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Maybe they made the ATX work on an indoor test?

January 23, 2020 05:22AM avatar
Almost a year ago I made a drive over to Bend Oregon to give a little presentation to a metal detecting club, and I took several detectors with me, and members and guests were invited to bring their detectors along as well. There was a nice, or should I say interesting, assortment of metal detectors there from 'inexpensive' to 'impressive.' Of course a detector can appear to be impressive if the operator knows how to work it, and if the detector itself, by design, can provide noteworthy performance.

There was at least one XP Deus, and the owner didn't know it had manual or automated GB capability, or how to activate it. There was a very budget White's Coinmaster and the owner had it set for more discrimination that I have used in fifty-five years. There was an Garrett AT Pro and the fellow didn't know how to find the All Metal mode.eye rolling smiley (Hint .... The AT Pro doesn't have a true All Metal mode.)

But there were some very good detectors there that could provide impressive performance, such as the Nokta FORS Relic that Remfire had in the back of the room, and my FORS Relic up on the front tables with other detectors I brought along. (Note: I didn't own an XP ORX until the first of June so I only brought some of what I owned at the time.)

There were many more makes and models, many of which were current or relatively current offerings. I had brought along a variety of makes and models and had a FORS Relic also up on the front tables, and I'd grab different detectors to do a show-and-tell of performance on an assortment of test Scenarios. One was my Nail Board Performance Test, and I also used my short-stack of silver coins with 5 Silver Half-Dollars stacked on top of a Silver Peace Dollar. And a simple but tough challenge for those hunting in an iron infested site was using 1-Iron Nail placed dead center on top of 1-Brass Button-Front.

All I ask of a detector is to sweep across it with the center axis of the search coil, both cross-wise and length-wise, and report 4 out of a possible 4 hits on the Button-Front, not only a low-tone audio from the one ferrous nail. I was curious about the results, but knew ahead of time that there were only two detectors in the room that I would expect to hit it 4-out-of-4 times. And I was correct. Those were my FORS Relic and Roger's FORS Relic with their 5" DD coils. Almost all other detectors only got 2-out-of-4 hits, and that was also interesting. Some only hit it cross-wise while others only hit it length-wise, thus only resulting in 2-out-of-4 hits..

Many attending the meeting would let me try their detector out on a test sample, or they would bring it forward and demonstrate it's performance or everyone to see and hear. On my One Nail & One Button-Frost test, I like folks to really challenge any detector / coil combination with a lower Disc. setting to Accept the Iron Nail and produce a high-tone response on the Button-Front. Then increase the Disc. level to just barely Reject the Iron Nail and still respond to the Button-Front. Then the real toughy, to increase the Discrimination to the Ferrous / Non-Ferrous break-point and still respond favorably to the brass Button-Front under the Nail.

But the real surprise was when the fellow sitting on the front row in front of me checked out the Nail on Button-Front with his Garrett AXT and got ... NOTHING!eye popping smiley

Not only is the ATX a bit awkward and clunky and heavy ... when a pulse-induction detector doesn't respond to an Iron nail and a Brass Button-Front in plain sight, I don't think I'd put a lot of faith in performance afield.

Now, with all that said, I am interested to see what improvements and additions Garrett Metal Detectors will offer the Avid Detectorists in advanced (for Garrett) features, physical packaging, and in-the-field performance. I own three Garrett's right now that were advanced for their time, and I'm really hoping they are back-in-the-game and can do it again. If so, I just might have to pick up another Garrett for my Detector Outfit.


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A New Model Garrett!!!

Kickindirt 242 January 22, 2020 06:45PM

What? A New Model Garrett!!!

UtahRich 177 January 22, 2020 07:24PM

Maybe they made the ATX work on an indoor test?

Monte 193 January 23, 2020 05:22AM

Re: Maybe they made the ATX work on an indoor test?

Kickindirt 158 January 23, 2020 08:29AM

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