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Double-D (aka Wide-Scan) search coils. An interesting topic.eye rolling smiley

August 19, 2020 11:10PM avatar
Specifically DD coils for a Bandido 2 Micro Max.

The Bandido II microMAX is one of my all-time favorite detectors, especially with a smaller coil, and along with several other Tesoro models I enjoyed this past 37+ years, the Bandido II µMAX (microMAX) has rewarded me well since its introduction 23 years ago this October. When I was a Tesoro Dealer, and all the years since then, I have evaluated every Tesoro-made coil for that series as well as a few after-market coils. Most Concentric but several Double-D. That has helped me form my conclusions on coils best suited to the Tesoro-designed circuitry.

I just picked one up from a forum member with the 8" and 6" concentric coils but am wondering if I would see any benefit to a DD.

Which DD coil was it?

The 8" and 6" Concentric coils (and those are measured descriptions and not the goofy 5.75 label that tagged on the 6" coil) are the two that I prefer for all-purpose hunting with that model. Most other models, too. I used to use the Tesoro 7" Concentric on almost all Tesoro's since July of '83, and that coil served me quite well in urban trashy conditions, as well as working vacant lots, homesteads, ghost towns, lake and river campgrounds, picnic groves, and just about anywhere. I continued to rely on the 7" Concentric coil until Tesoro introduced their thin-profile and light-weight 6" Concentric coil. That's the coil I keep mounted full-time on both my Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX.

Since I spend the bulk of my time hunting very littered environments, or places with a lot of dense brush or building rubble, I seldom opt for a larger-size search coil. When I have, for places like open grassy yards or parks, beaches or plowed fields or rangeland, the 8" Concentric coil has served me well.

Why these two coils? because most Tesoro's were, buy circuitry design, better performers with a Concentric coil, and the other reason is typical target depth. Most desired targets are not all that deep in most locations, and when comparing any Tesoro to most modern-designed models, they lack the ability to achieve comparable detection-depth, anyway. In the past 23 years of using a Bandido II µMAX I would guess that about 98% of all my hunting was done with a 7" and then 6' Concentric coil and the remaining 2% was handled with an 8" coil.

I would be looking to put it too work on river banks, lake shores and maybe dry sand at the beach. So far Ive looked into the NEL Sharpshooter 9.5" x 5.5". Just wondering what others thoughts and or experiences are.

I'd mount the 8" Concentric coil, keep the coil cover off because it isn't needed, and that will save added front-end weight. Search coils should be worked ±2" off the ground surface to no coil cover is necessary, especially the thicker-size and heavier coil covers Tesoro made.

Was there a reason why you have considered a DD coil for the Tesoro such as the NEL Sharpshooter?

Thank you Del for the insight. I kinda had a feeling I was well armed with the two coils but wanted to investigate if there was any benefit to be had with adding the DD.

Yes, you are well armed with the 8" and 6" Concentric coils and, as Del stated, Tesoro's are at their best with a Concentric coil, and suffer in performance with a DD coil in many applications.


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Double-D (aka Wide-Scan) search coils. An interesting topic.eye rolling smiley

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Re: Double-D (aka Wide-Scan) search coils. An interesting topic.eye rolling smiley

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