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What would I do? Well, if I had the money ....

October 08, 2018 08:44AM avatar
First, a person would have to acquire Tesoro to include all rights to the name and all of the circuitry they have for current recent and former models and all the rights to them.

Second, make a decision to either stay in Prescott Arizona or relocate the company.

Third, if you kept the Tesoro Electronics company name, fine, but there would be some model name changes;

NOTHING would have the µMAX label. The 'µ' is an electronic symbol for 'micro' and way too often people type a 'u' or a 'U' and say the letter 'YOU' for youMAX and it is microMAX.

Retain the use of the small-size housing.

Personally I would get away from the Hispanic names.

Look at any avenue to mass-produce and market the product in order to cut the cost so as to have a more competitive lower-end MSRP.

Directly sell and ship products from the factory; establish field reps; as a company do more in the way of shows and promotion/marketing.

Drastically trim the model line-up to fewer models.

•. I have three model conceptss, new, functionally, but based on proven models from the past. I shared some ideas about my concepts with Jack years ago after he left it to his sons, but he told me "they won't use anyone's ideas" so don't even bother sharing them with Vince and James. So I didn't.

• The Mojave would be the lowest-end model just as it is

• The next step up would be the Coyote and the Wolf concepts I have.

• Figure out how to bring the Diablo µMAX back into production, but not use the name Diablo and definitely ditch the microMAX. Possibly make one addition, if it was affordable and a savvy engineer could do what I'd like, but if not just recreate that model with a name geared towards it's purpose. Many decades ago Compass used the name 'Nugget' and something fitting like that would be considered.

• Keep the Vaquero but probably rename it.

•Then look at the numbers for other models. Just how much market share of their product line was the Lobo ST and Tejón handling? Due to their MSRP compared with all the modern digital circuitry products with functional Target ID and Tone ID, I don't see how they could stay in the line. Some concepts might be retained.

• Drop the way over-priced and not very functional Cortés and DeLeon and other models that just aren't needed or competitive. Here is where $$$$ comes into play because you would need a decent engineer, and have to have the finances to R&D and produce a competitive and well-balanced TID detector with Tone ID and, honestly, that's where it gets tough in recent times.

Again, quite a few years ago Jack designed a model that he thought would sell well in Europe, the Euro Sabre, but it didn't do well. I Relic Hunt most of the time and I like the concept of using an Iron Audio, two-tone detector .... If it is functional! They tried to market the Euro Sabre here in the US geared for the Civil War and other related groups of avid Relic Hunters, but it had two things going against it. One was the name, since we aren't in Europe, and the other was actually two factors related to performance:

1.. Depth of Detection wasn't much better than the Eldorado, if that.

2.. The Iron audio ID was just so-so and performance decayed in many ground make-up sites at about 3" or so.

I really liked the concept, and even though I had owned a few after they were promoted here, I still acquired two pristine specimens about 3½ years ago, but as much as I hoped they world work like I wanted them to or they were intended, they didn'tsad smiley

Several concepts from early on from Tesoro were good and functional ... way back then ... like the Royal Sabre that had the variable Notch Disc. to provide a Two-Tone option controlled by the Notch Disc. setting. That concept was carried over to the Golden Sabre Plus, then improved upon with the Pantera (another one of my Top Five all-time Tesoro favorites) because it featured manual Ground Balance as well as the better ED-120 Discrimination acceptance range.

I can see taking a look at redoing that 2-Tone concept with a variable manual Tone Break, but instead of using the under-slung control housing, make it in the Tejón housing, and do so with a variable Tone control and add a Volume control for the Low-Tone function.

I believe a functional Two-Tone model, that provides ample performance and at an affordable price, would be appealing to many people, especially Relic Hunters, who know all the masking trash is going to degrade a visual TID but a good working audio is what counts.

It's 1 AM as I sit here typing this response and thinking about what I wish I was able to do, however .... time for a break while I think. thinking

It would take an ample supply of cash to get things up and going, afford a decent engineer who understands both analog and digital detector design, and be able to figure out how to generate an ample production run of the models that could help cut costs enough to bring the retail down to a competitive level. Very, very tough when you look at today's detector offerings, which kind of shows where Tesoro, and some other detector makers, have had/and are, having a tough time.

Sadly we have seen many detector models come-and-go, especially in more recent times, and you have to wonder why. If a product is a decent value and performs fine, just promote it better. Many manufacturers don't and they dump their marketing only on the upper-end of their product line. Some don't.

Look at Garrett Metal Detectors and how they knew some models were higher priced so they designed a 'budget' or entry-level detector that was priced affordably, the Ace 150 and Ace 250, and then they have promoted the heck out of those models, especially the 250. No they have "improved" the Ace series with a few model name changes to mainly add a numerical VDI to the display, except the Ace 250 which is still in their line-up and boldly promoted.

