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Using a good Tesoro for finding Gold & Silver Jewelry: My approach.

December 28, 2019 09:36AM avatar

In your first paragraph above, you are of course speaking of the settings you ALWAYS use on a Bandido II MicroMAX in the Discriminate mode.
... That is correct. In the Discriminate mode I always leave the Disc. level at the absolute minimum setting

I also stated I set the Threshold for a proper level which is a slight audio 'hum' or 'Threshold-audio.' That's done in All Metal or Pinpoint. I also stated that I set the Sensitivity as high as possible. I run it at maximum and reduce it only as needed for stability and no more. That is a function only in the motion-based Discriminate mode that uses the variable Sensitivity. The All Metal mode is non-adjustable and fixed for a Full Sensitivity level.

For hunting Gold and Silver jewelry in the All Metal mode, how would you set up the Bandido II MicroMAX controls?... The same as I wowuld above, but if I intentionally want to search in a Threshold-based All Metal mode, then I would adjust the GB to be as close to 'spot-on' as possible.

I ask this question because I like to hunt in AM mode (for a little more depth and initial target information) until I hear a good jewelry-sounding target and then I switch into Disc. mode ...... The All Metal mode can generally provide a little better depth as long as it is tuned so you can hear subtle target responses based upon any ground noise or ground irregularities you hear during the sweep. Then, switching to the Discriminate mode can give you a little added info based on how loud to soft the target's response is to help 'suggest' a possible target 'size' or coil-to-target 'depth.'

... and thumb the Disc. dial on up the arc to see where the signal breaks off if in fact it does, and how the signal characteristics sound breaking off and coming in again as I thumb the dial back down the arc. This process gives me an indication of whether the target is (a) worth digging or (b) most likely trash.... And here is where we differ in search technique. I used to find a lot of gold jewelry when I lived I and hunted larger metro areas, and gold jewelry can range in a very broad-range of conductivity level. Tiny gold ear ring studs, dinky gold baby's rings or small, thin bracelets.

From baby-size jewelry to young women's and adult-size gold and silver jewelry it can still be very thin rings or thin and small pendants, wrist or ankle chains, often thin, to the medium and thicker-size gold neck chains, especially some of the heavy and thick wrist and neck chains worn by some men. The thicker and wider-size women's rings to typically larger-size men's rings and we can easily span a conductivity range from small, thin foil level to that of a Copper Cent or even higher.

In short, ANY metal target that produces ANY positive, up-scale audio response should be a "target worth digging" that very well could be a desirable piece of jewelry. The best way to put the odds in our favor is by site selection to pick the places most likely to have lost jewelry. Beaches, around wading pools and sunbathing areas, tot-lots & playgrounds, sports fields, etc., etc.

I ALWAYS leave the Disc. at the minimum setting to allow me to hear the best audio target response, then I can quickly Pinpoint the target, recover it, sweep the spot to double-check and make sure there are no other targets, then get back to searching for more. Never, and I mean NEVER, do I spend any time tinkering with the variable Disc. control, and for a few very good reasons:

1.. When 'thumbing' the Disc. control while sweeping the search coil, you are not going to get a proper or clean and clear audio response compared to adjusting , stopping, and then sweeping the coil. If adjusting while sweeping the coil you are feeding in both ground and target information, and during the sweep that can have an effect on the signal received, processed and audio quality.

2.. Jewelry is most often found closer to the surface and not real deep making it quicker to be recovered. Also, jewelry comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes and can be oriented in many different positions when lost, from laying 'flat' to 'on-end' or 'canted' in off positions and that can have a big effect of the quality of the audio response, or visual with those models, that we receive. It makes it especially difficult to get a good lock-on visual TID and that applies to the audio information we are going to hear, too.

3.. Time spent sweeping and re-sweeping and re-sweeping as we tinker with the Disc. control can simply be a waste of time. It is also altering the audio response from a better good signal to one that might be broken-up and on to being rejected and, in the end, that tells us nothing. All we get is a lot of different audio information that WE are changing and not the located target, and it is simply an assortment of audio responses while time is being wasted.

It is much quicker to get a 'hit' and pinpoint the target, quickly, then make a recovery and have the target, good-or-bad, in our hand. Audio responses over and over and over tell us very little. A visual response is going to tell us everything, so just use the 'Beep-DIG!' technique and know, because ....


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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An hour and a silver ring Attachments

Dan'o 789 December 10, 2019 12:12PM

Re: An hour and a silver ring

OregonGregg 410 December 14, 2019 09:16AM

Re: An hour and a silver ring

Kickindirt 401 December 13, 2019 08:29PM

Getting out in December and popping some silver is great.thumbs up

Monte 441 December 12, 2019 11:13AM

Using a good Tesoro for finding Gold & Silver Jewelry: My approach.

Monte 427 December 28, 2019 09:36AM

Todd, answers to your specific questions.

Monte 407 December 29, 2019 03:59PM

sad smiley

GeoW 396 December 28, 2019 10:51AM

Never been better said!

GeoW 402 December 28, 2019 11:04AM

Re: Never been better said!

jmaryt 402 December 28, 2019 10:42PM

Re: Getting out in December and popping some silver is great.thumbs up

Dan'o 420 December 12, 2019 12:17PM

I understand. The CleanSweep kind of limits depth on its own.

Monte 431 December 13, 2019 07:53AM

Clean Sweep depth decrease but area of detection greatly increased.

GeoW 418 December 14, 2019 02:28PM

thumbs up Yes, indeed. We had a couple of local guys do that, ...

Monte 421 December 15, 2019 02:53AM

Re: thumbs up Yes, indeed. We had a couple of local guys do that, ...

Dan'o 414 December 15, 2019 03:56PM

Re: thumbs up Yes, indeed. We had a couple of local guys do that, ...

D&P-OR 443 December 26, 2019 10:41AM

Anything we can do to "learn more" is a good thing.thumbs up N/T

Monte 404 December 15, 2019 06:01PM

Re: An hour and a silver ring

UtahRich 428 December 10, 2019 09:43PM

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