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I put the Tesoro 'BLATT' to work yesterday.

April 18, 2019 08:26AM avatar
]Yesterday, Wednesday, I had to make a drive over into Idaho for a VA doctor appointment, and figured I'd make it a 'Tesoro Day' and took along my new-to-me Silver Sabre microMAX and the new 6" Concentric coil I bought fro DW-BGW. I wanted to make sure I had tweaked the internal GB trimmer to be functional at peak performance in the Disc. mode with that coil as it will be the only coil I use on that unit.

I set out on Tuesday to try and work toward a 450 coin count tally this week by sunset this Saturday, so I planned to wiggle around some smaller towns as I made my way home from Caldwell, Idaho to little Vale, Oregon. I always run Tesoro's at their minimum ED-120 Discrimination setting, full Sensitivity (unless there's EMI), and with a proper slight audio Threshold Hum in the Pinpoint function. I was mainly going to search tot-lots that have either a woodchip, sand or pea gravel mix to help absorb the impact if someone falls in the playground. Also because some of the dark sand and pea gravel used is quite mineralized and I wanted to make sure the GB trimmer wasn't set too negatively that I had falsing in the Disc. mode.

Some of the smaller towns didn't have a park, and some had too many school kids or parents and little kids there sue to a school lunch break or those enjoying the pleasant warm and sunny spring weather. However I did manage to work a few places and spent some good time with a great-performing, and one of my two top favorite, Tesoro model. I encountered quite a bit of common thin foil discards in all of the playgrounds, but regardless of the type of surface make-up or mineralization level I was able to easily disregard recovering the vast majority of the foil trash. I think I was only fooled three times due to some of it being waded-up into a thicker, tight specimen that produced a stronger, better signal.

The rest of it, and there was quite a bit discarded at two of the playgrounds, was easily 'classified' thanks to that wonderful audio 'BLATT' of these terrific analog circuitry designs.thumbs up I happened upon one of the closer-to-home places I visit from time-to-time that gets worked by a 'local' guy. My timing was good and I figured he wouldn't mind if I joined in the hunt to thin out some of the change.smiling smiley

He used a modern digital-design model with about a 7" Concentric coil, and we seemed to share a very similar search technique for coverage and handling the equipment to work in and around the metal structures. Both detectors did well and produced some early-season success, but afterwards, when I took a break to sit down and ease the pain in my back and compare the results, it showed that more time was spent dealing with a lot of foil. And why? Because it sounded so good. I didn't have that problem because I was ignoring the bulk of it thanks to that Tesoro audio 'BLATT' effect.

Now, I can distinguish similar audio reports with some of my other detectors that are all digitally processed models, but it's just not the same as what I hear from a Tesoro, and if you have never used a Tesoro I encourage you to give it a try sometime. I'm sure some are wondering what the 'BLATT' sound is, so I'll explain. It's very simple, and if you know me, I like 'simple.'

Most of the discarded foil we encounter isn't all that deep. It's often just barely out-of-sight to maybe 1" or so, and when you sweep the coil across it you get a very strong, clean-sounding audio response. A sort of 'BLATT' sound that gets your attention the same as a coin or token or ring or other non-ferrous target that has a thicker size to it compared with small, thin foil.

It is a quick-and-simple process to search a site, get a good, strong audio 'hit' and when you re-sweep the target you simply raise the search coil an inch or so and that strong response is immediately diminished to a weak or even broken-up audio response. Often you can hear a subtle audio 'BLATT' on that first target encounter that gives you an audible alert that it just might be a worthless and thin hunk of foil.

This unique Tesoro audio performance is quite handy, especially this time of year due to Seasonal Marketing. Season Marketing?

That's when the stores start to promote an upcoming holiday at least a month in advance, and in this case I am referring to Easter which is this coming Sunday. For a month or two stores replaced their Valentine season products with all of the Easter season goodies which certainly includes a a lot of candy. It seems like candy has become a part of all holiday seasons, but many of those happen during colder or wetter winter or late-winter/early spring periods.

Easter comes along now when we have started to enjoy more spring-like weather that draws us outdoors more, and folks have been buying their favorite Easter season candies for a while and the big event this Sunday will mean many kids will gobble up more and more candy, and all those foil wrappers will start to be scattered about playgrounds in abundance. It's been happening for a few weeks now, but with better weather this weekend and the next couple of weeks typically sees a very notable increase in discarded foil.

Therefore, it is definitely a wonderful time to own and use a good Tesoro.grinning smiley I have to go do some lab work today but afterwards I'll get more detecting time in, using an assortment of detectors from my Outfit, but especially grabbing my Silver Sabre ┬ÁMAX and 6" coil set-up for any tot-lots I encounter. We've had a delayed springtime arrival but it's changing. I found more coins just yesterday than I have so far this year all combined, as well as a sterling silver ring. Good targets yesterday provided a great audio response, even to 5" deep where I hunted, so I am ready for another foil-free day of detecting.

I wish everyone success as we progress through 2019, and encourage those without a Tesoro in their detector battery to consider giving one a serious thought. They are easily affordable, durable, and for the right applications just 'fun-to-use!'


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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*** All working well today to make memories for tomorrow. ***
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I put the Tesoro 'BLATT' to work yesterday.

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Re: I put the Tesoro 'BLATT' to work yesterday.

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