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Well, for ME, it can be a good thing to have the Apex recall.

August 08, 2020 09:59AM avatar
As we have seen through the years, and I'm going back many years, even to the days when we just had somewhat simpler analog detector circuitry, it was always good to make sure a product was working properly before introduction. We have seen several times through the years where a detector was rushed to market when it wasn't ready. I can go back to the Compass Electronics Coin Magnum that was hurried to market before it was checked out. It was almost a 50-50 split between getting one that worked properly and one that didn't.

More often than not we do see a manufacturer get a model into the hands of several people who know detectors, know what to look for, and pass the word back to the manufacturer. On occasion, the detectors came out of the production line working well even before they got in the hands of the consumer. In mid April of '85 on a Wednesday when their new model came out of production I showed up at the factory to check out this new model. It was supposed to be new and innovative, and one of the things that was new and obvious about it was that it didn't work properly.

I refer here to White's Electronics 6000 Di Pro that I took outside to their test area. They're wonderful needle meter worked nicely as expected, and it started out working okay on the first couple of targets. But standing in one spot and sweeping over several targets to include coins, bottle caps, nails and whatever else they had out there, and even just sweeping over ground mineral changes, the auto tracking continually tracked .... even when it was toggled to lock.

That came right out of production and was the first one we opened that would go out on display in their demo room, and when the tracking continued it ended up off- tracking and that resulted in poor performance and errant Target ID.

Steve went in and got a 6000 series 3 for comparison as they use the same coils and worked at the same frequency. The difference was that the very proven 6000 series 3 worked perfectly while the new Di Pro didn't. When it was tracking it didn't work quite right and when toggled to lock track to hold the ground balance setting, it didn't.

But they continued producing and put it to market and that was in April of '85. When I was working for compass and calling on dealers in late '87, it was interesting to be able to show the White's dealer and White's user how their detector misbehaved. It took a while before White's got all those bugs fixed.

I've seen positive things from that company when they got a few MXT revision units out as prototypes to get some input, and then they got them back, made some changes and finally brought out the MXT Pro production unit. Problem-free for the most part and one of the best general purpose models they ever offered.

But look what happened later. They were trailing the competition and trying to jump ahead and they rushed their Spectra into production without working out a lot of bugs, and I mean a lot. I got my first Spectra just before their official introduction at the Texas council of treasure clubs and it had numerous issues, along with that 10" D2 coil that was either good or bad. It took a lot of changes and a lot of work before they finally got to their final V3i and I still don't care for that unit.

We saw the MX Sport as another rush to market and thanks to the internet where everyone hears and sees things quickly its many flaws came to light. And those weren't just a prototype unit oh, those were production units that they hurried and got out to everyone's thinking they were going to all work well and they didn't. Finally oh, it took them some time but they finally straightened out the physical leakage problems plastic fracturing problems and the circuitry glitches. And from that circuitry they made the MX 7 which was a great detector, but they had already muddy the water and made a lot of stuff look bad because it wasn't fixed before it went out into consumers hands.

On a positive note I will point to Nokta / Makro both when they were two companies and now that they are combined. They get units out in the hands of some knowledgeable testers to evaluate their prototypes and then they fixed what needs to be fixed change what needs to be changed and put out a good production unit that is generally free of problems. Sometimes there are a few things found that need to be corrected for a better product. Sometimes simple things like a couple of Corrections both Keith Southern and I saw in the Prototype that became the FORS Relic. In that case and due to them using a smaller number of evaluators on that project, combined with the distance between teeth and I in the USA and them Manufacturing in Turkey, they simply made the fixes into control housings and sent those to Keith and I to hook up with the rods and coils we already had. The result? All the fixes were done and a finished product was ready and then, also renamed, that prototype unit was ready and went into production for consumers.

The day I came home from the hospital from my cervical spine surgery Anfibio 19 test unit arrived I was impressed, except for one glitch that I couldn't figure out and talking with them they couldn't figure out either over the phone, and in that case I sent that system box back to Turkey so the engineers could track down and find the problem. The Anfibio was not yet in consumers hands, it was simply out for test evaluation. Soon they had feedback from evaluators and in some cases, such as I just described, they had the sample device in hand to evaluate themselves and find an issue

Even back in '87 when I was the marketing rep at Compass Electronics we had prototypes in the hands of a few key people around the country, here in the USA, and isolated a few issues that needed to be resolved. We did find some issues in that case, however they had already started production and had some of the early units out in consumers hands before all of the issues were resolved.

So I have seen and been involved in both situations where products are evaluated ahead of consumer production as well as times when they are not evaluated and issues resolved but instead rushed to Market where consumers end up with a bad unit in hand.

So, in this case, there is the appearance that the folks at Garrett Electronics oops I mean Garrett Metal Detectors put those earlier units in the hands of people who would use them and help them in some pre-production marketing knowing that they would maybe recall those prototype specimens and update them to what they now consider to be production level units.

In other words, that doesn't mean this is a recall of a totally defective device like a window regulator that doesn't work a fuel pump that gives out or something of that nature but just other changes so that their overall circuitry and the designed in performance for their Auto-Tune, they're reaching speed, there Iron handling, there multi-frequency performance, and who knows what else might reflect and overall change .... and of course that brings I hope that they are nearing the Final Phase and we'll have production units out soon. Also, those product evaluators will know that if that's the case then they're going to get a unit back I would presume that is now going to be up to par new circuitry wise. They wouldn't say here look at my inferior prototype model oh, but would instead have a good feeling about what they have helped to bring about.

Just my thoughts of how I look at this recall


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Apex launch has a Delay

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Well, for ME, it can be a good thing to have the Apex recall.

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