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Oroset Detectors -

January 23, 2021 02:42AM avatar
Well if you do take over Tesoro, we need 2 offices. Leave the one in Prescott for the winter months and the other up here in Oregon for the summer months.

I say "we" cause I'm hoping you'll hire poor ol' oregongregg to help ya do testing or at least answer phones or something smiling smiley

Will ya give them Target ID with a nice neat display like an Apex .


Target ID ? I had a Tesoro Toltec 100 for a while. Not a bad detector, but it was very bulky and it drove me a little nuts having all of the high conductors crammed together at the end of the Target ID scale. I still found good stuff with it. thumbs up

But, I always think of the classic beep and dig Tesoro detectors when Tesoro comes to mind, not the others. And I think that Beep and Dig is part of the mystic of the Tesoro's. For us guys & gals that predominantly operate a Target ID machine - how many times have we over-analyzed an unknown valuable target using the Target ID and walked on by because of one reason or another?

Ya, I think about it even though I dig a lot of IFFY targets and emphasize listening to my audio vs the visual target ID.

In my mind, If i had a new Bandido III ┬ÁMax in a housing something like the Vanquish or Apex with a toggle for a 3 tone / 5 tone audio ID similar to what i use when i'm at the ghost towns or hunting an old park, i think that would be great. Still needs to have that very nice audio characteristic Tesoros are known for.

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Tesoro Resurrection - Monte just won the lottery

UtahRich 798 October 27, 2020 10:30PM

Rich, I answered this on the White's Forum, but here's my reply:

Monte 608 October 28, 2020 02:03PM

Monte, if asked to find a 2x4 how long did it take to find it? N/T

GeoW 628 February 03, 2021 10:58PM

Re: Rich, I answered this on the White's Forum, but here's my reply:

OregonGregg 494 October 31, 2020 05:45AM

Oroset Detectors -

UtahRich 464 January 23, 2021 02:42AM

Re: Rich, I answered this on the White's Forum, but here's my reply:

Druid 468 October 30, 2020 09:35PM

I'd incorporate Iron Audio Volume on the ED-180 Disc. models with 2-Tone ID N/T

Monte 476 October 31, 2020 09:37PM

Re: Tesoro Resurrection - Monte just won the lottery

Timbertodd 514 October 28, 2020 07:29AM

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