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Pantera vs Toltecthinking ... One out of two in my 'liked-it' category.

October 30, 2021 05:42AM avatar
Older Tesoro machines that interest me, what were their strengths and weaknesses? What circuit designs were employed, disc range/type ED80, ED100, ED120? Ground balance controls?
Fair price for a good working condition machine?

As a very committed Dealer, promoter, and avid user of my favorite Tesoro models, I have used almost each of their offerings. Some were a favorite, some I considered 'OK', and there were some I quickly passed on due to design glitches.

Of the two you mentioned, there was only one Pantera model, but there were three inches Toltec 'series'. A good friend of mine got the Toltec 100, the first model, back in the latter '80s when they first came out. Tesoro's first offering with visual Target ID.

It had manual GB and the more limited Discrimination adjustment range that I used to refer to as D-90 or D-100. It was basically the typical range of acceptance back then for Tesoro and many/most detector makers to reject common unwanted trash like Nails and most typical ferrous debris and also be up into the very low conductive zone to reject a lot of thin foil wrappers at the minimum Disc. setting. Something that botheredn,n a lot of 'average' Coin Hunters. The Toltec 80 was a simplified 'turn-on-and-go version with the same Disc. circuitry.

When Tesoro brought out their Silver Sabre II and original Bandido, those models introduced their's and improved' Disc. circuitry called ED-120. The ED stood for Expanded Discrimination on the lower-end for better acceptance of some lower-conductive target in the 'foil' or non-ferrous range. The 120 referred to the lower-end Disc. setting now being very close to the Ferrous / Non-Ferrous break-point so that a minimum Disc. control adjustment would now accept and respond to desired lower-conductive thin or small gold jewelry such as dinky chains, ear rings and similar desired items.

It came about because a lot of Coin & Jewelry.Hunters had complained about the more limiting minimum Discrimination setting of the Inca, original Silver Sabre, Royal Sabre, Golden Sabre and others that shared the original circuitry design I referred to as D-90 or D-100.

Future models now used a similar or very close Disc. circuitry that was still labeled as ED-120, even though Jack Gifford and I discussed very slight differences he used in the Notch Disc. models. So that meant the Pantera and Toltec II.both featured the 'improved' lower-range Discrimination of acceptance.

Both the Pantera and Toltec featured the improved Disc. circuitry and Ground Balance and generally provided very similar in-the-field performance. The consumer could choose between the Two-Tone audio of the Pantera and the visual Target ID of the Toltec II.

So there are some of the considerations to describe these two models. For me and my hunting desires, I had my favorite Tesoro models for locations I preferred them, and I also had some TID models from other manufactures I favored. The Pantera appealed to me, if I wanted the 2-Tone audio function.

The Toltec II has a 'segmented meter read-out and not a 'free-floating' design like some White's and other models. That means the signal strength regulated where the needle would register or 'segments' it would fall in. I didn't Ike that, and didn't like the smallish-size TID display.

Also, as a Dealer I got in more than one but not many because the consumer interest wasn't there. Plus the fact I always checked out inventory to make sure everything worked well, and some Toltec II units were 'off a bit on some TID read-outs. That called for internal adjustment to get proper calibration.

The reverse was also an issue because some folks would open them up to try and adjust GB or Volume or Saturation or whatever tickled their mind, so they tinkered with internal trimmers. All they were doing was messing up the Target ID read-out and didn't know how to recalibrate it.

Folks who own either and have a good-working device still like them. I believe Hombre is one who still uses a Toltec II. As for me, I liked the Pantera better and enjoyed using mine from time-to-time from June of '94 when I bought it from Rusty Henry, over the next few years. But I had other favorites in my outfit, and when the Bandido II microMAX came out in October of '97 it soon took over the tasks I had for the Pantera.

If I was healthier and able to own more and use more detectors I used to like, I would be shopping for several more Tesoro's just to have them, and some others, in a detector museum of models I have enjoyed for over half-a-century. But I haven't come across a nice, clean condition Pantera for at least a dozen years.


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Pantera vs Toltecthinking

Druid 754 October 29, 2021 10:21PM

A few other thoughts.

Monte 411 November 18, 2021 09:50AM

Pantera vs Toltecthinking ... One out of two in my 'liked-it' category.

Monte 420 October 30, 2021 05:42AM

Re: Pantera vs Toltecthinking ... One out of two in my 'liked-it' category. Attachments

SvenS 326 October 30, 2021 07:25AM

What kind of depth it get on a silver dime? N/T

Harold,ILL. 494 November 04, 2021 12:54PM

Re: What kind of depth it get on a silver dime? MY Toltec 2 will go deepthumbs up

Hombre 396 November 05, 2021 05:42PM

Re: What kind of depth it get on a silver dime? MY Toltec 2 will go deepthumbs up

Harold,ILL. 273 November 06, 2021 12:11PM

Re: Pantera vs Toltecthinking ... One out of two in my 'liked-it' category.

Druid 293 October 30, 2021 08:27PM

'Hot' specimens and physical package designs. thinking

Monte 379 October 30, 2021 10:00AM

Re: 'Hot' specimens and physical package designs. thinking

Druid 303 October 30, 2021 08:33PM

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