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November 24, 2020 08:08PM avatar
I use YouTube to research different detectors and their operation. Recently I came across one with the Apex and the new Ripper coil. The guys swing speed was so fast it looked more like he was trying to kill a snake with a weed whacker. I tend to use a moderate to slow/moderate swing speed and have been happy with my results.. Very similar to how I would use my Tesoro Bandido 2 MM. I do not swing my XLT as fast as he was swinging the Apex. Am I sacrificing any depth here? I recently watched a video where the gentleman was demonstrating his displeasure with his Simplex and new 8" coil. I was stunned at how fast he was swinging it. I thought good lord my shoulders would never last at that rate. I think part of his chatter/falsing issue with the coil was the fact you could pass a grapefruit between the shaft and coil cable with room to spare. What is your optimum sweep speed for good performance?

A couple thoughts here TimberTodd,

Yes, some people sweep too fast. Some Waaaaay too fast. Are you in a park or ghost town with lots of targets for the detector to sort through? Or an empty beach, farm or sports field where there is little in the way of trash / targets and any metallic item will break the quiet or that threshold tone like a china plate shattering on a tile floor?

Optimal sweep speed is easier to determine than some may think AND it is something that we tend to draw towards the longer we use a detector.

A simple way is to place some targets on the ground and after ground balancing your detector, if it does, swing over the targets with a variety of sweep speeds AS YOU LISTEN to the target report from the detector. Is there a sweep speed that provides the cleanest audio ? Best Depth ? Best Separation of Targets ?

Try the test with some real targets - unknown. Again, what sweep speed provides the best audio ? Depth? Separation? Like I said, over time using a detector, (if you're being observant at all) you'll find that optimal rhythym to the swing that provides the best results.

When I change recovery settings on my 800, my optimal sweep speed changes. Just something I've noticed. I hunt pretty slow anyway, but sometimes I hunt even slower.

Beware of impatience and that anxiousness that can come from wanting to find that next target ASAP but also remember that the detection frequency is way faster than we could ever swing a search rod and if there is little to nothing out there for the detector to deal with, you should get a hit when the coil goes over something.

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Am I missing Something

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Re: Am I missing Something

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Re: Am I missing Something

Timbertodd 390 November 24, 2020 10:05PM

No, you're not missing anything. You're just witnessing things I've watched for over 50 years.

Monte 424 November 24, 2020 08:13PM

Missing Something -

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Re: Missing Something -

Timbertodd 411 November 24, 2020 09:18PM

Just a short reply.eye popping smiley

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Re: Just a short reply.eye popping smiley

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