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Now the easy part .. smiling smiley .. Adjusting the internal GB trimmer.

May 30, 2019 06:53AM avatar
Question: Did you use a mineralized rock, the ground in your area, or did you use black asphalt such as a parking lot? Your replies suggest the current GB setting to me:

Monte....my findings as instructed...

Step A: NOTE: What was the audio response as the coil was lowered toward the ground?

As I lowered the coil to the ground...within an inch or two of the soil I get a slight hum when I pull up on the coil...push down and the coil it is silent.
Lifting away a slight audio increase and lowering toward the ground a bit of a decrease suggests the GB is a little negative in the All Metal / Pinpoint function.. That can be good, if it is not too negative, and that's what most Tesoro's need because the Disc. mode's GB reference is slightly positive to the All Metal mode's GB setting. Thus a little negative in A.M. will result in a close to ideal Disc. mode GB, and since we mainly search in the Disc. mode, it needs to be closer to the ideal setting.

So-far ... so-good.thumbs up

Step B: NOTE: Was there any audio response as the coil APPROACHED the ground? Was there any audio response as the coil was LIFTED AWAY from the ground?

As I pushed up or down there was no audio response in either direction.
Now in the silent-search Discriminate mode, that is exactly what you want to hear ... NOTHING! This suggests the GB setting is NOT too positive and NOT too negative.

So-far ... So-better!!thumbs upthumbs up

Step C: NOTE: Did you get a good clean audio response from the Silver Dollar or not in the Discriminate mode?

As instructed I used a Silver dollar Morgen and got a clean crisp beep as I passed the coin under the coil..starting out at 3" to 6"...the beep got fainter as I moved further from the coil out to about 8.5"

There are my finding up to date...

Cheers Bob.
Result from Step A: was a good, just barely negative GB, and results from Step B: indicated the internal GB setting was fine since it wasn't too negative or too positive. Then results from Step C: were also very good because the GB setting wasn't too positive because mif it was it would likely reject the big Silver Dollar.

Therefore, for right now I wouldn't mess with the GB trimmer. If you had the search coil mounted that you intend to use on the Silver Sabre ┬ÁMAX full-time, then for the more mineralized ground you tested it with ...

So-far ... your unit sounds ready-to-go!


PS: If you're going to Wells, and I also make it, I'll double check it there if you'd like.

Just remember, whenever you want to use the Pinpoint function, always start with the coil off to the side of the target AND at the proper coil-to-ground height. Don't start with the coil lifted and then lower after pressing the PP button. Always have it at the proper position.

"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Proper method to ground balance a Silver Sabre microMax

Whimpster 584 May 29, 2019 08:38AM

Bob, congrats on finding a great detector & coil set-up.thumbs up

Monte 467 May 29, 2019 10:29AM

Re: Bob, congrats on finding a great detector & coil set-up.thumbs up

Whimpster 401 May 29, 2019 05:00PM

Now the easy part .. smiling smiley .. Adjusting the internal GB trimmer.

Monte 460 May 30, 2019 06:53AM

Re: Now the easy part .. smiling smiley .. Adjusting the internal GB trimmer.

Whimpster 409 May 30, 2019 07:51AM

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