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Bottle caps and new nails are my current challenge.sad smiley

June 16, 2021 08:55AM avatar
Still busy trying to get things taken care of at the house after my move and my plan was to start detecting close to the house and work out away from the house over time. Monte Jr. and I have been picking up a lot of bottle caps that are in plain sight or partially exposed between the back gate and garage. Detecting has also help this recover a lot of bottle caps.

Monday had grabbed his Silver Sabre microMAX w/6" coil, so I grabbed my same model just so we could see how we do and also to show him what kind of problems bottle caps can be. As we know, they are much like rusty tin. We set a small assortment of them on the ground so he could see how's that detector performs at minimum discrimination. Some of the caps are rejected and you hear nothing. A few of them we'll give a so-so signal that's kind of broken and easily handled. And then there are those that are our major challenge because they sound so good. All detectors will have that problem from time to time, so I showed him how EPR can help.

I know when we worked away into more open areas things will get better because they were not discarding bottle caps everywhere. But then comes the newest problem and that is nails. Iron nails. Since this house is 88 years old, built in 1933, it's only logical that I have been finding nails. Visually, screening, and detecting. But trying to get this house in order and some repairs and such done that it needs I was going to have a portion of the roof repaired yesterday when the roofing company owner checked a couple of spots and noticed I had some bad areas we didn't know about

He hit me with a bid oh, and I gave him the go-ahead yesterday morning to re-roof the whole house. About 7 last night the workers were walking around with their wield magnetic pick up device to try and recover as many nails as possible that came off the roof. They did find a lot, but no doubt I'm going to have quite a few new trash deposits to deal with in the coming weeks.

We're not due for a cool down for a while but if we have any days with a decent Breeze I'll be putting in whatever time I can hoping to find some older coins. So far, all of them have been newer coins dating back to the early 70s. I'll keep plugging away, literally, in search of something good.

I'll finish off some of the quick work in these trashy areas with my Tesoro detectors, then switch over to my Garrett Apex devices this weekend to take advantage of Target ID

I hope everyone can get out and enjoy some detecting and don't forget to grab your Tesoro whenever possible because even though they are now a defunct company, the detectors can work wonderfully.


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Bottle caps and new nails are my current challenge.sad smiley

Monte 683 June 16, 2021 08:55AM

Re: Bottle caps and new nails are my current challenge.sad smiley

kac 296 September 04, 2021 09:58PM

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