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Good News --- Bad News --- Good News.

September 06, 2020 11:11AM avatar
Good morning. I’m here at the park where I usually hunt with the arsenal of detectors that I own and the new apex that I recieved is not doing too good . I don’t know if it has a bad coil , something else or it’s me but non of my other detectors have acted like the apex is . Erratic , won’t detect past an inch . If I set a coin on top of the ground it works fine for the most part . Tried adjusting sensitivity, frequencies, using different modes and it’s just very unstable. Hard to tell if there’s a good target or not under the coil . Also notice there was a carry over of the tones from one target to the other and a delay to reset . Went to 2 different parks and same thing . I was so excited to get it and now not so much . I guess I’ll send it back to Garrett to have them check it out and go back to my trusty Deus while the apex is away. Anyone else experiencing issues with the apex ? Thanks

Some Good News is that you bought a new Apex to add to your detector arsenal. That might give you some options for different hunt sites.

The Bad News is that it seems to be acting up and isn't working properly as you described. Sadly, there are very few 'local' detector dealers these days so it is not very likely you'll have one nearby. If you should, or if you know anyone else who has an Apex, perhaps you could get with them and switch coils to see if that's the issue. A bad coil can easily be replaced and correct the issue, if you can compare it with another one.

More Good News, at least on this end, is that my Apex is working just fine. I generally run all my detectors, ten as of today, at full Sensitivity unless there is EMI, then I only reduce it to the point I gain stability. I did have to reduce my Apex Sensitivity by two segments at one park when I was near some power lines, but everywhere else it is at full Sensitivity and it doesn't misbehave.

I've been in some e-mil discussions with several people and they also haven't had any Apex issues like you described. Sorry to hear about that, but I know the good folks at Garrett will have it taken care of for you quickly.


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Good News --- Bad News --- Good News.

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