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A Discrimination correction.

July 18, 2022 05:06PM avatar
Very good points to look for. Thanks
This machine if it was a bargain all I was actually interested in was the pcb and coil. Figured I would replace pots if needed and build a carbon shaft for it and make it feather light.

Looking at specs the Bandito has same ed120 as my Cibola so I will work on that instead. It is already running like a champ and will put my 8x9 oor on it and toss it on a carbon.

The Bandido series, the Silver Sabre II, Silver Sabre µMAX and final Silver µMAX, and a lot of the models from that production era had the ED-120 Disc. circuitry. However, the Vaquero and Cibola were incorrectly advertised a couple of times, and one was suggesting they had the ED-120 range of acceptance. Instead, both the Vaquero and Cibola had more of an ED-160 or ED-165 range of acceptance.

With the ED-120 model, if the Disc. is set at minimum it is just a little higher than the ferrous / non-ferrous break point so little or no common iron is heard. With the Vaquero and Cibola, when the Disc. is adjusted to minimum, then it is into the ferrous range a ways and usually you will get a good response on Iron Nails and a lot of other iron debris, but not all ferrous junk like when using ED-180 for full iron-acceptance.


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Bandito questions

kac 290 July 17, 2022 02:37PM

kac, a few Tesoro shopping comments.

Monte 212 July 17, 2022 10:33PM

Re: kac, a few Tesoro shopping comments.

kac 218 July 18, 2022 04:32PM

A Discrimination correction.

Monte 214 July 18, 2022 05:06PM

Re: A Discrimination correction.

kac 165 July 19, 2022 10:52AM

kac, back to you.

Monte 200 July 19, 2022 11:31AM

Re: kac, back to you.

kac 99 July 19, 2022 01:32PM

Re: Bandito questions

Timbertodd 246 July 17, 2022 06:42PM

Re: Bandito questions

DW-BGW 262 July 17, 2022 06:51PM

Re: Bandito questions

Timbertodd 174 July 17, 2022 07:09PM

Of the four (4) Bandido models, my thoughts are:

Monte 130 July 17, 2022 04:19PM

Re: Of the four (4) Bandido models, my thoughts are: Attachments

kac 139 July 17, 2022 04:33PM

Re: Of the four (4) Bandido models, my thoughts are:

kac 182 July 17, 2022 07:48PM

Re: Of the four (4) Bandido models, my thoughts are:

Timbertodd 119 July 17, 2022 07:58PM

Thanks, I agree N/T

kac 203 July 18, 2022 04:33PM

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