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At least it isn't what you want based on what you say you want.

I currently own a Compadre with 7" coil.
The Compadre can be an 'OK' detector, but I still consider it an 'entry-level' model because it lacks valuable features as you point out below. Also, after owning many Compadre's through the years, I quit buying or trading for any used Compadre units for one very good reason. Most of them had been tinkered with and the internal trimmers really messed up from a 'proper' factory calibration. The result was poor, erratic performing units.

I did feel the original offering with a 7" Concentric coil made a good choice, but I prefer the thin 6" Concentric coil over the earlier offering 7" version. Both work fine for most day-to-day searches.

It is a neat and fun machine, but I sure wish it had ground balance and interchangable coils. I would also love to have about two more inches of depth. I keep my eye open for chances to upgrade locally, but will likely never order a new machine.
I like to have 'fun' and enjoy using the models that fit my needs and work well in my 'Detector Team,' and you pointed out a few features that are necessary, for me, and those are the ability to change search coils, and, with most models I have, the ability to Ground Balance with the coil in use.

As for getting "two more inches of depth" that can be helpful at times, when there is a likelihood desired targets might be a little deeper and when the site doesn't have a lot of shallower masking trash so that increased depth can be achieved.

In my area there is a nice used Cibola for sale online. I have the money stashed away and can afford it if I want it. I have looked at it several times, and did some reading up on the machine. After a little reading and watching videos, I made the tough decision that the Cibola really didn't have anything that would make me any happier than the Compadre.
Oh, but the Cibola does offer a lot that you don't have with the Compadre .... but it is lacking the one thing you would like to have, and that is manual Ground Balance capability.

It does have the 9X8 coil,,, that probably would give me a couple more inches of reliable depth.
The 8X9 Concentric coil performs essentially similar to the round 'donut' 8" Conce4ntric coil, and it might improve the depth of detection by an inch or so over the 7" Concentric, depending upon the size and shape of the target. The important thing here is that the Cibola provides the option for interchangeable search coils, and that's always a plus.

It does have the pinpoint feature, but I don't feel I need it.
The Threshold-based All Metal functioning Pinpoint feature is very useful. It allows you to size-and-shape targets, and it can get better depth or response for isolating deeper targets than the silent-search Disc. mode for Pinpointing.

It has the threshhold adjustment, but I haven't really missed it with the Compadre.
You might not miss it with the Compadre because you don't have any control over that function associated with the silent-search Disc. mode. The Threshold control lets you set a 'proper' slight-audio hum for using the All Metal Pinpoint function, and that can also assist in the audio response when in Discrimination. If the Threshold is reduced too much, it can limit or restrict a Discriminate mode signal and, in essence, cause some loss of depth of signal strength in the silent-search Discriminate mode.

Sensitivity adjustment,, yeah that might be helpful I suppose.
Definitely useful. On most Tesoro models, and many competitive units as well, the Sensitivity control only functions with the Discriminate mode. On most models the Threshold-based All Metal / Pinpoint mode is preset at full Sensitivity in the circuitry, but the variable Sensitivity control, often called a Gain control on other brands, is tied in with the receive signal and can be useful to get maximum performance, or reduce it as necessary if there is instability to achieve a smooth and noise-free operation.

Frequency selection,,, on occasion that could be useful
The Cibola operates at 14.5 kHz and you can off-set the frequency a little should you have EMI (interference) from some power sources, especially if near an offending metal detector with a same or close operating frequency.

But it still lacks the manual ground balance. That's the one feature I miss the most on the Compadre. Without that one feature, I'm just not seeing it as an upgrade that would make me happy for very long. Now I know I could do the ground balance mod,,, but I could do that to the Compadre too.
If you want to have a more versatile detector that can handle a wide range of challenging ground mineral environments, you will want to have control of the Ground Balance. Some brands have the GB control tied in with the All Metal mode only, some the Discriminate mode only, and some the GB can be a function with both the Threshold-based All Metal mode as well as the motion-based Discriminate mode.

I do as much detecting as I possibly can and use an assortment of detectors for both urban Coin Hunting as well as remote site Relic Hunting. My current Detector 'Team' is made of 10 detectors, total, and 9 different models since I have two of the Nokta CoRe units. Of those 10 detectors that I rely on, only one of them, my Tesoro Silver Sabre µMAX (microMAX) has an internally preset Ground Balance control. All the rest of them are Manual GB, Automated GB, or both.

What do you folks think,,, am I wrong in your opinion? If it were a Vaquero I would have already bought it,,, but the Cibola,,,,, I'm just not so sure.
The one function you said you wanted was Ground Balance, and since that is an important adjustment function I think you ought to stay on track and look for a model that offers that feature. The Vaquero is one such model, and it would be my personal choice over the Cibola..

With a good GB capable detector you also get the benefits of a Threshold adjustment and interchangeable search coils as well. Having control of the Ground Balance is important, too, if you plan to change search coils because that can effect the detector's performance and being able to tweak the GB for the search coil in use provides peak performance. In my case, I do have a preset GB Silver Sabre µMAX, but that doesn't matter because I never change the search coil.

I always leave the 6" Concentric coil mounted on that model which I have tweaked the GB for peak performance in the more severe ground mineral environments I generally search so it is good-to-go as is. My Bandido II µMAX, which also sports the 6" Concentric coil to better handle most places I use it, has the external manual GB control and that is the model I would use if I wanted to mount a larger-size standard coil ... even though I very, very seldom do.

A couple of things you didn't mention in your post were:

• How long you have been detecting.

• What other make/model detector(s) you have owned.

• The types of detecting you prefer to do and the site challenges you generally encounter.

• Why you feel you need to have, or want to have, Ground Balance capability.

• Are you committed to only a Tesoro model with Ground Balance, or have you entertained getting a competitive brand detector?

If you want to stick with the Tesoro brand, there are and have been some good detector models that feature an external Ground Balance control that I would suggest you consider, based on the type of hunting you like to do. Those would include the following in alphabetical order, and I placed a * by those that I consider as my preferred choices:

Bandido II
Bandido II µMAX*
Euro Sabre

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions you are more than welcome to e-mail me at either of my addresses below.


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It's always fun to check out a 'new-to-you' detector.thumbs up

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Re: It's always fun to check out a 'new-to-you' detector.thumbs up

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The Tesoro Cibola is not the model you want.

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Re: The Tesoro Cibola is not the model you want.

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Good answer, 'Thank You.'

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Re: The Tesoro Cibola is not the model you want.

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