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The video you are referring to, I believe, is in question.

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I have a Mojave in my 'Detector Team' and it is a very functional detector, very typical of the proven Tesoro performance I have enjoyed for almost thirty-five years now. Once you learn some of the audio characteristics of the Tesoro models you can often audibly 'classify' some targets, especially those that are ferrous-based from non-ferrous targets.

However, I believe you're referring to a video I saw last year done by a dealer down in California that tried to purport the ability to tell the difference between a US 5¢ coin and a Pull Tab, but I never saw that successfully demonstrated. Besides, the old ring-pull tabs and modern rectangular pry-tabs are not ferrous-based, and they can have a fairly broad range of conductive properties, but many of them closely duplicate that which we get from a 5¢ coin. This is especially true with the bulk of the rectangular pry-tabs that have been in use for quite a long time now.

I heard from a few people who saw that particular video and they didn't see how he was able to separate and 'classify' a problem pry-tab from a US 5¢ coin. Even the most modern, sophisticated, and much more expensive digital Target ID detectors can't accurately handle that chore so you can't expect the low-cost non-display Mojave to do it well, either.

Sorry the guy was using a gold ring, not a nickel.
When I read your post I didn't go back to find a specific video, I only went on memory and I recall a video last year where a fellow tried to distinguish a tab from a nickel coin. I also watched the one where they tried to show the difference between a 5¢ coin and a gold ring response, and that is possible, IF the gold ring is of a smaller-thinner design with a lower conductivity, or a larger-size and higher-conductive design.

But so many of the gold rings I have found over the past many decades have conductive properties that are the same as or very close to that of the nickel coin that you can't expect to audibly distinguish between similar-responding targets.


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Mojave questions?

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Re: Mojave questions?

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The video you are referring to, I believe, is in question.

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Re: The video you are referring to, I believe, is in question.

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Re: Mojave questions?

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