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Apex users: What Disc. settings for the 'Custom' Disc. mode?

May 15, 2021 08:14AM avatar
I had discussions with some friends about our Simplex + devices, and since some of them now have an Apex, and a couple of others joined our discussions, the same question came up about the Garrett Apex, which I really enjoy, and the Discrimination 'notches' or 'segments' we 'accept' in the 'Custom' mode.

That discussion got interesting so I thought I'd extend it to any Forum user of the Apex. So, WHAT Disc. set-up to you 'accept' in the 'Custom' mode, and WHY? Other preferred setting adjustments of Frequency-choice preferences? Search coil favorite?

I use the following for all four of my Garrett Apex devices. Actually, I only have and use 3 Apex / Coil combinations. My primary-use Apex sports the excellent 'Ripper' DD coil. For open-area searches I grab Apex #2 that I keep the 'Raider' coil mounted, and for very tight, confined places with a lot of dense brush or if heavily littered, my 3rd Apex has the 5" NEL Sharp coil attached.

The 4th Apex I have available as a 'loaner-unit' for friends and family. That way we are all using the same detector so no-one will feel like they have been loaned a sub-par detector. I keep the standard 'Viper' coil attached to the 'loaner-unit'. ALL of my Apex devices are saved / shut-down so they start up in the 'Custom' mode, and all four share the same Settings, and those are:

• Sensitivity full at '8'
• Volume ............. '8'
• Iron Volume ..... '1' or '2' depending on how noisy the environment is.
• Frequency ........ 'MF' at start-up
• Frequency Shift . '5' and only changed for EMI issues. So far, I haven't had to.
• Back-light ......... 'Off' then used only when hunting at 'dark o'clock'.
• Wireless ........... 'On' as each device is already paired to their own set of MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless Headphones.

My 'Custom'mode Discrimination settings are: I accept ALL Disc. segments from '20' on up

I leave the Iron Audio function 'OFF' and only activate it for a momentary check of some questionable targets.

I have found the '20' Disc. setting helps reject some of the lowest-conductive ferrous debris but still alerts me to Iron Nails and most of the higher-conductive ferrous junk. Then I can work around it to try and isolate any partially-masked good target. In my Iron Nail 'tests' and searching some very Iron-littered old-use Relic Hunting environments, the Apex & coils have worked very well.

So, that's my approach to success with the Apex, what are yours?


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Apex users: What Disc. settings for the 'Custom' Disc. mode?

Monte 758 May 15, 2021 08:14AM

Re: Apex users: What Disc. settings for the 'Custom' Disc. mode?

Timbertodd 348 May 26, 2021 04:50PM

Todd ... Beach the boat and head to the WTHO in 13 days!winking smiley

Monte 346 May 27, 2021 08:11AM

Re: Apex users: What Disc. settings for the 'Custom' Disc. mode? Attachments

Albert 507 May 15, 2021 04:01PM

It looks like you are doing okay!thumbs up

Monte 467 May 16, 2021 07:10AM

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