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Coinboy, I'll gladly share my comments and experiences about the Apex.

October 01, 2020 11:22AM avatar
Hey guys!

I know it's a generalized term, but just as a reminder we do have some gals who follow these Forums as well.

My wonderful dealer (I don’t know if I’m supposed to say his name on this forum) ...

If a dealer sends you a detector to review on your channel, it's because they are being kind to help you out, and also because they are looking at it to as a marketing move to get their name out there .... affordably. No problem as I understand that, but the AHRPS Forums are not so critical and ready to hit the delete key for mentioning Dealers names and such. That said, at this point you're welcome to provide the Dealer's name, no problem. But not a link to their website. We have some Dealers who are registered and active posters on AHRPS Forums, like 'Kickindirt' who I use a lot.. I am worked on a plan for Metal Detector Dealers or those who have a Metal Detecting Website, to be able to have their business / site information posted, and while there will e a nominal expense for that, the main requirement is that they also be registered and contribute to forums on a periodic basis.

... is sending me an Apex to review on my YouTube channel Coinboy Detecting and Collecting

Please, before you make a 'Field Test' video, spend ample time to get to know the Apex (or any detector) well before you do so. I have seen way too many videos people made right after the Apex (or other makes and models) was released and they had errors in the sweep speed used, the use of available control settings, and a misunderstanding of terminology.

Use the Apex to learn it .... well. Compare the Apex side-by-side with some other detectors, especially if they have closely comparable search coils. Get to know it like a friend, then introduce your friend to the viewing audience. That will help them better understand this new Garrett model, and it will also present you in a better light with viewers as well.

I have heard not so great things about the apex in iron, and I plan to to take it to some 1800s homesites on farmland that are littered with iron and scrap metal.

Why do we hear "bad things" about different metal detectors? Let's look at some of the reasons:

Someone who checks out a new-to-them detector is too biased about a different brand or model.

Sometimes, the comments come from someone who doesn't really understand such things as 'iron handling' or 'separation' or 'recovery speed' or even some differences related to 'operating frequency', or weaknesses of some 'SMF designs', and certainly because they don't understand 'Discrimination' and how it works on different detectors. Many do not comprehend why there can be differences in a Visual Target ID or an Audio Tone ID based on the Frequency and / or Discriminate setting used, or they don't know what a 'Blended' response is.

And I can guarantee you that many do not comprehend the differences in the severity of, or meaning of, terms such as 'Dense Iron Nails' or 'heavy iron contamination', etc. etc. I can't tell you how many times I have taken people detecting to some of my favorite old-use sites and they thought they knew what "a lot of iron" meant, and then found out there are some really ugly, nasty, terrible iron debris sites to contend with!

And that also brings me to the topic of 'good-target masking' and the difference between a target being 'masked' or 'partially-masked.'

We also see people who have a strong bias toward a brand, such as Bounty Hunter.' Through the decades past we knew they could find stuff, but from earlier days they were the cheaply-built or very inferior-performance detectors. The absolute low-end, entry-level type detector that a savvy detectorist would be embarrassed to be seen clutching in-hand. But today we have their new Time Ranger Pro which is simply, to me, a more attractive-looking Fisher F19 or Teknetics G2+. All from the same parent company, and this time they made the control housing decal catch-your-eye in the Bounty Hunter package. Same coils, guts and performance now stuck in a Bounty Hunter labeled brand.

In the long run, they can not make a totally fair comparison of a model because the manufacturer hasn't provided sufficient search coils to allow for more versatile use in a challenging site, or to compare well with various competitor's models that have a variety of coils to better handle some tasks.

Does anyone on here know any tips or tricks to get better target separation and recovery speed on the Apex? Thanks in advance!


Yes, I'll share a few.

The Apex does have an automated Ground Balance function that is generally useable, but doesn't function in all available modes. Also, it is automated so the operator doesn't have full control over the GB settings like they could if it had manual GB. Now, that doesn't mean all makes and models have a fully controllable GB for both the Threshold-based All Metal mod and motion-based Discriminate mode. I have a lot of detectors and some of them do not allow a negative or positive GB setting that could cause falsing, which would indicate thy have a full-range of adjustment. I have two of the Apex models, however, so it must be obvious that wil e they don't provide full-range GB adjustment, they do have a very 'functional' GB that has been working well for me in a wide range of ground mineral environment.

The Apex offers some usable adjustment settings, such as the size Mode options, but they are simply a Discriminate mode rejection choice. The Apex doesn't have any recovery or other controllable option tied in with the different Discriminate modes. However, once you are set up in the Discriminate mod you desire, the other settings are very clear and understandable, such as:

Sensitivity, which I always run at maximum on any detector and only reduce it when I have to deal with EMI.

