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Albert, my thoughts about the Mojave.

May 11, 2020 05:24AM avatar
Hi Monte , did you ever get your hands on a Mohave to test out ? Just wondering what your opinion was and to help me decide if I should keep my new in the box Mohave or sell it . Thanks

Yes, I did, thanks to going through Rusty Henry who managed to nab one during early production because they were going fast and hard for dealers to get. There were a lot of Tesoro's that I liked, in the early era of '83 to '97 when they released my two favorites. Being a Dealer I had my hands on all of their models, the better ones more than those I didn't care for. Of them all I had some favorites that came along that I liked for relic Hunting and some for Coin & Jewelry Hunting, and naturally some of them with manual GB served a more 'General-Purpose' role

Some that I really liked included the Inca, Royal Sabre, Golden Sabre Plus, Pantera, Bandido, Bandido II, Bandido II µMAX, Silver Sabre, Silver Sabre II and Silver Sabre µMAX. As the years progressed, the Pantera, Bandido, Bandido II and Bandido II µMAX fit my manual GB needs the best, and the Silver Sabre II and Silver Sabre µMAX were my favorite "turn-on-and-go" models, the ones with the preset-GB.

Of the lower-end models, or those without a Threshold-based Pinpoint or All Metal mode, there was only one I liked, and that was the Mojave. The Silver µMAX was their attempt to return to the early days of '83 when the 'original' Silver Sabre came out, and it had two knobs. Sensitivity and Discrimination, and it did have the coil connector to use accessory search coils. Otherwise, just a "turn-on-and-go" model w/o Pinpoint mode. The other choice was their low-cost Compadre which was hardwired so you couldn't change coils, and it had only one knob to turn it On and Off and adjust the Disc. level.

The more notable difference was the Silver µMAX used ED-120 Disc. and had a toggle selector to switch to ED-180 All Metal mode, whereas the Compadre used the ED-180 Disc. circuitry so the Disc. control was fully variable from All Metal Accept at turn-on and would progressively reject Ferrous and then Non-Ferrous targets as increase. But the Compadre came with problems and I stopped taking any Compadres in trade because many I received were messed up.

The problem? Only one know to adjust the Disc. So what did so many people do with them? Opened them up and started tinkering with the three internal trim pots which resulted in a lot of really poor performance. Really messed up the Sensitivity, GB and resulting performance of the Discriminate mode. If people didn't mess them up on their own, they acquired a used Compadre that had been messed with already. They didn't work right so they dumped them. In the earlier era they were popular, as were other Tesoro's, but at one point had had 3-5 Compadre's, that looked 'as-new' taken on trade that were all messed up. I quite having anything to do with the.

I liked the fact the Silver µMAX could use smaller coils, and had a Sensitivity control, but or some applications I wished it had the fully variable ED-180 Disc. Then along came the Mojave. Turn-on-and-go with ED-180 Disc, and a Sensitivity control, and interchangeable coil connector. Better yet, it cam with a 7" Concentric coil which is good because I liked the 6" and 7" more tan the 8" and larger.

Th best thing about th Mojave, however, is the two-position GB toggle selector. They designed it to handle 'average' or moderate mineralized ground, or to handle higher-mineralized ground, and for some folks like me, that gives the Mojave an 'edge' when it comes to hunting a variety of different ground mineral make-up locations.

The problem, however, at least for many people, is hat it lacks a threshold-based All Metal Pinpoint function. It is a silent-search, motion-based Discriminator full-time. I do like it and if I get another one I'll keep it on-hand as a 'loaner-unit' for friends and family. Mainly kids and grandkids. It is a good detector, but for me and the bulk of my detecting, it, nor anything else I've used, can replace my Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX.

I have two or three new/as-new detectors left to sell and the Mojave is one of three detectors I would consider in a partial trade just to add one back to hang on the den wall for special use.


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Albert 510 May 10, 2020 08:12AM

Albert, my thoughts about the Mojave.

Monte 376 May 11, 2020 05:24AM

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