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Further thoughts on the APEX -

November 07, 2020 07:13PM avatar
The stuff that doesn't matter / but really does matter.

When I initially looked at the APEX in the literature and ads, I liked the overall design and appearance. In my opinion Garrett has done well with the design. We can all say that the looks of a machine aren't an issue, it is all about performance; but that would only be partially correct. Design and ergonomics do matter and the longer you have a detector that performs well, the more the rest of the detector plays a part.

By that I mean if a detector performs good or well, but isn't also pleasant during use, it will fall out of favor with you at some point. Detecting, especially for longer periods of time, requires a high level of metal focus and attention. If there are issues with the design, interface or materials that become distracting during use, focus will be broken and irritation will result.

A couple of examples here. First - back in the mid-80's, I was using a teknetics mark 1 / hip-mount. The reason for my selection of a hip-mount was the weight of the detector. The mark 1 carried 14 rechargeable AA batteries located on the bottom of the housing. Plus there was an on-board charging system. Plus a bunch of knobs / dial switches. It was heavy. Too heavy even for a youthful me to use all day without arm fatigue. So I had a hip mount version and long cables for the search coil and pin point switch on the search rod handle. I was forever kneeling on the cables when recovering targets and they had breakage issues due to the constant flexing. I had to repair and replace them on a somewhat regular basis. And they would snag and hang up when hunting brushy areas. A hassle. My next detector was an White's Eagle and I ended up getting a hip-mount kit for it as well. You see where this is going.

I eventually tired of the big, full featured detectors that were so heavy, they limited time in field OR required me to get a hip-mount version or kit. I tried a Fisher 1265-X and a Compass XP-Pro, and some others. I eventually stuck with a CZ-6 / CZ-6a. They provided me the performance I was looking for in a lighter weight package that I could swing most all day. The Target ID wasn't as precise as I wished, but it pinpointed exceptionally well, had excellent depth for an 8" concentric coil and found stuff.

Second, in 2000 i transitioned from CZ's to an Explorer XS. After a couple years i added a Sunray X-1 pinpointer. The Explorer series is already a little heavy. Add an X-1 to the search rod and now it is more so. But it was a pretty tidy unit as the search coil cable fed up through the search rod. But it was heavy. As were the Etrac's that followed. And following a shoulder injury and surgery, toting around that much weight was just too much for lengthy hunting with that rig. I tried to lighten up with a hand held pin pointer, but i was getting older and it was just too much for all day.

This is the ergonomics part that I'm talking about winning out over time. The Explorer / Etracs are fantastic machines. But they are heavy compared to some other offerings.

We do have to remember though, that you can't swing the pendulum all the way to the comfort side. A detector that is comfortable to use, but doesn't find the goods gets set aside for one that does. In a nut shell, the manufacturer that gets these two things right for you is off to a good start getting your business.

When Garrett came out with the 6x11 Viper coil as standard for the APEX I was a little bit disappointed. To me, a 6x11 DD coil is a coverage coil, like i'd use for open ground such as a sports field where i have a lot of area to cover and targets are going to be relatively shallow. This is certainly a task where the APEX will excel. It is light and comfortable to swing.

But, I spend more of my urban coin hunting time around old homes, on the lawns of old parks and schools as well as places where I might expect to find lost jewelry of various types. So, depth does play a part here for me, as well as separation.

When my APEX returns and we all get a chance to see how the Garrett and NEL accessory coils perform, I'll have a better idea about my APEX long term as the complimentary detector to others already in use.

Rich -

Just one more good target before I go.

Detectors - Manticore / 800 / Axiom / CoRe / ProPointer AT / MI-6
Hunting Buddies - Best bunch of guys EVER
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