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Falsing - Question about a Search coil cable / connector -

November 02, 2020 10:52PM avatar
While perusing another forum, i came across a post regarding what the owner thought was excessive falsing related to his coil cable / connector. Looking into this further, I determine my Viper coil is responding in the same way as the posters and there is a definite issue at the cable / connector meet point.

I am able to gently wiggle the cable where it enters the connector and it falses immediately pretty close to 100% of the time. The connector itself is snug in the housing and the locking ring is snug as well. There doesn't seem to be play in the connector itself. Appears to me to be a cable issue.

I sent a note off to Garrett Support describing the issue this evening (11/2) and will wait for a response. I'll post back under this when I hear from Garrett.

Rich -

Just one more good target before I go.

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How's My Apex ?

UtahRich 751 October 22, 2020 01:23AM

Falsing - Question about a Search coil cable / connector -

UtahRich 473 November 02, 2020 10:52PM

APEX headed to Garrett

UtahRich 495 November 06, 2020 11:07PM

Re: APEX headed to Garrett thumbs up

EL NINO 505 November 07, 2020 05:26AM

Further thoughts on the APEX -

UtahRich 612 November 07, 2020 07:13PM

Apex back in hand

UtahRich 470 November 09, 2020 09:54PM

Rich, I am not surprised. A very caring company, for sure.

Monte 463 November 10, 2020 12:42AM

So What Now?

UtahRich 632 November 10, 2020 04:43AM

Yes, different or distant locations, and shorter daylight hours, too.

Monte 508 November 10, 2020 07:13AM

Very Huntable at the House today Attachments

UtahRich 496 November 10, 2020 02:16PM

Re: Apex back in hand

D&P-OR 430 November 09, 2020 10:22PM

Re: APEX headed to Garrett thumbs up

Timbertodd 480 November 07, 2020 10:54AM

Rich, I liked your comments about the new Garrett Apex.thumbs up

Monte 491 October 22, 2020 09:49AM

The Garrett Apex.

UtahRich 494 October 22, 2020 04:08PM

UtahRich, my week-delay follow-up.

Monte 475 October 29, 2020 11:05AM

Re: The Garrett Apex.

jmaryt 493 October 22, 2020 06:31PM

A Sharp Stick...

OregonGregg 509 October 22, 2020 06:37AM

Comfortable Shoes -

UtahRich 480 October 22, 2020 03:52PM

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