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A discussion from the Minelab Forum re: AT Gold.

February 16, 2020 09:59AM avatar
We have been discussing the performance of some Minelab models, specifically the Equinox 800 and 600 and now the Vanquish 540 on the Minelab forum as it pertained to Simultaneous Multi-Frequency and selectable Single Frequency performance, and that got into how detectors did or didn't perform on short-stacks of Silver Coin (such as the one I use with 5 Waling Liberty Halves on top of a Morgan Dollar), as well as handling Iron Nail contaminated sites.

And if you've only hunted the local park or a place where you encounter one or two nails every 3 to 5 feet or so, come, trust me, you're not working a really challenging, Iron Nail contaminated site. Come join us on a WTHO this June 3rd thru 7th and we'll introduce you to some of a few ghost towns, such as Toano, and it might be a wake-up call for what we encounter and deal with for some get-serious Relic Hunting adventures.

Anyway, we started drifting off of the Minelab model discussion, and along the way, George, who does own and use the Equinox 800 as well as a Nokta Impact, has been doing a lot of different tests. He's set up some using Nails and US Coins to compare the performance with different detectors and settings, as well as different search coils. I probably should have moved that discussion to the General Metal Detecting Forum.

George said they are planning a trip to Alaska this year, to gold country, and he bought a Garrett AT Gold. I've never used an AT Gold just for Gold Nugget Hunting or compared it with nuggets and other detectors, but I do have a tiny bit of experience using one in some townsites in Nevada.

George bought it for Nugget Hunting, I would presume with his planned trip, but he also mentioned he was interested in how it would handle Relic Hunting use in very Iron Nail contaminated sites ... along with other discarded ferrous and non-ferrous trash. he has some Test Scenarios he's come up with, doing some side-by-side testing of detectors, and also being attentive to search coils. Both their size and type, being either a Concentric or Double-D. The AT Gold comes with the 5X8 DD as a standard coil, but George also ordered their handy-sized 4½" Concentric coil as well.

He's supposed to have it arrive this coming week and then he's get down to doing some testing with it. I look forward to George's testing results, and personal thoughts on this model and the two applications he acquired it for: Gold Nuggets as well as possibly some Relic Hunting.

So, if anyone has some first-hand experience with the AT Gold, or even the other Garrett models that could be used for those tasks, please feel welcome to join in and add to the discussion.


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A discussion from the Minelab Forum re: AT Gold.

Monte 236 February 16, 2020 09:59AM

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