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I confess ... I have several 'all-time' favorite Tesoro models on-hand.

January 06, 2018 06:31AM avatar
Yes, I have added three new Forums and have singled-out three specific manufacturers who's products are in my Regular-Use Detector Team, for three very specific reasons:

'Because they Work'
'Because they Work Quite Well and are Versatile'
'Because they are *Simple* yet *Functional* and provide *Performance* I demand of them.'

Welcome to the Tesoro Detector Forum! I am pleased to call attention to my Regular-Use Detector Team, as I do in almost every post on any Forum I visit, which includes some of my favorite and versatile models from Tesoro, the newer 'black' Vaquero, the good old trusty Silver Sabre µMAX (microMAX) and Mojave.

I would like to welcome all open discussions and questions relating to the Tesoro brand under this Forum heading. Most of us know that Tesoro Detectors have been on the scene with 'recreational' metal detectors for over thirty-five years and have several strong points in their favor for many of us.

While they do have, or have had, some models that I don't care for, they also have offered some exceptional performing units that have and are my 'favorites'' for both Coin & Jewelry Hunting as well as serious Relic Hunting tasks. I was attracted to the Tesoro line with their release of the Inca back in July of '83, and immediately took up a Tesoro Dealership and spent a LOT of time detecting with an Inca.

This July will make 35 years I have enjoyed using preferred models from Tesoro, and I have always tried to maintain at least 1 to 4 Tesoro models in my personal arsenal. Yes, just a single tone audio response, but they came on the market with what has become the best detector to compare any and all other detectors against when it comes to handling an iron nail contaminated site. Every detector I evaluate, to see if it might be a workable unit to 'fit' in my personal detector battery, has to go up against a couple of my Tesoro's and challenge their exceptional nail-handling abilities. Most can't.

As most know, I mainly Relic Hunt and deal with dense trash and building rubble and sagebrush and other weeds and brush that call for the use of a smaller-size search coil to work in and around the challenges I face. I only have one 8" round Concentric coil for the 'general-use' Tesoro range, and the standard 8X11 DD for my Vaquero. Otherwise, I keep the stock 7" Concentric on my Mojave and have a thin-profile 6" Concentric on the Silver Sabre microMAX and Vaquero, plus one on-hand for any Tesoro addition in the future.

Through all these many decades of detecting I have owned and borrowed and used a wide-range of brands and models and types of detectors, but I gained a very strong appreciation for the Tesoro favorites long ago. While I had hunted my favorite Utah ghost town, that I named 'Twin Flats', since May 4th of 1969, it had been only occasionally until we got a detector that could really work well, and that was the Inca and following models from Tesoro.

I put in a lot of hunting time there, and used it and the site challenges to evaluate many different brands and models. I haven't worked 'Twin Flats' very often in the past half-dozen years, but from July of '83 through about the end of 2001 I pulled hundreds of coins out of that one town site, carding them up in 2X2's to fill four binders and still found some old coins and keepers since then. I would guess that at least 75% of those hundreds of coins were found with a trusty Tesoro model in-hand, and back then I was usually using the 7" Concentric coil.

So there you can see that my favorite Tesoro models have served me well and continue to do so, making them a vital part of my Regular-Use Detector Team and a complement to the different 'modern' detectors with visual Target ID and audio Tone ID that I use.

Tesoro's can easily be regarded as 'Simple' detectors because they lack a lot of adjustment features we know of today. But they 'work,' and are very 'Functional' for many types of hunting. I might be a bit biased here, but I feel every avid detectorist ought to own at least one good Tesoro.

I welcome folks to post questions and comments about the Tesoro Detector brand on this Forum and keep it topic-specific.

All the best in 2018,


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I confess ... I have several 'all-time' favorite Tesoro models on-hand.

Monte 630 January 06, 2018 06:31AM

Re: I confess ... I have several 'all-time' favorite Tesoro models on-hand.

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Re: I confess ... I have several 'all-time' favorite Tesoro models on-hand.

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