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No, you're not missing anything. You're just witnessing things I've watched for over 50 years.

November 24, 2020 08:13PM avatar
Yes, over 50 years. I remember back in 1968 and early '69 when my brother Ed and I we're detecting some of the big city parks in Ogden Utah with our White's GhostTowner BFO that came standard with a 6-inch coil. And we watched a fellow with a bigger heavier White's with an 8-inch coil who started at one side of the park and searched clear across to the far side of the Park and back to where we started in rocket speed time.

That was with a BFO and this was before we had discrimination, ground balance, and 10 years before we had our fast sweep motion discrimination. And he was not alone either, as we saw a few other people way back then who also used a very fast sweep. All we could figure out at the time was it was due to ignorance. It was a new hobby and a lot of people were getting into this new sport and apparently did not really know how metal detectors work and what's required to generate a detectable signal and process it, nor how to effectively cover an area.

So being ignorant and not knowing how detectors work properly and what it takes to generate a good signal and process a good signal, they just went about their search very hurriedly.

Through the years I have seen people search the same way, moving way too quickly. I think part of it has to do with the fact they have not learned to master foot speed or sweep speed because a lot of people who sweep very briskly side to side, and make broad sweeps as well, tend to move their feet faster also which means they're covering a lot of area and not overlapping worth a hoot.

And some people just want to cover an area so they move their feet fast and then it's like it works the other way because they're moving quickly they sweep faster. And when they make big broad sweeps, especially with the coil extended out further from them with the long rod length, they sweep faster and move faster and look
more like they're out whacking weeds instead of detecting.

By '78 to '83 we went through five years of fast sweep motion detectors, and then in '82 & '83 we got our good two filter slow motion detectors, but you still see many people using them with the very fast sweep speed.

Remember that some detectors will still function with a moderate to faster sweep, such as a 3 filter design, but are still at their best with a slow to moderate sweep speed. I can use my Garrett Apex or my Simplex Plus or even my F5 at a somewhat faster sweep speed, but not too fast. And for Peak Performance I want to work any of them as well as most of my other detectors at a comfortably slow and methodical sweep speed. By comfortably, I don't mean crawl speed or too slow. Just stay comfortable and using an efficient sweep speed is going to provide the best all-around performance.

Sometimes when you see people searching that way, especially in a high-use public area, it's just a good indication they're going to be missing good targets which means it would be a good place for you to search with much better techniques.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Am I missing Something

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Re: Am I missing Something

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Re: Am I missing Something

Timbertodd 416 November 24, 2020 10:05PM

No, you're not missing anything. You're just witnessing things I've watched for over 50 years.

Monte 446 November 24, 2020 08:13PM

Missing Something -

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Re: Missing Something -

Timbertodd 434 November 24, 2020 09:18PM

Just a short reply.eye popping smiley

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Re: Just a short reply.eye popping smiley

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