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Re: Is a highly specialized detector always needed ? thinking

November 03, 2020 07:38AM avatar
How do you define " Highly Specialized" when you say specialized I think of machines made to detect gold etc etc made for a specific task.. Do you mean higher-end machines vs lower end. or do you mean machines like V3i, Deus/Nox with many adjustments vs your common general-purpose detector with the basic adjustments? Complicated machines vs. less complicated, or do ya mean my machine cost more it has to be better vs. my machine cost less so it can't possibly be too good or or or or..................................... Sorry, its early morning, and I don't have a highly specialized brain so ya gotta spell it out for me I guess.........

But in my years of detecting smiling smiley I have used a MXT/M6/ Racers/ CoRe/Relic/ and that would be the bulk of it. I would say not any of these machines are " specialized" except maybe the Relic which its name implies might be geared for relic hunting. But they all fit a general parameter that I go by. Simple with Performance......that's the way I like it. I feel you don't need a machine that has the ability of numerous numerous adjustments.

I have confidence in my ability to detect ghost towns. I can take the most basic machine in my list ( Red Racer) turn it on, click it over to 3 tone, leave everything else in default and GB and go up against high dollar, highly adjustable machines etc etc and do well. I know I can because I have done it in the past and outdid them. But then again it wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention the times I also got crushed by those machines too.

For me, I see it as it comes down to what machine you like and works for you. You have to like the machine you are swinging......Maybe the Deus is the all get out machine in iron ( at least some think so) performance aside, there are other things that for me personally I just do not like such as every component has to be charged etc etc and I just don't have a desire to get or try one. So it just boils down to the individual and the machine they are comfortable with. Your machine is your partner so it needs to be a good fit.

It's a good thing we all don't like the same machine..............how would we have these Chevy/Ford/Dodge wars smiling smiley

Fors CoRe & Relic
Racer & Racer 2
Whites MXT Pro & M6

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Is a highly specialized detector always needed ? thinking

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Re: Is a highly specialized detector always needed ? thinking

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Re: Is a highly specialized detector always needed ? thinking

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