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Re: What do you like about the Mojave?

March 08, 2018 11:11AM avatar
First, let me flash back to 1983. In July of that year Tesoro brought out the Inca which gave us the first double-derivative slow-motion, silent-search, quick-response/fast-recovery detector that was great for hunting in a really densely littered site, especially with a lot of nails or other small iron objects. It gave us a Threshold-based All Metal mode for searching or Pinpointing, with manual Ground Balance, and worked great.

Noting that the new Tesoro circuitry provided such as quick response and recovery, it was/is quite easy to isolate or pinpoint targets in most average environments. Jack Gifford took the Inca's Discriminate circuitry concept and from that made the first 'turn-on-and-go' silent-search detector they have offered, in October of that year, the 'original' Silver Sabre. I was a Tesoro Deakler at the time, and even though having another model or two of a different brand on-hand, my Tesoro's were my most-used detectors for Relic Hunting old, out-of-the-way places, as well as hunting vacant lots, renovation work, etc.

I used to carry an Inca and Silver Sabre with me all the time, grabbing the lighter and handier Silver Sabre for a lot of the quick work I encountered. I made sure the internal GB trimmer was tweaked for peak performance at the variety of sites I worked, and all my Tesoro models have always either had manual GB or have been 'tweaked' as needed for the search coil/s I use on them.

This brings me to search coils. When I got my Inca in July of that year, I also got a Mayan they uses the same physical configuration. The difference was that the Inca was a VLF/VLF-Disc. design (which we refer to today as All Metal and motion-Discrimination ground cancelling modes), and the Mayan was a VLF/TR-Disc. design (a Ground Balanced All Metal mode with a conventional, non-ground compensating TR-Disc. mode). The other important difference to me was the Inca came with an 8" or 8½" search coil and the Mayan sported a 7" Concentric coil.

A day or so after working my Inca I swapped coils with the Mayan to take advantage of the lighter weight and smaller 7" Concentric for the trashier environments I hunt, and that was the coil I have used 95% of the time on different Tesoro models, up until they introduced the thin-profile 6" Concentric which is what I prefer most of the time.

Back to the Silver Sabre ....

This model came with the 7" Concentric which made a perfect match for most of my detecting needs. They progressed with the Silver Sabre to bring the Silver Sabre Plus with a Threshold-based All Metal mode, but that model had a lot of glitches in the design and I wouldn't own one. I preferred the 'simple' Silver Sabre. The next progression in the Silver Sabre model series was the Silver Sabre II which I did enjoy, then the Silver Sabre µMAX (microMAX), also a ,long-time favorite from Tesoro.

As the preset GB Silver Sabre line progressed, Tesoro had other preset GB 'turn-on-and-go' units to pick from, such as the Cutlass series, the Amigo II, the Compadre and finally the Silver µMAX. All of them 'OK' detectors, but most sported the 8" Concentric coil and I like smaller-sizes for improved weight and balance, plus they fit better in amongst the dense debris sites I work.

Because most had an 8" donut Concentric coil standard and I wanted to swap to a 6" or 7" Concentric coil to keep mounted for full-time work and not change coils, it meant I had to tweak the Ground Balance of that particular detector with that specific search coil. Most sites I hunt here in the western USA have very high iron mineral content and call for a higher GB setting. I do hunt some moderately mineralized places, but had to tweak them to be able to handle the bad ground w/o falsing from a too-negative GB setting. Therefore I always have a manually GB'ed Tesoro with a smaller coil on-hand, just to complement any preset GB model.

So, from what you can gather, I prefer a 6" or 7" sized search coils for almost all of my detecting needs, especially with a Tesoro unit in-hand.

Additionally, I like to have more control of the Ground Balance setting to get the best performance from a wide-range of mineralized sites.

Along came the Mojave and it went a step above what Tesoro has offered us in a 'simple' yet 'functional' detector:

• A light and handy sized detector. It offers the full-range, ED-180 Discrimination as found on the Compadre rather than the more limited adjustment range of the original turn-on-and-go models or even the more versatile devices that have the ED-120 Disc. circuitry.

• A variable Sensitivity control.

• The 2-position toggle selector for different Ground Balance settings to make it more adaptable, and perform better, in mild and moderate ground, or take on more challenging higher mineralization challenges.

• It came standard with a versatile-sized new 7" Concentric coil.

I've had mine for over a year and have enjoyed using it for thinning coins out of tot-lots, doing some urban Coin Hunting, and taking it out and about to some of the older Relic Hunting sites I enjoy working. Dollar-for-dollar, the Mojave is a very nice fit in my Regular-Use Detector Team. I have used it to thin abundant change from tot-lots, done both urban Coin Hunting and remote-site Relic Hunting, and have taken it into renovation sites, vacant lots, etc.

Is it my most used detector? Of course not. It doesn't rival any of my devices with visual Target ID or audio Tone ID features, but it is a handy, light weight travel companion I can have along just in case I happen across a renovation site or other place that needs some 'right-now' detecting.


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What do you like about the Mojave?

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Re: What do you like about the Mojave?

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