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A 'Hiho' reply.

March 18, 2018 03:43PM avatar
The MX-7 does look good. I keep going back and forth on it vs. the Deleon.
Since both models have an MSRP at just under $600, here are my personal opinions, all based on personal experience with the models mentioned.

I am, and have been, a long-time Tesoro fan of certain models they have offered that worked well for me. The DeLeón just isn't one of them. the preset GB on the one I owned and very few I have encountered in use afield, had problems when some search coils were swapped around, or even with the stock coil in some more mineralized environments we were hunting. The TID is a rather limited-use design for versatile performance, and it lacks a lot of features found on newer, more competitive models.

The White's MX-7 costs the same but is light and well balanced, provides more features, has a Tracking or Locked-GB design, simple yet functional design with much better Discrimination adjustment, Target ID VDI range, a very nice set of Tone ID settings, and very good accessory coil options as well.

In that price range is also the Makro Racer 2. Just introduced a year ago, and it also has more feature options, better TID, a good range of accessory search coils, and I have one of these in my Detector 'Team' as well.

It will be awhile before I buy a TID machine. I just acquired the Mohave las fall and really need to get out with it. I also have the Golden Micromax which I enjoy, especially with the 7” WS, which gives me 4 very clear distinctive tones, but limits depth... a fun detector in the parks.
Also in my Regular-Use Detector Team are my 'black' version Vaquero and Mojave I got in January of last year. The Mojave is the best low-end, versatile, preset (kind of) GB unit that Tesoro has ever made. We should always have at least one or two good Tesoro's in our detector line-up. thumbs up

My next detector will without doubt be the Black Vaquero, I’m hoping by mid summer.
Well, if you haven't noticed, I have a 'black' version Vaquero, in-the-box, here in my Den. It's just like mine, with the standard 8X11 RSD Double-D coil, except I keep a 6" Concentric mounted on mine and the stock coil in my Accessory Coil Tote. I also have a CORS Fortune elliptical DD coil in a box that will work on it, or any of the HOT series units. I have them listed in the Classifieds here on AHRPS' Buy/Sell/Trade for very competitive process. Matter of fact, both for less than I paid for the Vaquero alone!

I would like to see a good review of the Vaquero by you Monte. If you have done one, perhaps you could post a link?
I am working on several 'projects' right now. Also busy with research to try and find more info about the WTHO sites we'll be hunting this year.

One of the projects is to finish my current new product evaluation of the White's MX-7 and Makro Multi-Kruzer. Then, to find and proof-read, clan up and update my former evaluations of models such as the White's MXT Pro/All-Pro, Garrett AT Pro and AT Gold, Nokta FORS CoRe, FORS Relic and Impact, and Makro Racer 2. Then I will also work up my product evaluations of the Tesoro Vaquero and Mojave.

These will then be listed, in model-name order, on a new Metal Detector Product Review site where people can read my product evaluations, but the site will be 'locked' so there won't be posts and chit-chat under them from the public. Anyone can e-mail me about any of the reviews and we can discuss any particular things about those models. If I feel there is something about a model to be addressed as a topic of interest for general discussion, then I will post it in an appropriate AHRPS Forum and note the contributor who brought up the particular topic.

Back to this general thread ... Everyone, in my opinion, ought to own at least one Tesoro model. A very good multi-purpose offering is the Vaquero, and I like the 'black' version Vaquero and, really, you ought to check out the ad I have for the one for sale.


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How long has the DeLeon and Cortes models been out? N/T

Rwjr13 481 March 18, 2018 08:42AM

Cortés in 2001 and DeLeón in 2003.

Monte 439 March 18, 2018 12:26PM

Re: Cortés in 2001 and DeLeón in 2003.

Hihosilver 409 March 18, 2018 01:42PM

A 'Hiho' reply.

Monte 449 March 18, 2018 03:43PM

Re: How long has the DeLeon and Cortes models been out?

Hihosilver 334 March 18, 2018 11:30AM

Looking at TID .

Rwjr13 350 March 18, 2018 02:38PM

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