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Todd, you asked on the 25th and I answered on the 25th.

November 27, 2020 05:41PM avatar
Here's the answer. ... Forget the manual' comments. ... Just GB and be done withit or get a 'turn-on-and-go' Tesoro.

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The Bandido ll µMax Ground Balance rotary switch control slight resistance or "drag" felt when you reach either end of the "effective use range", which I will abbreviate "EUR" henceforth, is a subject explained in the manual on pages 8 and 9, and has also been explained before by members on this and other websites.

Forget all the blabber in the Owner Manual. All this means is: The GB control has a drag resistance at either end of the 3¾-turn control instead of a solid 'stop.' It means absolutely nothing else. Solid stop or a drag resistance, you're at the end of that directional rotation.

The explanation given has been to Ground Balance in ALL Metal mode ...

THAT is the only thing to know. Adjust for a proper slight audio Threshold 'hum' in the All Metal mode, toggle to 'Auto' and adjust for a proper Ground Balance. Then, go detecting.

... and then (Paraphrasing) turn the Ground rotary switch control to the end of it's EUR in either direction until you begin to feel slight resistance or "drag" as you are turning the rotary switch, and then you may immediately reverse direction to enter the 33/4 turns EUR and turn the switch 2 full rotations to the middle of the EUR, as a starting point for the actual Ground Balancing process,...

Forget all of that because there is no need to adjust to either end, nor is there a need to try and find a center position. Besides, 2-turns as they stated doesn't get you to the 'middle' of a 3¾-turn control. That would be a rotation of 1.875 turns if they wanted to be exact. A 'starting point' can be anywhere, it doesn't matter. You'll know which way to adjust the control after you start the GB procedure and lower the coil to the ground. Then you quickly make a proper GB adjustment and be done.

... aka "bobbing" the coil. The goal of this process is, of course, to adjust the GB rotary switch either Positive (CW) or Negative (CCW) if necessary until reaching a position where the Threshold "HUM" remains the same volume as the coil reaches each end of the "bob", from approximately 8" above ground down to approx. 1" above ground.

Basically correct. Start with the coil at about 6" to 8" above the ground, in All Metal w/Auto selected and hear a proper Threshold hum.

Then 'bob the coil' which means lower it to the ground and listen for any change in the Threshold. When lowered it might decrease or go silent, or it might increase and get loud. Simply raise the coil back to the starting point, adjust the GB control, then lower to coil again. You want the Threshold audio to stay the same or vary slightly when the coil is lowered from the 6"-8" height to about ½" to 1" ... Done!

I will add the proviso that some detectorists like to adjust for a slightly POS or NEG rotary switch control position for reasons of their own. Now to my question.

Forget what some avid detectorists like to do,. It doesn't matter unless you understand and make a proper GB adjustment, and apparently you don't. It takes somewhere between 10 seconds and 15 seconds .... 20 seconds if my eyes are closed and I'm having a bad day ... to be handed a Bandido II µMAX, turn it on and make all the necessary settings and Ground Balance.

If I wanted to shift the EUR sector to a different position around the 360 degree circle, in order to synchronize it's starting point to be coexistent with the Phillips screw at the left of the rotary switch GROUND title, or for that matter any other starting point I might desire, why couldn't I just keep turning the rotary switch control beyond the initially felt "drag" until reaching the desired starting point and then reverse direction for 2 full rotations to the mid-position ?

WHY? It makes absolutely no difference. Just adjust the GB and be done with it.

I would think that some shifting of the EUR sector position happens all the time to some degree by operators with less sensitivity in their fingers when they over-rotate the GB rotary switch control.

Who cares. The GB control can get bumped. You can move 20-30 feet from where you started and the mineralization changed and to be 'spot-on' you need to re-adjust the GB.

In conclusion, would shifting the EUR (effective use range) sector more circular degrees have any negative affect on proper functioning of the electronic system?

NO, not really. Tinkering around with the GB control to try and find an end-stop or trying to align a knob's pointer with some mark or whatever accomplishes absolutely nothing. But it does waste a lot of time

You are discussing one of the easiest detectors for anyone to learn and use.

Start the car ... Shift into Drive ... Go where you want.

Turn On a detector ... Ground Balance ... Go detecting

If the Bandido II µMAX is too complicated for anyone, especially trying to make a functional Ground Balance adjustment, it's time to part with it and get a 'turn-on-and-go' model like the Silver Sabre µMAX. I explained this in my initial post to you in the link to the General Forum you made.


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Bandido II µMax GB'ing, and slight rotary switch "drag".

ToddB64 604 November 27, 2020 03:32PM

Todd, you asked on the 25th and I answered on the 25th.

Monte 446 November 27, 2020 05:41PM

Re: Todd, you asked on the 25th and I answered on the 25th.

ToddB64 447 November 27, 2020 10:43PM

Posts is Posts

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