The competition hasn't done that and the Garrett folks have always been the biggest good example when it comes to putting $$$ into marketing and advertising. Other manufacturers, who's products I have used since the summer fifty years ago, haven't maintained that design and marketing approach, and here I am referring to White's Electronics.

A quarter century ago they brought out a series designed to compete with the slow-motion/quick-response Tesoro brand and some other competitors who needed to offer similar models. White's had the better performance in the Coinmaster Classic series. and twenty years ago they had them in the 'SL' (slim line) housings like the XLT and two models in that new 'Classic' series with segmented Target ID with the Classic ID and then IDX Pro.

These models hold up well, like most Tesoro's and are pretty much glitch-free and they work!. I've owned many and missed a modified Classic ID I let go a year or so ago and made a trade with Hombre this past May on a WTHO to add a modified Classic ID back into my Detector Team. This one stays, and for one very good reason. It works and works well. Sadly, White's never really put much emphasis in marketing the Classic series and didn't really inspire local Dealers to stock and promote them. All the bucks were directed toward pushing the XLT, XL Pro, DFX, MXT series, then the V3i. The lower-end was ignored.

Ignored both in marketing budget and also ignored by not having a few savvy Detectorists evaluate the models who should have pointed out the wrong moves and weaknesses in the designs and outfitting of them. The functional/versatile Classic series were ignored because they didn't add an external Threshold or Ground Balance control to that line. Then they felt an urge to chase Garrett's Ace series and dropped the Classic's for the Prizm series.

Those had some GB and delayed response glitches but they just changed the color and renamed them by, once again, using the Coinmaster label. With no energized marketing for the lower end, they then kept one Coinmaster model and introduced two new low-end offerings, the Treasure Master and Treasure Pro. I would have used the 'Master' term for the higher-end of the two but they didn't, and I wouldn't have chosen the way over-used 'Pro' term, either.

Again, somebody in the planning department doesn't know how to use or apply detector performance to various applications because, once again, they fell short on this offering. Now, I haven't used the Treasure Master, but I have been evaluating the Treasure Pro and will do a field evaluation write-up on it soon, and most of what I have to say will be very favorable. All but two things they goofed up on.

One is that these are targeted as more of an 'entry-level' or 'low-end' detector for the average Hobbyist. What do most 'average' detector folks do? They Coin Hunt in local sites, such as tot lots and playgrounds or maybe some picnic sites or around their yards, and other places that are likely to be trashy. Trashy site hunting calls for the use of a smaller-size search coil in the 6"-7" size, not a big 10" DD coil. That was mistake #1, and #1A is that they don't offer a smaller-size, round, Concentric coil for this detector.

Two, and easily noticed, is that the circuitry has a relayed recovery time and that makes it a terrible choice for hunting trashy modern sites, and really a bad move for anyone looking for a useful Relic Hunting detector. Otherwise the White's Treasure Pro isn't bad at all. It is very similar to the MX-7 which I really like and use, just simplified a little, but it still offers the Tracking or Lock-Track options, and in trash-free areas if performs quite well.

It would be the kind of detector to have on-hand as an affordable travel detector in case you happened upon a huntable site, or as a loaner unit for friends and family, or especially to get kids interested and involved ion the hobby. But not with a 10" DD coil when it should have a smaller and lighter weight and more functional 6"-7" coil. An affordable, handy, TID unit for quick Coin Hunting and affordable, kind of like the Teknetics Omega 8000 I keep on my back seat with a 7" Concentric coil.

The Omega 8000 has it's drawbacks as well but is handier. If White's gave this model a better and smaller coil, and eliminated the delayed recovery time for quicker response and recovery in trash, this is the model I would prefer to have on-hand as a travel-about, low-cost unit instead of the Omega 8000. Why? Because it performs well otherwise, and still makes a decent high-conductivity 'cache' hunting tool like the MXT's did and the MX-5 and MX-7.

You know, if I really won big bucks and wanted to invest in this industry at a manufacturing level, I would buy both White's and Tesoro! Matter-of-fact, if White's was doing well enough financially, I think they could buy Tesoro. Then, while eliminating glitches in the Treasure Pro and Treasure Master so they had a fast recovery time and came with smaller and more practical coils, work on making just the few models I mentioned for Tesoro and market them to the dedicated 'Beep-and-Dig' crowd ... of which I am a member.thumbs up

A more long-term and established manufacturer who, one would think, ought to have more capital and engineering staff to produce some very functional Tesoro line models, not alone just enough of what there is a demand for, and have a production facility to be able to lower the cost of production and thus retail prices.

Long response, sorry, but it's one I have pondered a lot for a while now ... if I only had the $$$.

Okay, it's now morning, not supposed to rain until tomorrow, so Rikki & I are headed out detecting! And yes, I have a bandito II microMAX in my rig as well. thumbs up


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