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Picking out a Tesoro Silver Sabre µMAX or Mojave?

October 29, 2020 11:18PM avatar
Druid: Those who use both, or have used both please comment on strengths of each, depth, recovery speed as tot lot and school yard units.

Drew, I had to clarify which f the four Silver Sabre models I would compare with the Mojave, so I went with my favorite which also uses the microMAX control housing. I guess you were implying that model.

I have owned numerous Silver Sabre µMAX devices and a couple of the Mojave's. I am not thrilled with the 8" open-center brown coil that's standard on the Silver Sabre µMAX and don't even have one around for it. I mounted and only use a 6" Concentric on mine.

On the Mojave I really like the stock 'Precision' 7" Concentric coil. I swapped that 7" around with three Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX sinus and their 6" Concentric coils to see if I favored the 7" on the others. They all have very close / similar performance and since the 7" seemed to work great on the Mojave, that's where it stayed.

IF i had the $$$, as Rich had suggested, and i bought the former Tesoro holdings for model design, etc., one thing I would do is NOT us the dark brown housings and shiny gold rods. The rods were too shiny and so many different batches with a variety of hues made some of them look a bit ugly. I id like the black color used for a lot of the foreign-offered Tesoro's, and then used on the Troy Custom models and then the Mojave. The Mojave just had a better appearance to it, especially with the decal colors. That said, I wouldn't part with my Tesoro's because they are all matched up well, and y Silver Sabre µMAX has the brushed-finish rod on their last production and looks good.

A UtahRich mentioned, either the 6" or 7" Concentric coils would be just about ideal for tot-lot hunting or for general use in commonly trashy places. I never change search coils on my Silver Sabre µMAX, and didn't on my Mojave, either (other than for coil evaluation when I got it) and with the GB trimmer adjustment I made for th specific 6" coil I keep mounted full-time, I haven't experienced any issues anywhere i hunt, good ground to very mineralized ground.

However, on the Mojave I did experience some noisy behavior and eliminated it with a flip of the GB toggle to High for a ]higher GB setting. That is a useful function, as long as the internal circuitry is adjusted so the two settings work favorably. It is one design I would add to a Silver Sabre µMAX replacement.

Of course, with two similar models, if I added that switch to a Silver Sabre µMAX the only real difference would be the Push-button All Metal Pinpoint feature. No sense to dd it to the Mojave as it would then almost be a Silver Sabre µMAX.

On the other-hand, I might do just that, and add a Pinpoint to the Mojave and, in doing so, raise the MSRP a little more than the Silver Sabre µMAX because it would then have the added benefit of the ED-180 Disc. to the Silver Sabre µMAX ED-120 Disc.

So, decisions-decisions, and of the two, mainly thanks to the Pinpoint function of the Silver Sabre µMAX, it is the model I prefer of the two and keeping the 6" coil mounted. That said, should I come across a pristine Mojave for a terrific price I just might snap it up.smiling smiley


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Contrast Tesoro Silver Sabre vs Mojave

Druid 377 October 28, 2020 11:20AM

Silver Sabre µmax Attachments

OregonGregg 406 October 30, 2020 06:21AM

They are a "piece of art" but should be put-to-use! N/T

Monte 244 October 30, 2020 09:04AM

Picking out a Tesoro Silver Sabre µMAX or Mojave?

Monte 304 October 29, 2020 11:18PM

Tesoro Silver Sabre vs Mojave

UtahRich 286 October 29, 2020 12:04AM

Re: Tesoro Silver Sabre vs Mojave

jmaryt 283 October 29, 2020 12:25AM

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