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Re: Congratulations and some comments.

March 31, 2021 05:33AM avatar
While practicing with the Cibola I got a signal that discriminated about where a penny would. Started digging and found the large item first, but the Cibola discriminated this out just above Iron, I kept digging and found the toy car hood (Mustang?). I took both to the backyard and laid them out like in the photo. The Cibola still hit the toy car hood, and ignored the larger item when set to discriminate just above Iron. When the items were separated, the Cibola ignored the larger item as long as discriminate was set to just above Iron, and as long as the coil was 2” above the item, any closer and I’d get a cut off beep.

A good Tesoro, especially with a good Concentric coil and functional settings, can provide very good separation in iron (ferrous) trash.

I did the same test with the FORS CoRe using both the 10.5x5” DD and the small 4.7X5.2 'OOR' DD coils and it could not separate the toy hood from the larger item. I’d get a scratchy signal from 20-45, no matter how I swept it. If I separated the items, the toy car hood swept at 83-84.

Expected. The 5½X10 DD and the 4.7X5.2 DD, called the 'OOR' coil, can also provide us with good separation with comparable settings. You had the Cibola adjusted to the Ferrous / Non-Ferrous break-point or slightly higher to reject that particular target. The FORS CoRe would need a Disc. setting of '40', at the Ferrous / Non-Ferrous break-point, in order to compare the performance between the two models.


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Just got a Cibola with GB mod

Rmcnelly 515 March 26, 2021 06:36PM

Congratulations and some comments.

Monte 398 March 30, 2021 12:53PM

Re: Congratulations and some comments. Attachments

Rmcnelly 378 March 30, 2021 04:11PM

Re: Congratulations and some comments.

Monte 358 March 31, 2021 05:33AM

Re: Just got a Cibola with GB mod Attachments

SvenS 509 March 27, 2021 07:59AM

Re: Just got a Cibola with GB mod

Rmcnelly 424 March 27, 2021 05:04PM

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