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Ray, you might have a problem, or, you could create more problems.thinking

July 12, 2020 09:06AM avatar
Recently picked up a Deleon for some local school coin shooting. It seems that the factory 9x8 coil may not be the coil that originally came with the machine as it chatters and the coin ID is all over the place even at lower sensitivity settings.
The 8X9 Concentric would have been the standard size but it might be a different specimen and not the one the DeLeón was 'calibrated' with. (For some readers, the term 'calibrated' means Ground Balance was preset during production.)

The soil is mild here in central California so it’s not a soil problem. My golden runs fine with its factory 9x8 with the sensitivity turned to max and my silver Sabre has no problems either.
The first thing I would do is try the coils off the Golden and Silver Sabre on the DeLeón to see if the DeLeón is working OK, and also try it's 8X9 Concentric on the Golden and Silver Sabre to see if it is a search coil related issue. That would help narrow down the problem. All three of those models share the same search coils, and all three models also rely on an internally preset GB.

Was wondering if it’s possible to adjust the Discrimination pot to match the 9x8 coil.
I take it you mean the Discriminate mode's Ground Balance trimmer internally. IF that is the problem, then yes, that could help. But if that's the problem, it would raise some questions for me:

1.. Yes, I have experiences preset GB trimmers on a few Tesoro's or other makes that might be just slightly out-of-calibration for a particular search coil. But usually not way out of adjustment, and especially not if you're in moderately mineralized ground.

2.. IF the problem is a Discrimination GB trimmer (a dinky-sized pot) then it would call for repair and replacement of that trimmer on the circuit board. In all the years I've handled and dealt with Tesoro models, I have only encountered that one time.

3.. My main concern is this: If that one particular GB trimmer for the Disc. mode is way out of adjustment, it might indicate someone has been inside the DeLeón's control housing and misadjusted that trimmer. If so, then if misadjusted they didn't know what they were doing, and that means they might have not known the specific trimmer and tinkered with all available trimmers .... so, just what else might also be messed up to create some tuning and functioning issues?

I’m pretty sure it has 2 ground balance pots one for all metal and one for disc.
Yes, and I had to adjust the GB trimmer for the very first DeLeón I ordered in when I was a Tesoro Dealer and they were first introduced. I lived in a more mineralized environment and it was GB'ed too negative and falsed a bit. Once properly calibrated, I still didn't care for the DeLeón and I used a 7" Concentric coil on it, too, in order to handle the very trashy picnic grove I checked it out at.

Since Tesoro is no longer in business me sending it in to get the coil matched to the machine is no longer an option. I’ve ran the Deleon with the 5 3/4 coil and cleansweep and the target ID is much more stable. I hit a dime at 6 inches with the cleansweep coil so the soil can’t be that bad!
Well, if those coils worked w/o falsing a lot, it might only be a search coil issue. The 5¾" coil (Tesoro's poor marketing term for a 6" physical size) is the Concentric coil I keep on both my Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX and it is my favorite coil since I search trashier places. They don't have TID but they operate very stable. No chatter.

If your DeLeón doesn't chatter with the 6" Concentric coil and the visual TID is pretty stable, the GB trimmer is set 'OK' for that coil, and likely the CleanSweep coil. If you really like an 8X9 Concentric, I'd try to find one that works with your unit as currently set before messing with the trimmer. If you do, then use all of the coils you have for that model and adjust the GB trimmer so it is 'functional' with any search coil change and not only the one coil.


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Setting the discrimination ground balance on a Deleon

Ray(Ca) 658 July 11, 2020 11:40AM

Ray, you might have a problem, or, you could create more problems.thinking

Monte 519 July 12, 2020 09:06AM


Ray(Ca) 475 July 12, 2020 10:21PM

thumbs up OK! N/T

Monte 440 July 13, 2020 04:32PM

Re: Ray, you might have a problem, or, you could create more problems.thinking

jmaryt 473 July 12, 2020 05:53PM

It is where I am ... until my youngest son & I get that website finished.

Monte 421 July 12, 2020 06:57PM

Re: It is where I am ... until my youngest son & I get that website finished.

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