer over some of the most mineralized ground in your area. If "Upstate South Carolina" happens to have rather low to mild ground mineral conditions, you might find a good asphalt parking lot and check the GB there. Not a cemented, paved material, but the black asphalt which I have found, in most areas, to be as much or more mineralized than some of the tougher mineralized ground around the region.

3- Depth has not been what I hoped for. But, I recognize I am a new user to this type of machine, and ground balance may be affecting it as well.
Naturally I have no clue what kind of 'Depth' you hoped for as you didn't indicate an expectation. But the Cibola, a simplified, preset GB Vaquero, is generally going to be a deeper-detecting Tesoro model than most of what they produced.

The Vaquero & Cibola can both get slightly better depth-of-detection than my two personal favorite Tesoro's, the Bandido II microMAX (µMAX with the 'µ' micro symbol) and Silver Sabre microMAX, but I don't let that concern me. My Tesoro picks have found, and continue to find, good targets in some pretty tough, challenging sites with a lot of interfering trash to deal with. And they get very adequate depth to where the bulk of the lost Coins, Trade Tokens and good jewelry and small artifacts are going to be. So will your Cibola.

If I feel I might get more keepers a bit deeper, and the site isn't too littered so that I can achieve some added depth, I simply grab one of my other detectors that is more capable for that search need.

4- Supertuning,,, I understand the adjustment concept, but it may just be muddying the water this early in the learning process.
Back before Tesoro used the term 'Super-Tuning' I addresses that technique and called it 'Hyper-Tuning' and, on those earlier-designed Tesoro models, it seemed to help at time, for some applications. But that was more with the earlier models like the Inca, Royal Sabre, original Bandido and Bandido II or Silver Sabre II, etc.

'Hyper' or 'Super' Tuning is simply increasing the Threshold level to benefit the audio response in the silent-search Discriminate mode. On most of those earlier Tesoro models they didn't have a lot of depth, or easily discernible depth and target response because the modulated audio trailed off too quickly, leaving only a very weak response, if you could hear one at all on modest-depth targets. I found with my Inca and a few other models I used in '83 through '87 or so that if I increase the Threshold control somewhat, it could sometimes enhance the audio response, as in adding just a bit more volume or hearable response, from target's that, for that particular model, were deeper. It helped, but only in the Discriminate mode.

Having increased the Tuner control resulted in a too-high Threshold audio which made it useless to hunt in an All Metal mode, or sometimes difficult to use the All Metal Pinpoint function. On all the newer models since the Bandido II microMAX which incorporated the Low-Noise/High-Gain circuitry, you can actually lose some edge in performance when trying to 'Hyper-Tune' or 'Super-Yune' a unit because the L-N/H-G circuitry helps increase detection depth and enhances targets responses from many mid-depth or deeper targets. But it also can make the detector a little noisier.

Increasing the Threshold level can also increase the 'noise' from a hot-running model and that can be countered by reducing the Sensitivity level (which is generally the Disc. mode's received Gain setting) and it can end up being counter-productive and that, in short, is also a waste of time due to too much tinkering around for no fundamental benefit.

The machine came with a brand new set of Garrett M2 headphones. I like them,,, alot!!!
Great! Maybe they will work well with your other detectors, too.

It is important to have headphones that work well and sound good for the different makes and models you have in your Outfit. I have, or have-had, some detectors that just sounded terrible with one brand headphone that worked well with other units I used. So I lave made sure to own two or more sets of headphones for several decades, just to make sure I have a decent headphone for any detector I grab to hunt with. Currently I have three different headphones available to be ready for any detector I use.

What's the general opinion of the 9X8 elliptical coil?
I never considered that coil to appear like the typical 'elliptical' designed coils we are familiar with, and when it first came out I described it as an 'OOR' coil, for its slightly Out-Of-Round' shape. I used that description for that coil for years, but it never caught on until I referred to the small DD for the Nokta FORS CoRe or Makro Racer as an 'OOR' coil which measures about 4.7X5.2.

Personally, my 'opinion' is that the 8X9 Concentric coil works, and provides better trash handling that most of the Double-D coils from Tesoro or the after-market. However, I think it was more of a marketing attempt and the round-shaped 8" Concentric seems to be the preferred coil by many who have used both the 8" and 8X9 Concentric designs.

Keep us posted on your success and thought on the Cibola as you get out and put in ample hunt time with it and learn its capabilities.


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Adapting to your Cibola, and adabting your Cibola to the ground mineral environment.

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Re: Adapting to your Cibola, and adabting your Cibola to the ground mineral environment.

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Tesoro's and a Ground Balance control and Iron Audio ID.

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Just to touch on a couple of points.

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Re: Just to touch on a couple of points.

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