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Rich(Utah) I think you have a good single-detector pick.

January 02, 2019 06:15AM avatar
My BSP (Back Seat Partner) detector selection is based on my anticipated daily travels. When it is not terribly frigid or scorching, I leave my BSP's in my vehicle 24/7. I live in a small and relatively crime-safe town, and park in my well lighted carport that is right outside my front door and window, my yard is fenced, and Miss Rikki usually alerts me if she hears anything suspicious outside. Besides, I am awake most of the time it seems with interrupting naps that sneak up on me unsuspectedly day or night.

And in my travels, if I leave my vehicle to go into a store, my detectors are covered with a lightweight white hospital blanket to be out-of-sight, and Miss Rikki would appear to be 'standing guard' over vehicle contents. (As long as a criminal doesn't know she's as harmless as can be I am fine).

Of course we also need to consider the particular vehicle's size and holding capacity for what detector(s) we want to carry. In my case, I am not away from my vehicle these days such as being at work where it is left unattended for long periods. Being retired, most of my daily travels are local and the most likely places I might see to get out detecting are going to be urban tot-lots or things I happen to chance upon, such as dug up parking strips or renovation work, vacant lots or perhaps sidewalk tear-outs.

For these average daily local journeys I have 3 detectors that will be my BSP's:

My always ready to handle anything Tesoro Bandido II µMAX w/6" Concentric coil. This is a 2nd of this model in my Outfit that gets the most use. The 6" Concentric coil (a measured true diameter) serves me very well when working in dense trash, close to metal structures, etc.).

A simple and efficient urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting favorite, the 2nd Teknetics Omega 8000 in my Outfit, I keep a 5" DD coil mounted, This gives me a TID display unit with a smaller-size coil for hunting close to metal structures, fences, sprinkler lines or any confined areas.

Another simple yet efficient TID device, my Fisher F44, also with a 7" Concentric coil for any typical site I happen upon, be it renovation, a private yard, vacant lot, park, school or grassy area.

All three models are smaller-size, very lightweight, none have a bigger search coil, and all of them feature a manual or automated Ground Balance to let me tackle any site environment.

Rich (Utah)

At the moment, my neck of the woods is FROZEN solid (Jan 1). Today the high is supposed to reach 14* F, It was 1* F when I got up this morning. Too cold for me to detect without some sort of an emergency, like car keys or diamond ring lost in the snow.
We are not quite that cold but the ground is frozen and our lows have been 12° to 18° lately. That's keep a detector inside the house time.

Rich (Utah)
I am contemplating my BSP for 2019. For 2017, it was my Racer 2 most of the time (new to me in 2017) And for 2018 it was my EQ800. (new to me for 2018) What to do for 2019?
Both are more featured models with visual and audio tone ID. Sometimes it can be difficult to single-out only one detector to take along on a daily basis.

Rich (Utah)
I was doing some digging through my too full closet and found a Bandido II µMax and think it would work pretty well. It is in very nice condition as well, but does have the stock 8" brown coil on it. I think it is going to need something a little smaller for what I have in mind.
You have one of my two most favorite Tesoro models. It is a single-tone detector and lacks any visual Target ID display, however it is a very versatile performer with all the controls a savvy operator needs. Also, note which model was listed first in my travel units? The Bandido II µMAX.

Rich (Utah)
You say you like the 6" white concentric coil? (5 3/4" I think in technospeak) I've not had one so far.
That's correct, I keep a 6" Concentric coil mounted full-time. It measures 6" in diameter. Tesoro followed White's with some nutty idea of odd-naming a search coil. White's used 5.3 Black Max and changed to 5.3 Bullseye for the 6.59 kHz line and 5.3 Eclipse for the upper end models, and all of those search coils measure 6½" in diameter. Tesoro used the 5.75 description for their measured 6" Coils.

Matter of fact, I like this size and type coil so much for my Tesoro's that I have one attached to my working Bandido II µMAX, my pristine Bandido II µMAX and my equally nice Silver Sabre µMAX. In addition I have a like new 6" Concentric on a spare lower rod in my Accessory Coil Tote. I do not have any other Tesoro coil simply because I don't need them.

Rich (Utah)
I do have a Mojave that is currently with my grandsons. It is a very nice unit with that 7" precision coil. I'm quite impressed with it. I think it would fill the slot nicely as well.
I had a Mojave when they came out and swapped search coils around to see if there was one I preferred on the Mojave ... and ended up just keeping the Precision 7" Concentric coil back on the Mojave. Liked the 7" on the other models as well, but I didn't notice any significant difference in performance on a Bandido II µMAX when I worked it in the nail infested sites I typically hunt. I also preferred the 6"Concentric coil's behavior in and around metal poles and structures in tot-lots, or in and around building rubble. The 7" is a good coil, so I guess it's also a matter of preference.

Besides, since I hunt a lot of sagebrush covered sites that also often have other vegetation to work in, around and under, I prefer a white-colored search coil because I can visually see where I am working it for better coverage. Especially with smaller-size coils. I have a white-colored 'OOR' on a Nokta CoRe and white 5" DD on a Relic. A white 5½" Concentric on my modified Classic ID and white 5" DD on an Omega 8000, plus all my 6" Tesoro coils are white.

Rich (Utah)
So, What detector is everybody else using as their BSP?
I listed my three that I keep with me on my daily travels around town.

If I am headed out on a more intentional detecting jaunt with one or more specific sites I intend to hunt, then I load up a couple of other models. The first grabbed devise is a Nokta Relic when I figure a lot of nails and other ferrous debris is going to be encountered where I can take advantage of the Iron Audio Volume control and it's 19 kHz operating frequency. Another I grab is a 15 kHz Nokta CoRe. Same weight, balance and configuration and easily handles the same dense iron debris, but I like it when there is only a low-to-modest amount of iron.

I never liked to travel with a detector in a trunk, but some people do. They also might put them in a tool box in the bed of a pick-up or some other location other than on a back seat. I changed the term I use to describe the detectors I keep in my vehicle for daily travels and instead of being BSP's they are simply my Travel Team. I sometimes say Travel Buddies or Travel Companions, but my ready-to-hunt BSP units are now just my assigned Travel Team.

With 9 different models, and multiples of 4 of them, and with a roomy enough vehicle, I settled on 3 detectors for my Travel Team. If I had to narrow my choice down to only taking ONE detector along, and if I felt I might hit a few more challenging sites and not as many 'flash money' urban coin producing sites, I might have to pick between the Bandido II µMAX and a FORS CoRe. Both very capable for just about any site challenge I might happen upon.


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