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Re: Tesoro goldan umax new tone vs old tone

February 14, 2020 08:02PM
Well it’s almost impossible to resist responding to a post about the Tesoro Golden Micromax! I have only owned and used the old tone version. My understanding, based on what others have said, is that the new tone version is “deeper” than the old tone version... and that may be the case. However, the new tone version puts the tone response to conductivity out of order so to speak, in that nickels and smallish gold sound with the higher middle tone, and tabs sound off with the lower middle tone.

I would rather have the proper order. But that’s just me. I do agree with Monte about the confusion of tones with the Golden. With the 8” concentric, I was getting mostly mixed tone signals and deeper pull tabs were sounding off with a nice soft high tone... so you can imagine my disappointment every time I dug that soft sound.

All that changed when I acquired the 7” widescan coil, and sent the Golden in to calibrate it to that coil. The false high tones on the deep tabs were corrected, the bottlecaps sounded with either a clear low tone or mixed low/middle low, and I could really hear four distinct tones!

With the the 8” concentric, I had a hard time finding nickels, with the 7” widescan, my nickel count went way up, and I got to the point where I could almost call it... “nickel” before the dig.

I know the widescan is not the favorite coil-type on this forum... but I truly believe, based on my experience, that the 7” widescan and the Golden were made for each other. The only cost to this match up is depth. At most, I get 6” maybe 7” with good soil conditions, on a quarter, and 5” max with pennies and dimes, a little deeper with nickels and tabs. I know that the new tones Golden users are getting better depths... but for me, given that I am mostly searching parks and school yards.... the depth I see is plenty.

By the way, I have only found two items of gold in my MD career, both with the Golden, both with the 7” widescan on the Golden, one giving a nice nickel lower middle tone, the other, a filigree style 14 ct. cross gave a mixed low (iron) to lower-middle tone - I dug that mixed signal thinking it might be a chain, boy was I surprised!

I like the the 5.75” concentric on the Golden as well, it seems razor sharp with a very strong hit signal on coin size objects (but also on the little round peak off foil caps).
But you do need to adjust the internal GB pot when you change coils, and I really don’t like disturbing the inner workings of the Golden beast.

That’s all.... hope that helped answer your question.
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Tesoro goldan umax new tone vs old tone

farmerboy856 677 January 20, 2020 10:23AM

Re: Tesoro goldan umax new tone vs old tone

Harold,ILL. 397 April 02, 2020 08:45AM

Re: Tesoro goldan umax new tone vs old tone

Monte 446 April 03, 2020 05:03AM

Re: Tesoro goldan umax new tone vs old tone

Harold,ILL. 361 April 03, 2020 07:01AM

Yes, it can be the search coil iteslf.

Monte 367 April 03, 2020 07:17AM

Re: Tesoro goldan umax new tone vs old tone

Hihosilver 407 February 14, 2020 08:02PM

Good to read your reply, but I will comment here or there.

Monte 382 February 15, 2020 07:28AM

Tesoro's "multi-tone" models. There were some good ones.

Monte 672 January 21, 2020 03:41AM

Holy Mackerel !!!!

OregonGregg 557 January 20, 2020 02:01PM

Re: Holy Mackerel !!!!

farmerboy856 452 January 27, 2020 09:10PM

Tesoro Goldan µMax - tones

UtahRich 521 January 20, 2020 01:03PM

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