Volume, which I also keep at the maximum of '8' to better hear all accepted targets.

Iron Volume, which I usually have st at '2' or sometimes '3' just to enjoy a quieter r lowered loudness from the targets that fall in the Iron or ferrous range.

Frequency Shift, an I have never had to change mine fro '5' because I haven't encountered any EMI challenges.

Operating Frequency, and in the case of the Apex, I have ready to turn-on and hunt in the MF Multi-Flex frequency choice. I do so simply because, so far, it generally provides reasonable good performance in most ground environments. I do, however, periodically opt for one of the single frequencies. Sometimes it would be one of my long-favorite operating frequencies, or it might be a higher-or lower frequency that provides me a bit of an 'edge' for some types of targets or to handle some types of site challenges, be it unwanted targets or ground mineral make-up.

Backlight, which I really like because it is a good, bold white light that makes the display very seeable when I hunt after dark, and I do and have with the Apex. It's either On or Off and lacks an intensity selection, but that's fine with me because it is amply bright enough.

Wireless Headphones option, and that is something I enjoy. The Garrett MS3 wireless headphones are amazingly comfortable and the audio sound and quality is something I enjoy, especially since I am hearing impaired. Plus, I also use the Garrett AT Pro-=Pointer w/Z-Lynk technology and can hear that in the headphones as well, and in the long run that adds to the versatility and appeal of the new Apex detector.

The new search coil size, a blended looking 'Viper' 6X11 DD is an OK choice for hunting more open areas or those with a low to modest amount of trash or brush to deal with. I wasn't sure I would like the new coil and had hoped their new offering would have had a 5X8 DD as standard, and I still wish it did. But the Apex performs much better than I anticipated, and that is partly du to both the detector performance in circuitry and the coil design and size which is workable for many applications.

However, it is still a little bigger than I like to have as a mid-size search coil, and it definitely isn't a smaller-size coil which I rely on the majority of the time on any make or model detector to handle the very contaminated sites I hunt, and that means both modern trash as well as ample ferrous and non-ferrous debris at the older sites I like to visit. Therefore, the Apex is performing very well with what it has to work with, and I am looking forward to them producing a smaller-size search coil for it. That's why I have a 2nd Apex at-the-ready so I can mount a smaller coil and have both units ready to tackle different types of site environments.

I would also like to see a smaller-size coil in Concentric design as that would improve the tightness or lock-on ability compared with a DD coil behavior. We'd drifted too far into the Double-D coil offerings with most manufacturers, many due to trying to chase one major brand, and sadly drifted away from the merits of a good, quality-designed Concentric coil. I use both types, and have since 1971, but keep the better type available on the individual makes and models I use.

Perhaps the best way for m to share tips or help with the Apex is to encourage you to take you time learning the Apex. And when a question arises, please feel welcome to e-mail me or give me a phone call and we can discuss the particular question or issue you might have. My e-mails and phone number are in my signature below.

Sorry this reply is lengthy, but in time you'll find that is just how I am. Now, I've had a busy four or five days as I was preparing for a couple of medical procedures at the VA Hospital yesterday afternoon, and I'll still need today and tomorrow to recover, but can tell you I am going to head out this afternoon for a bit of hunting, and the Apex is the detector that will be in my hand most of the time. In my 56th years of enjoying this great sport, and am very pleased with what Garrett Electronics has provided us in the Apex.

You're familiar with the Ace series, and I can assure you the new Apex should NOT have been name-associated with the Ace series, or the AT series. The Apex should be the start of a new 'series' from Garrett. and is a great platform to design from.

I also note you question here was looking for 'Separation' and 'Recovery Speed' of the new Apex. I was pleased to see you used both categories because a lot of people on many Forums do not seem to understand there is a difference between 'Separation' and 'Recovery Speed', even though there is some association of the two. Recovery Speed is an important ingredient when trying to achieve some Separation between two targets, but once you start using a ferrous target in the mix, and especially on how different detector Discrimination circuitry is deigned, they can each provide different results in the field.

Get the Apex and learn it well. Then do your review and if you have a good handle on the Apex's strengths and weaknesses, I am sure the review will be enlightening. For a real treat, see if the Dealer will also supply you with the MS3 Z-Lynk headphones with that Apex.thumbs up Questions? Shoot me an e-mail.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Coinboy, I'll gladly share my comments and experiences about the Apex.

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