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Re: Is a highly specialized detector always needed ? thinking

November 03, 2020 09:37AM
Always? Nothing on this planet is always!

If your target is highly specialized then it would usually be the most logical choice to use a detector specifically designed for that purpose. It's much the same as using a program or settings that would give you the best chance of finding exactly what you're looking for.

I think that most of us, most of the time are searching for something specific but also don't want to miss out on other good targets in the process. I always want to find gold jewelry but very seldom, if ever, am I highly selective enough to pass on a good "high tone" to stay in that specific zone.

As has been indicated many times on this and many other forums, 'beginners luck' is a phenomenon that occurs when either a new detectorist or someone who has just acquired a new detector makes a great and usually an unexpected find. I remember that being said of me shortly after acquiring my first detector and making a find of 31 coins in one hole. The comment that stood out the most to me was that I had dug a signal that had pegged the meter (XL PRO) and inferred that I got lucky for finding a target like that in conjunction with what the meter reading was. Yes, I was completely new to this hobby and yes I was very ignorant as to how this machine worked but what I knew was that it sounded really good and so I dug it. Was the signal good? Yes, did it pinpoint to big to be a coin size target? Yes, Did I have any inclination it could be a small stash of coins? No, but what I had in favor was the desire to know what was making the meter peg to the right and sound so good.

I feel that in the quest to not dig very much trash, we can often overlook meter readings and tones that are perhaps out of the box of what we expect and thus miss some great targets. These are usually labeled 'iffy' targets and that is where a highly specialized can help and also hinder our efforts in locating those highly desirable targets. We still have to decide for ourselves and for me, I sometimes give up some of that decision making to a machine with a certain set of settings or algorithms in order to become more selective and better or more efficient at this hobby - sometimes too much decision making is given up and we forget to trust ourselves, our intuition, our gut! The more involved we get, the more we learn and the more experience we acquire, the more mental this hobby becomes. That's why I still use simple dial detector - to keep things real, to reset myself to the purest form of detecting - just me and the signal tone - letting me be, as mush as possible, the filter through which the signal is deciphered. Yes, I know that there is always some kind of filtering, modulation, enhancing or signal altering the detector does but using as little as possible sometimes helps ground me.

We are the most specialized detector we have available to us and everything else is just a tool to help us become better at what we do.
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Is a highly specialized detector always needed ? thinking

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Re: Is a highly specialized detector always needed ? thinking

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Re: Is a highly specialized detector always needed ? thinking

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