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Hot-and-Cold Tesoro's.

March 15, 2021 02:24PM avatar
Towards the end, when they went to the Low-Noise / High-Gain circuitry with the Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX in October of '97 and other models that took on that circuitry, they did provide some enhanced detection depth and stability to maintain that performance and there was less variance in their circuitry design. Tighter tolerance components, perhaps.

But with their earlier models, to include those like the Inca, Royal Sabre, Golden Sabre, Pantera, etc., etc., that relied on the earlier circuitry, I made it a point to check every detector I got in with an order. On average, I found that of 10 similar models, there might me one or two just a little hotter than the 'average' and one, and sometimes two, that were on the wimpier side. I always kept the hotter specimen for myself, IF it was any better than what I was already using.

I had Pantera I got from Rusty Henry at his home and it was a very decent performer, overall in general, and also in detection depth with the standard 8" or the 7" coil I mainly used. I did buy one Pantera that was a used unit and it wasn't too bad, but it definitely fell short of the detection depth of my choice Pantera by a good 1½"-2" in some side-by-side comparisons using the same search coils.

Matter-of-fact, I compared my Pantera to the Golden µMAX I had, both using similar-size coils, and my Pantera definitely had the edge, as the the Bandido II µMAX I was using at the time .... with the same size coil. No, we aren't talking by major differences, but there was an 'edge' in favor of my Pantera and Bandido II µMAX.


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Took the Golden out today Attachments

Ray(Ca) 529 January 13, 2021 09:34PM

Re: Took the Golden out today

Harold,ILL. 309 March 15, 2021 06:17AM

Congratulations, Ray ... and you are right and right.

Monte 442 January 14, 2021 01:30AM

Re: Congratulations, Ray ... and you are right and right.

Harold,ILL. 316 March 15, 2021 01:54PM

Hot-and-Cold Tesoro's.

Monte 369 March 15, 2021 02:24PM

Re: Hot-and-Cold Tesoro's.

jmaryt 326 March 15, 2021 09:08PM

Comparing a few Tesoro 6" and 7" coils on a few models.

Monte 396 March 16, 2021 01:40PM

Re: Comparing a few Tesoro 6" and 7" coils on a few models.

jmaryt 332 March 17, 2021 09:27PM

What kind of air test does the Mojave get on a dime? N/T

Harold,ILL. 497 March 16, 2021 07:33AM

Re: What kind of air test does the Mojave get on a dime?

jmaryt 338 March 17, 2021 09:22PM

Re: Took the Golden out today

jmaryt 361 January 14, 2021 12:13AM

Re: Took the Golden out today

Timbertodd 345 January 13, 2021 10:29PM

Took the Golden out today

UtahRich 344 January 13, 2021 09:53PM

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