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Sven, with Tesoro's there are less-popular and more-popular models.

November 10, 2020 07:57AM avatar
Following an ebay auction that listed a relatively minty Eldo.
Usually end up selling for $185-225. Surprised the current one sold for $300US.

The Eldorado in the microMAX housing was/is a popular model for some, but the Disc. adjust is more of a coarse-tune feel to it and a lot of average as well as experienced users can't get comfortable with finding a good setting that still works 'quietly.' You're right, even a good clean specimen usually goes for something closer to $225. The Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX, although they were so-called 'lower-end' models with the ED-120 Disc. circuity, still command a better retail price.

Also, spotted a Golden Sabre micro max, the guy was asking $600.

That wouldn't have been a 'Sabre' series models, not if in the 'micro' housing. That would be a Golden microMAX and there was another one of the Tesoro flub-ups as they were about to start their downward glide. Jack was still there when it came out, but it had a design glitch. I was still a Tesoro Dealer and it was difficult to get on to work properly, especially in moderate to higher mineralized environments. It didn't last long and they brought out a revised version that was supposed to work better and produce the proper 4-Tone audio. It had an even shorter life-span.

Those should usually go for less, but there seems to be a handful of Tesoro users out there that go the 'like-it' and dislike-it' stages who get an urge to over-spend on one. A prime example is anyone who would ask $600 for a Golden microMAX .... but, somebody might but it, have it around for a while, then try and find a sucker to do what they did when they list it for sale ... at an over-price to try and recover their losses.


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Tesoro Eldorado small box

SvenS 340 November 10, 2020 06:20AM

Sven, with Tesoro's there are less-popular and more-popular models.

Monte 285 November 10, 2020 07:57AM

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