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Congrats on finding a good detector. Now, on to coil selection.thinking

April 17, 2019 07:12AM avatar
The Tesoro Bandido, Bandido II and Bandido II µMAX are the three most controllable models of that series, and all three have been favorites of mine since their release. I used the standard white-colored donut 8" that was standard oin the original Bandido in some open areas like a beach or sports field, but most of the time I favored the smaller 7" Concentric coil. Tesoro's 7" coil was thicker-bodied and heavier compared with the newer 6" tin-profile Concentric, but it had a better 'feel' and balance than the stock 8" coil.

As soon as the newer 6" Concentric was released and I acquired one and worked it afield in various applications against the 7" coils I had been using, I made an immediate switch. The newer 6" immediately became my main-use search coils and I mounted one on each of my Tesoro's and parted with all other Tesoro coils, with the exception of keeping one standard 8" Concentric in my accessory coil tote. Currently that is the brown coil of current design. When I get my hands on one of the original white-colored 8" Coils I'll make the swap and keep the early 8" coil as back-up for desired needs. (If you wonder 'Why?' it is because most of them I've owned are slightly lighter weight and almost all of them were a bit more sensitive and performed better than the newer brown-colored 8" coils.)

I had some hopes when I saw the introduction of the 'Precision 7 Inch' coil on the Mojave. I like the Mojave concept and color scheme and immediately ordered one from Rusty. A really nice detector. But I was especially interested in the new 7" Concentric coil and wondered how it would compare against other Tesoro's I had on-hand. At the time I had my own Silver Sabre µMAX and Bandido II µMAX, and also a few other choice conditions models I was buying and selling. Those included an 'original' Silver Sabre, another Silver Sabre µMAX, an 'original' Bandido and a Bandido II.

My two models had a 6" Concentric mounted and at the time I had another brand new 6" in my Accessory Coil Tote. I took all of those detectors and the Mojave, and swapping the lower rods w/coils around, I used all of the 6" and standard 8" and new Precision 7" coils on each of the models I had over a 2-3 day period to compare their performance afield. Most of the comparisons were in urban Coin Hunting environments but I did work them at a couple of old foundation sites with an assortment of older debris around, mainly nails and other small iron.


I really like the new 7" coil on the Mojave. I liked it so well that when I was finished comparing all coils, I mounted it back up on the Mojave because I felt it worked just fine with that standard coil.

However, in an overall comparison of feel as well as performance in modern and older trash, or working areas with minimal trash, I still favored the 6" Concentric coil. That's what I continue to keep mounted on each of my Tesoro's for full-time use. The Precision 7" coil is an 'OK' coil, for sure, but for me and the places I usually hunt, the 6" will 'fit' in and around places a little better; I prefer the white colored coil as I can visually track it when I am working around and under sagebrush and other vegetation to make sure I control my coil coverage; it handles trash quite well; and it's been around long enough to have proven itself to me for durability, too. Just my thoughts on what works for me.


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Picked up a Bandido uMax; want a different coil for it

Druid 596 April 16, 2019 06:29PM

Re: Picked up a Bandido uMax; want a different coil for it Thanks Monte & JT!

Druid 385 April 20, 2019 09:07AM

Re: Picked up a Bandido uMax; want a different coil for it Thanks Monte & JT!

jmaryt 433 April 20, 2019 11:39AM

Congrats on finding a good detector. Now, on to coil selection.thinking

Monte 462 April 17, 2019 07:12AM

Re: Picked up a Bandido uMax; want a different coil for it

jmaryt 439 April 16, 2019 06:55PM

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