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Good answer, 'Thank You.'

September 13, 2018 10:56AM avatar
And a few times you brought up a very important aspect of what we should have in order to enjoy this great sport ... confidence ... in our detector's performance capabilities and limitations.

Yes, I do have a few other detectors,,, all of which will do what I want from them.
Good news! It's always beneficial to have two or more detectors than can complement each other and have something to take on certain site challenges. thumbs up

However, I really "want" to like the beep & dig simplicity of my $40 Compadre. My biggest issue with the Compadre as it sits, is confidence. I have a silver dime buried 4" in my yard. It's been there in my red dirt almost 2 years now.
If you have a flat-positioned silver dime at 4" for 2 or more years, undisturbed, then I would also like to have a detector that will hit it every time, as long as there is no masking trash nearby to degrade the signal.

(Since you are a detail oriented person, my yard ground balances with a reading of 58 to 62 with the T2 and MXT.)
Very kind ground compared to the dirt I usually hunt that has a Ground Phase Read-out from 76 to 86, and often with a high MMI ferrous ground component as well. Both very good models, by the way, for Relic Hunting, and I'd grab the MXT (Pro version) for urban Coin Hunting tasks. I used to have both those models as my main-use detectors.

I can detect the dime with a good TDI and depth reading with the other machines. With the Compadre however, I can hit it sometimes, but sometimes not. I'm not 100% sure why it will not hit the dime all the time,, but I think it may be ground moisture related.
Sometimes, In some bad ground environments, or depending on the coil used, we might not get a proper TID (Target ID) on a 4" coin as that's sometimes a break-point depth, but we ought to get a decent audio response

More often than not, wetness, from surface to the target's depth, can enhance the target detection if well wet. Not just damp but wet as in saturated or very wet. If a coin is at 4" in dry, undisturbed ground, and the upper 1" to 2" soil from the surface down is very wet from a heavy rain or irrigation, you might have a problem getting the 4" coin depending on the ground mineral make-up and the amount of water saturated in that shallower strata of ground. It can have a negative effect on how the detector processes the altered ground signal..

However, average conditions will generally not be a very negative influence on performance with along-buried 4" coin.

At any point, I lack confidence in the machine because I know it will not hit that 4 inch dime consistently as it sits. I feel like if I could get a good ground balance, it would hit it every time. And if I could hit that 4" dime every time, I could have confidence that it would be a good machine for picking out some masked coins in the two "hunted out" 1800's parks in my area.
It's good to have 'confidence,' but we also have to stir in a bit or reality, and we can't expect a low-end, limited-adjustment mode to match all the performance we might get form one or more detectors. And I am not singling out the Compadre, either.

I know very well what they might be able to do, and I also know of some of the drawbacks and weaknesses of that model. Matter-of-fact, I have owned several Tesoro's that didn't provide the detection depth I hoped for, including some that had manual Ground Balance. The earlier circuitry designs sometimes came up a little short in the 'depth' department although they handled dense iron debris areas very well. Since you have two very capable detectors in the Teknetics T2 and White's MXT Pro, I would suggest the following in considering a 'beep-and-dig' or 'turn-on-and-go' Tesoro model that lacks TID as well as external GB control:

a.. As 'jmaryt' mentioned in his reply, the newest Tesoro model, the Mojave, was (as I was told by someone at Tesoro) intended to replace both the Compadre and Silver µMAX. It provides the ED-180 full-range (All Metal Accept) Discrimination of the Compadre plus the Sensitivity control and interchangeable coils feature of the Silver µMAX. In addition, it has a two-position toggle switch to select a High or Low Ground Condition setting. That's two preset GB settings. The Mojave coms with a new, thinner-style 7" search coil and it works well. The Mojave would be my favorite of all the low-end, preset GB picks.

b.. Consider a used model in very clean condition from the following:

Silver Sabre µMAX

Conquistador µMAX


All three of these provide a Threshold-based Pinpoint feature, interchangeable search coils, and will definitely provide you better depth of detection and responsiveness on that 4" silver dime compared with your Compadre.

Yes, I could use the T2 with the 5" DD, or the MXT with the Eclipse 5.3,,,,,,,,,,but I really want to get this Compadre figured out.

Sorry if I rambled,,,,
The Compadre was designed as an entry level model, and while it can do OK for many uses, it can also be limited on detection depth compared with most other detectors available because the other models are not low-end entry level units.

Just some thoughts ... If your budget is to keep a non-display model simple, I'd consider a new Mojave or one of the three used models I mentioned that can also be found for a reasonable price.


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Compadre upgrade??

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Re: Compadre upgrade??

Timbertodd 349 December 01, 2018 01:05PM

It's always fun to check out a 'new-to-you' detector.thumbs up

Monte 340 December 01, 2018 07:02AM

Re: It's always fun to check out a 'new-to-you' detector.thumbs up

GA1dad 373 December 01, 2018 07:53AM

The Tesoro Cibola is not the model you want.

Monte 544 September 13, 2018 06:03AM

Re: The Tesoro Cibola is not the model you want.

GA1dad 421 September 13, 2018 07:21AM

Good answer, 'Thank You.'

Monte 463 September 13, 2018 10:56AM

Re: The Tesoro Cibola is not the model you want.

GA1dad 382 September 13, 2018 10:39AM

Re: Compadre upgrade??

jmaryt 420 September 12, 2018 09:55PM

Re: Compadre upgrade??

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Re: Compadre upgrade??

jmaryt 390 September 13, 2018 08:47PM

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