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Weather changes and old-coin detecting conditions.

July 18, 2021 11:39AM avatar
Thankfully there's a mix of keeper targets scattered amongst the caps. Things aligned and I was able to work a large river gravel bar that is heavily used by sunbathers and swimmers the other day. 4 pennies and a dime along with some pulltabs and bottlecaps were all that showed. The lack of targets makes me think someone else is hitting it. Sooner or later an old coin is going to throw itself under that Ripper coil Monte.

Todd, I hope you are right. The three of us, Apex, 'Ripper' and I, are patiently hoping to pluck some silver soon out of this yard. I mean, 88 years old and the house built during the Depression Era, and it's sluggish to give up anything old. It warmed up yesterday and is today with little or no breeze and it was/is very humid. But Tuesday thru Thursday we should cool to the mid 60° range and only warm up to about 85°, with some wind / breeze and under partly cloudy skies. I'll take advantage of shade and cooler weather and move my detecting efforts over to a different chunk of my yard. I'm on .52 acre so there is a lot of ground to be covered.

Glad to hear you found something other than bottle caps and tabs. I have noted that some areas of the yard have produced only the older rind-pull tabs and very few, if any, of the modern pry-tabs. Holding out hope for some positive success. I am using some of this stay-inside w/AC day to do some coin cleaning. That will let me double-check for anything that might be a bit older.

My #2 and #3 Apex devices and their assigned MS-3 headphones were fully charged in early to mid March before I packed up to move nd now, 4 months later, they are still showing full charge. Kind of makes me like their built-in Lithium battery design.thumbs up I was going to charge up my #1 main-use Apex, but it was down to just 2 bars over a week ago, and I have used it maybe 4 times for short hunts in my yard due to heat and my health. It's been operated for about 30 minutes, then another day for about an hour, then about 45 minutes to an hour, and day before yesterday I put in 45 minutes before I switched detectors. I am still at 2 bars of battery life showing! I am sure I'll juiceiit up this evening as I plan to hunt another half-hour to hour before sunset today.

For the record, my Simplex + is also still showing a full battery charge after being topped-off in early March and then stored until a couple of days ago. My chargeable ORX lasts OK except for the coil charge, but the Apex is doing the best. Made me change my mind this week as I was doing some unpacking and decided my AA battery-powered Nokta FORS Relic is now going to start using only the NiMH rechargeable batteries I have instead of Alkalines.

I hope you can get out again and find a good beach or other location that isn't being picked on by other detectorists.


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It's 5" coil day or thee Apex and me.

Monte 567 July 16, 2021 12:34PM

The good and the bad of today's experiences.thinking

Monte 352 July 16, 2021 07:59PM

Re: The good and the bad of today's experiences.thinking

Timbertodd 290 July 18, 2021 09:34AM

Weather changes and old-coin detecting conditions.

Monte 306 July 18, 2021 11:39AM

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