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Garrett's Goldmaster 24K is just another new and positive move on their part.

July 24, 2021 02:10AM avatar
A lot of manufacturers will keep one or more models around for what seems like a long time, but often there are two reasons: One is that they don't have the engineering ability or finances to create something new, and a Second reason is because they have a product that, globally, sells well. Now, I am not an Ace series fan, but around the world they have been terrific sellers. And their AT Pro was the bases for the latter release of the AT Gold, and then their upper-end AT MAX. That is their more recent product, before last year, and it works well and satisfies a lot of hobbyists and some avid detectorists as well.

Then a year ago they kind of surprised a lot of folks with the introduction of their SMF Apex. Since I own and use three of them with different coils and in a variety of site environments, I can assure readers that this mid-priced detector is an excellent performer and offers more than what a glancing eye might appreciate. Especially nice is an Apex with their 'Ripper' DD coil (an open-frame 5X8) that makes a terrific team, as TimberTodd and many others might agree.

Then Garrett Metal Detectors bought out White's proprietary smarts and parts, etc., desired for some models that appealed to them. The White's Electronics location in Sweet Home Oregon is an attractive property, but Garrett didn't buy that or the buildings or all of the mostly dated machines and other stuff. Just what was needed. I heard a little inside rumor of what might be a first move by Garrett, and I think the GM 24K was the smart way to go.thumbs up

I checked their website as soon as it was posted, and watched all of the 24K Videos they put up. That's always good because Garrett produces very good quality videos, and you get to see Steve Herschback (DetectorProspector.com) in his current appearance as he demonstrated and explained the 24K features and functions: [garrett.com]

I saw on Garrett's website they have re-released the 24K under their brand.

Yes, and this ought to be a positive move for Garrett in the Gold Nugget Hunting niche. I almost bought one before White's closed up shop, and now a new GARRETT 24K just might be on my shopping list.thumbs up

I like the all black color configuration.

We differ on this one, Todd, because I really liked that desert-tan sort of color scheme on the product White's produced. Maybe Garrett will make a color change down the road?

Its too bad they couldn't have dropped the 8 AA battery requirement and ran it on the lithium Ion battery like the Apex.

The Lithium approach, like on our Apex devies, is really nice. However, a lot of folks out there still prefer replaceable batteries, and Garrett's package with 8 rechargeable NiMH batteries and AC / DC adapters is a good move. Plus, anyone can simply use AA Alkaline batteries if desired. And the 34K uses the same physical package as the White's MX-7 and I found the battery housing location to balance well and make the package comfortable Also, White's put the headphone jack at the rear of the battery housing, where it ought to be, on the MX-7 and GM 24K.

It will be interesting to see what they have coming out in the future.

No doubt! There wasn't much in the White's line that I could see any interest in bringing out, other than the 24K, and even the very good MX-7. The only former White's model that I wish someone could re-produce with a Signagraph display, in a lighter-weight package and eliminating a lot of the useless adjustments, would be my all-time favorite from them ... the XLT.

Plus I'm certain they have had their own engineering group busy on their own Garrett-brand SMF and other models.

Until something new comes along from Garrett, their Apex will continue to serve me well.thumbs up


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Garrett/Whites 24K

Timbertodd 651 July 22, 2021 07:22PM

Garrett's Goldmaster 24K is just another new and positive move on their part.

Monte 320 July 24, 2021 02:10AM

Garrett/Whites 24K

UtahRich 338 July 23, 2021 02:44AM

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