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Tesoro .. The Company ... The Detectors ... The future for Detecting.

October 05, 2018 06:51AM avatar
Tesoro, the Company: I made a phone call earlier today just minutes after the first forum comment was posted. I will not discuss our conversation, as I gave my word, but I can express my long-felt feelings about Tesoro Electronics.

The company sprang to life thanks to only one man, Jack Gifford. Prior to starting his own metal detector company he had worked for at least C&G and Bounty Hunter. After leaving Bounty Hunter sometime after '78 he started his own business. He didn't have the $$$ to compete with the big names in the industry, but he did do some metal detecting on his own and that put him several steps ahead of many detector engineers around back then or even today who don't use a detector.

That was back in the VLF/TR-Disc, days and the early introduction of VLF-Discriminators in '78. Even those very rapid-sweep designs were unappealing to many, including me, as I continued to use both TR-Disc. models and VLF/TR-Disc. detectors most of the time. Why? Because they were easier to use than the fast-motion units for the brushy and very trash-filled places I hunted, but I made a switch to what I considered the best detector in the industry with a new model released in July of '83. That was Jack Gifford's improved electronics for a slow-motion Discriminator in a new package design ... the Tesoro Inca.

The company grew and set some dealer standards during the '80s to help try and control some discounters because Jack cared for his dealer base. I appreciated that because I became a Tesoro Dealer with the introduction of the Inca. Through the years there have been some improvements in many of their models, some of which I consider to be all-time favorites from Tesoro for both Coin Hunting and Relic Hunting, especially the latter in iron infested sites.

There were some attempts to venture into other strains of the metal detector lines, such as those models that featured audio Tone ID or to compete with models that featured visual Target ID. Nice attempts, but other than the 2-Tone notch-based Royal Sabre, Golden Sabre Plus, Pantera, and the 'turn-on-and-go' version of it, the Golden Sabre II, I was never pleased with the functionality of the other attempts. Even the Euro Sabre which I liked just didn't offer tone break handling like most of the more modern digital detents from some of their competitors.

Fortunately, we still had the good old basic Tesoro performance from all the single-tone models they offered. They worked.

The Detectors: Some folks liked their Target ID models and some favored some Tone ID Tesoro's, but if you look at what has been mentioned in use on the many forums we read, or look at all the different detector classified sites, it seems like the TID and Tone ID models didn't sell nearly as well as the tried-and-true 'basic' Tesoro offerings. There have been quite a few models and certainly many have, and do, appeal to both Hobbyists and more Avid Detectorists.

Some of my favorites models through the years have been the Inca, Pantera, Bandido and Bandido II, Silver Sabre II and Vaquero with a high-tone mod. But my most favorite models are the Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX and I currently have two of the first and one of the latter in my detector group and plan on keeping them there as long as I can. Why? They work. I had one switch go bad and could have replaced it myself but Vince asked me to send it in early last year and they took care of it.

For 35+ years I have owned and used .. extensively .. a lot of Tesoro's and for the most part they just work well and haven't ever failed me. Both of these are discontinued models but that doesn't matter, they still do what they are supposed to do. Of the other detectors I own and use, the majority of them, from Garrett, White's, Teknetics, Nokta and even a couple of old Compass models, are all in great condition, work as if they were new, and some have served me well for a long, long time and will continue to as long as I take care of them. my newest devices from White's and Nokta-Makro also bring me very acceptable in-the-field performance and new and functional features, but they, like all others I own and use, still have to compare themselves with my tusted favorite Tesoro's when it cones to handling dense iron debris.

I take care of them, and that's good because doing so they take care of me, too.

The future for Detecting: As long as a Tesoro has a good coil and is in good working condition, the future is bright for me because I just don't have problems with Tesoro products. Being out-of-production means they aren't made any more but they still work. And if a company closes its doors it makers no difference because the detectors are going to keep working.

Each of us can have a bright future in this great sport and I can guarantee anyone that with my new, current, or recently discontinued models I am going to continue to enjoy great success afield, and even my more out-of-date units, to include my three Tesoro's, still do what I need them to do to help provide me the success I want.

It was a sad day for me when Jack stepped away from Tesoro and left it to his sons, and it was especially saddening when we were informed they ended up cutting a deal to make Kellyco an official Tesoro Dealer. Honestly, I felt that was a warning flag that things were not looking so good, and knowing how things have gone in this industry I am surprised Tesoro has hung in there this long.

All I can say is at this point in time is I wish all the best to Vince Gifford and anyone who is or recently was employed at Tesoro and hope the best for them all. I have my lottery tickets and if my numbers gets drawn in the next two days I'll give Vince a call and see about buying a metal detector company. With the market flooded by so many 'budget priced' detectors this past decade, and with a lot of features not found on Tesoro products, I know it has been and would be/will be a struggle to make Tesoro products competitive in todays detector industry.

I also hope that anyone reading this has their own favorite Tesoro model(s) in their outfit or can find a choice condition specimen out there to help make their detector group just a little bit more versatile.


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Tesoro layoffs?

Timbertodd 574 October 04, 2018 03:35PM

Tesoro .. The Company ... The Detectors ... The future for Detecting.

Monte 614 October 05, 2018 06:51AM

Re: Tesoro .. The Company ... The Detectors ... The future for Detecting.

Timbertodd 459 October 07, 2018 05:50PM

What would I do? Well, if I had the money ....

Monte 464 October 08, 2018 08:44AM

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jmaryt 371 October 08, 2018 09:31AM

Short comments in reply.

Monte 394 October 08, 2018 05:52PM

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bevelhead 334 October 08, 2018 10:27PM

Re: Tesoro .. The Company ... The Detectors ... The future for Detecting.

jmaryt 433 October 07, 2018 06:24PM

The future for Tesoro.

UtahRich 440 October 06, 2018 12:07AM

Re: Tesoro .. The Company ... The Detectors ... The future for Detecting.

jmaryt 423 October 05, 2018 09:47AM

Re: Tesoro layoffs?

jmaryt 531 October 04, 2018 06:11PM

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