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SvenS, you're bringing back memories of when Garrett was better.

February 04, 2019 07:46AM avatar
Back in the 70's Garretts were some top sellers in Western NY as were the White's and Fishers. I stuck with the Garrett's and White's for the most part.
When I got started detecting and moved from home-assembled to factory-produced in the summer of '68, that was a White's detector. I checked out all the models I could, but also mainly used White's and Garrett. Got a Fisher Orion 121 in the spring of '72, but Garrett's and White's got the most use, by far, and I added a few Compass models to my detector team in '71 as well.

By early '77 I was favoring Garrett's products the most, and made an interesting call to the Garrett factory then to talk with someone about becoming a Garrett Dealer. That was one of the more interesting evening conversations I had with a manufacturer back in those days, but that's another story.

I still kept a few other brands in my Outfit, mainly from Compass and White's, but Garrett's TR-Disc. and VLF/TR-Disc. models were providing me the most action and rewards. I continued handling Garrett products until late '81, I believe it was, or possibly '82, when they made a change from crystal controlled to a PLL or LCO circuitry (or the other way around, I'm not an engineer or techy guy) which meant they still sold the VLF/TR Deepseeker and Ground Hog models, but the search coils were not interchangeable between the former and new designs.

I was also using the very simple, light and handy 50 kHz American S2 TR-Disc. a lot in '81 and kept it on-hand for a couple of years.

My favorite was the 5KHZ DeepSeeker Master Hunter with the 7 and 10.5" coils. I did well with it hunting for War of 1812 relics, using mostly the 10.5" coil for depth. Coin hunting used the 7". It had the push button tuning on the handle. Eventually upgraded to the first ADS units, they were OK but, seemed to do better with the older VLF/TR Master Hunter.
If I went to an open area where I presumed higher-conductive silver coins to be and/or wanted a little better depth and was Cache Hunting, I would grab my demo/display 5.5 kHz Deepseeker VLF/TR-Disc. model, but my personal-use favorite was the 15 kHz Ground Hog. Both were 'Master Hunter' versions, meaning they came with 2 coils, and I used the 7" Coplaner the most, or the 10½ for open areas with sparse trash metal.

I did travel and hunt in a number of western states here in the USA, but lived in, and mostly detected in, the very mineralized parts of Western Oregon, Eastern Oregon and Northern Utah. By far the 15 kHz Ground Hog devices gave me the best performance for lower-conductive targets and mid-conductive, and came very close to the 5.5 kHz Deepseeker on higher-conductive and smaller, coin-sized targets as well.

Somewhere in time I played with the Groundhog VLF/TR (not ADS) units because they were working good for silver ore sampling. My friend was killing old coins and other War of 1812 relics that washed from the banks at Ft. Erie after storms.
The 15 kHz Ground Hog model became the most used in Australia and the US in the latter '70s and into the early to mid '80s for gold nugget hunting. I used both the push-button version as well as the ADS mode-change toggle-in-grip version 15 kHz Ground Hog w/7" coil with great success for both urban Coin Hunting and especially for ghost town and other remote location hunting I did.

Then went back to several White's units. Then back to Garretts, Gti 1500 back in 2004 before getting a GTi2500 in 2005. I liked the 1500 and then the 2500. But, after moving to Georgia, found they couldn't handle the mineralized soils, lost 50% or more depth that I was getting in NY. Sold them. Then found out why there was only a couple Garrett Dealers in Georgia and why no one used them. Even bought a Groundhog for old times sake, it was so bad I sold it a few days later.
In '82 and early '83 I was still using a Compass TR, a 15 kHz and 50 kHz Garrett Ground Hog & American TR, and a Gold Mountain VIP (a 15 kHz VLF/TR-Disc. that was working just a bit better than the Ground Hog). I did play around with some of the White's VLF-Disc. models, but in July of '83 I made a complete switch to the Tesoro brand for use and as a Dealer.

But, when the AT Pro came out, they were handling the soils there without much problems. Never had a AT Pro nor would I want one. Just don't like the way they operate or sound. Now up here in Ontario Canada, there is a pretty good following, they do well up here.
I didn't care for any of the GTA series models I owned or borrowed and used. Nor the GTP or GTi variants. When the AT Pro came out I unboxed one, then a second, at a dealer friend's shop to check it out. Borrowed one to evaluate afield. It worked, but not like I had hoped. It didn't do well in the densely iron littered places I like to hunt, so I gave it back and decided I didn't like the smaller-size display, the gray-scale background, the audio tones or the performance in very trashy places.

Bought a couple Master Hunter Deep Seeker ADS 5 and 7 a few years ago. Just didn't seem to have the depth I remembered..... I have not been tempted to get another Garrett at this point.
The TID ADS 7 came out in '84, if I recall, and I didn't care for it. It was Garrett's attempt at the motion-based VLF Discrimination, but I also preferred the earlier VLF/TR-Disc. models or the competitor's motions Discriminators at the time. I also preferred the Tesoro and White's motions Disc. models. Even today I have no interest in the Garrett 'AT' or 'Ace' series models as they fall short of the competition.

Now I did transform an older non-functioning Freedom ACE into a Pi, using one of my own circuit boards, pretty much a killer machine as a Pi.
That Freedom Ace model should have provided ample room to organize a circuit board for your PI project. Glad to hear it worked out for you. I only have one Pulse unit in my entire detector inventory ... it's the pinpointer on my Uniprobe headphones, and it is very impressive.thumbs up

The Garret Forum here on AHRPS has been the slowest of all the Forums. I wonder what the folks at Garrett Metal Detectors are going to come up with as a replacement for the AT series to bring them more up to par with today's serious yet affordable performers from the other makers? Do they have the engineering staff? Are they slipping away from being one of the major detector manufacturers? White's hasn't / isn't really been very competitive across their whole product line for quite some time now. I would really like to see a new and impressive performance offering from Garrett in the next few months. Can't wait too long in this industry, and maybe they have?

I like some of the older detectors we used to have and last year I picked up an American S2 TR-Disc. that needs a simple (I hope) repair, and two Garrett TR-Disc. models from about '75 and '76 that look very good and work just as they used to.


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Garretts I have owned

SvenS 519 February 03, 2019 09:57PM

SvenS, you're bringing back memories of when Garrett was better.

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