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Bob, congrats on finding a great detector & coil set-up.thumbs up

May 29, 2019 10:29AM avatar
Hi Monte...I finally found a Silver Sabre microMax...it has a 5.75 search coil attached to it.
As you know, my all-time favorite two Tesoro models are the Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX. And my most useful and favorite search coil is the 6" (they called it a 5.75) Concentric coil. I have two of each model now (thanks to Rich UT for not resisting temptation on that choice Bandido II µMAX 2-coil package) so I have one set assigned to 'regular travel duty'.

I have 4 of those terrific 6" Concentric coils and I keep one mounted to each of my Tesoro's. The two Silver Sabre microMAX devices keep their 6" coil mounted full-time and I don't have any other search coil for them. No standard 8" or anything else, only their own assigned 6" coil.

I do have the standard brown 8" Concentric coils on standard lower rods in my Accessory Coil Tote just in case I need to do a coil swap for special occasions, but those are the coils for, and would only be used on, one of the Bandido II microMAX models.

The "Why?" answer to my reasoning is quite simple. Especially with the Tesoro circuitry design, a search coil ... each individual search coil and not just by size ... functions as a part of the entire circuitry performance. Therefore, you might have an ideal or spot-on Ground Balance setting with the attached coil, but ANY coil change can result in a change in the GB setting, and therefore any search coil change might require a GB readjustment, from a slight tweak or a very notable sift, to restore an identical GB that you had with the other search coil.

That's why so many people had problems with their turn-on-and-go (factory or internally calibrated Gcool smiley models when they changed to a different search coil. If they didn't know how to open the control housing up and tweak the GB trimmer to establish a 'functional' GB, they would be asked to send it to the factory for 'calibration.' They used the term 'calibration' which simply meant they would make sure the coil was working within spec and then they would adjust the internal GB trimmer.

So I leave my Silver Sabre microMAX units ready to grab-and-go with only their assigned search coils. But, since the Bandido II microMAX units have their external Manual GB controls, they are the ones I will use with any available 5-pin Tesoro search coils as I can quickly 'calibrate' them for any type of ground environment. I mainly work trashier or brush-congested places so regardless of which model I grab, they have their smaller 6" coil at-the-ready.

Took the detector out for a small hunt...works fine except it's falsing a lot as the coil moves near the ground. I'm thinking its ground balanced a bit to negative for my ground.
Well, if it's 'falsing' then it isn't working fine enough. Yes, the typical cause for the falsing is a GB setting that is too far off. The best and only cure for that ailment is to adjust the internal GB trimmer for a peak-performance GB setting. Now, how is that accomplished? Let's first check the performance / behavior now:

1st.. Get a big old US Silver Dollar

2nd Locate yourself where you are in the most negative iron mineralized area you can find where you would be detecting the most. This could be where there are:

a.. larger-size exposed mineralized rocks
b.. or really challenging ground
c.. or you can hold a bigger-size mineralized rock and not a small specimen
d.. or locate yourself over some generally mineralized black asphalt such as in most parking lots, and not just cement

3rd.. When ready with a Silver Dollar and in the very mineralized environment, do the following:
Step A:
-- Turn on the detector and adjust to Maximum Sensitivity. Reduce, if needed, to just barely eliminate any instability.
-- Adjust the Discrimination to the absolute Minimum setting.
-- Press-and-hold the Pinpoint button and adjust for a proper slight audio Threshold hum.
-- Position the search coil about 6" above the mineralized ground, rock, etc.
-- Press-and-hold the Pinpoint button to hear the Threshold hum and lower the search coil to about 1" from the ground.
NOTE: What was the audio response as the coil was lowered toward the ground?

Step B:
-- In the silent-search Disc. mode, bob the search coil towards-and-away from the ground from 6" to 1" a few times.
NOTE: Was there any audio response as the coil APPROACHED the ground? Was there any audio response as the coil was LIFTED AWAY from the ground?

Step C:
-- Still leaving the Disc. at Minimum, hold the Silver Dollar as if flat-to-the-coil and move it past the coil at about 3" to 4" from the search coil.
NOTE: Did you get a good clean audio response from the Silver Dollar or not in the Discriminate mode?

Can you instruct me on the procedure to adjust the Ground balance for a proper setting?
I sure can try, but since I am not there to hear things myself, follow the above settings, then let me know the results from the 3rd part, Step A, Step B and Step C that you Noted. Then we can get to any needed adjustment of the internal GB trimmer.


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Proper method to ground balance a Silver Sabre microMax

Whimpster 584 May 29, 2019 08:38AM

Bob, congrats on finding a great detector & coil set-up.thumbs up

Monte 467 May 29, 2019 10:29AM

Re: Bob, congrats on finding a great detector & coil set-up.thumbs up

Whimpster 401 May 29, 2019 05:00PM

Now the easy part .. smiling smiley .. Adjusting the internal GB trimmer.

Monte 461 May 30, 2019 06:53AM

Re: Now the easy part .. smiling smiley .. Adjusting the internal GB trimmer.

Whimpster 409 May 30, 2019 07:51AM

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