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Expanding on, or clarifying my comments.

January 26, 2020 08:03AM avatar
Before we get to a Garrett discussion, did you hear that MInelab has decided to quit making any Simultaneous Multi-Frequency detectors now? After looking at the consumer interest over the years they have produced SMF detector models, they decided it just wasn't a very interesting or useful feature and the demand for any of the models was really low. Therefore future production of both Coin Hunting specific as well as General Purpose models will no longer feature any multi-frequency concept.

Huh! Does that make any sense? Do detector consumers, as a whole or as a major point of interest, NOT want their multi-frequency design? No, people DO want them. Even if they don't always work well, they work and they have been marketed well to get and keep consumer's interest up for such a function.

Okay, now we can move on to Garrett Metal Detectors. A major detector manufacturer who has, from their earliest stages, have been about the #1 manufacturer who puts more into marketing and advertising than any-other detector maker. When it comes to marketing, Garrett has been unrivaled. When they hit on a hot idea in design and performance, they super-promote it. Look at the broad-based love affair consumers have with the low-end yellow Ace series and the 3-model AT series products.

So wouldn't the savvy consumer also figure that if the #1 marketing outfit dropped the GTI-1500, and somehow kept the 2500 lingering until they could finally start depleting their inventory, and not incorporate any of the newer models with 'imaging' that the most obvious reason was ... It didn't work well and/or it didn't capture the interest of the majority of metal detecting enthusiasts.

You seldom see much interest in or discussion of these two 'imaging' models on Garrett specific Forums, and that isn't even an often brought-up topic when folks are discussing any of the newer detectors. With all of the advancements and different functions we have been seeing in the detector market, 'imaging' isn't one of them..

hi monte!
can you "expand" on what in particular you didn't like about it?
Sure, but how about I start with the things I DID like about the Garrett GTA / GTP / GTI series and specifically the GTI-1500.

The ¼" headphone jack was positioned at the rear of the device where they should be.
The Arm Cup was not too tight or have short sides. It fit an average arm with comfortable room for a sweater or coat.
Rubberized hand-grip was firm, yet comfortable and at a good angle.
The control touchpads were easy to access and function during operation.
The middle rod had many holes closer to each other allowing a more comfortable rod-length adjustment.
For 'average' or 'typical' urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting, the detectors performed satisfactorily.
In favorable condition it got good depth and a clear and pronounced audio response.
It was well balanced with a smaller to mid-size search coil.

Okay, now that I pointed out some things I DID like about the GTI-1500, let me get to the things I did NOT like:

The 4-AA battery holders tend to bend and wear out.
Hardware for the coil & rod fitting don't snug-up tightly and the coils get 'floppy.'
I hunt trashier sites, but the only 'inaging' search coils are 9½" and 12½" which are too big.
The only smaller-size coil is a round 4½" Concentric.
The only 'normal-size' coil for daily hunting is a 5X10 elliptical Double-D.
By design, and restricted by search coil size and type, it was terrible to hunt in iron contamination.
Recovery time when working closely located ferrous and non-ferrous targets was terrible.
At the time I was searching a lot in a Threshold-based true All Metal mode. It lacks that mode.
It doesn't have an operator-controlled Ground Balance.
You can size-and-shape a target and rely on visual Target ID to classify most coins so Imaging' wastes time.

Personally, most of the time I favor a round-shaped search coil, especially for a proper size for my needs for daily searches. I do use a mid-sized elliptical coil for some hunting today, and that mid-sized elliptical DD they had as an optional coil was an 'OK' size, but it was attached to a detector that didn't work well in the old sites I like to search. Too much building rubble and dense debris that is mainly ferrous-based. That gets into the circuitry design issue. Kind of an 'OK' detector for perhaps an 'average' urban Coin Hunter, and not too different from the GTA-1250 and GTP-1350 models I also got to try out.

my brother bought a "closet queen" last summer and swears by that"imaging"
technology!..he says it's dead nuts accurate, and he hardly ever digs much junk anymore..i bench tested his, and it is indeed accurate.
You can swear by the imaging or you can swear at the imaging feature, the problem is that the only two search coils to provide 'imaging' are over-size for even trashier public picnicking areas or other places with a lot of discarded junk, or trying to work close to metal fences, poles or equipment.

Also, it requires the operator to sweep the search coil in a 'proper' orientation with the ground, and it still seems that most Hobbyists and even Avid Detectorists do not always do that Not all, but most operator manuals, if prepared by a writer knowledgeable about metal detecting and effects of things on the Electron=magnetic Field, the EMF, then they include the caution to search with the coil at a uniform coil-to-ground height of ±2" and to maintain a uniform orientation throughout the side-to-side sweep.

Anything conductive can effect the EMF, and sometimes in a negative way. Conductive things include man-made ferrous and non-ferrous objects AS WELL AS the effects of mineralized ground. I watch a lot of You Tube videos or observe people hunting a park or school or even out on our WTHO's who errantly 'scrub' the search coil on the ground. That's a bad thing to do as it is abrasive to the search coil, it calls for more search effort from the drag and resistance factor, and can also cause an interrupted sweep rather than a smooth and methodical or consistent coil sweep.

Worse yet, having more mineralized ground that close to the more intense portion of the EMF can actually warp the field to the point that some performance can be impaired, and scrubbing the coil can often also reduce the potential depth-of-detection. And for those imaging detectors to work properly, or should I say as intended, the ground mineral and the detectable targets should be at least at that 2" separation point .... but the detector and coil functioning will also degrade if the metal target is perhaps 5" or so from the coil, or more, due to a degrading signal intensity. Just like expecting to get a proper Tone ID or visual Target ID can diminish in reliability as coil-to-target distance increases.

In some 'bench tests' the GTA, GTP and GTI models I owned and used, to include the GTI-2500, can sometimes look pretty impressive, but when taken afield, especially in the highly mineralized ground environments I generally have to deal with, then their overall performance struggles to keep up with most of the detectors I use today, or used back when the GTI-1500 and others were marketed.

Also, Coin & Jewelry Hunters encounter a lot more discarded trash, especially things like those rectangular pry-tabs, that are of a comparable size, shape and conductivity as most of our US coins, making the 'imaging' feature no more reliable ... if that ... as most of the Target ID and Tone ID performance we get anyway.


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YES, I used it ... NO, I didn't like it. ... More of a waste-of-time. N/T

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YES, I used it ... NO, I didn't like it. ... More of a waste-of-time.

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Re: YES, I used it ... NO, I didn't like it. ... More of a waste-of-time.

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My additional thoughts and comments on this model.

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Monte 147 January 30, 2020 09:15PM

Expanding on, or clarifying my comments.

Monte 192 January 26, 2020 08:03AM

Re: Expanding on, or clarifying my comments.

jmaryt 157 January 26, 2020 07:18PM

Better Get aneye popping smiley SMF whlie you can . . . . . . . eye rolling smiley N/T

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Re: YES, I used it ... NO, I didn't like it. ... More of a waste-of-time.

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Re: YES, I used it ... NO, I didn't like it. ... More of a waste-of-time.

jmaryt 154 January 29, 2020 10:10PM

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