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Ripper & Raider taking on deeper coins.

August 04, 2021 08:08AM avatar
The past couple of days I decided to wander away from the trashier areas of this half-acre property to see what might be out there in the less-used spaces. Naturally I am hoping to find anything older, especially silver coins, but anything older to provide encouragement. My first approach was to take my primary-use Apex with the 'Ripper' DD coil just to cruise the area and confirm I was out of the very littered section. I like the 'Ripper' coil, which is a 5X8 open-frame DD, because it is light-weight and maneuravable in a variety of site conditions, yet the Apex / Ripper combination still provides adequate depth-of-detection on most targets, yet works quite well in and around moderately-to-densely littered areas as well. This is my primary-use detector & coil set-up.

I always start out with my 'Custom' settings which is Sensitivity at maximum of '8', Discrimination accepting '20' on up, Volume '8', Iron Volume '2' and Frequency choice of MF. I used the Automated Ground Balance and that setting was '78' to '82' in this section of the property. Due to nearby power lines and houses I had EMI chatter and reduced the Sensitivity two segments to '6' bars for most of it and '5' bars for the more sever area.

I have found the Apex to work quite well in the Simultaneous Multi-Frequency (MF) function, but I do often select a Single Frequency of 10 kHz or 15 kHz for general searching, as well as helping to counter EMI in some locations. My plan was to also opt for 5 kHz to check some located targets, mainly higher-conductive responses, just to check the effectiveness between 5 kHz and MF. I did find that, in this particular area and the source of EMI, I could use 15 kHz and be able to increase my Sensitivity level 1 or 2 segments and remain stabile.

The good news after the first five or ten minutes was that it is very clean and I encountered very few targets close together like in the Bottle Cap Haven I've been dealing with. The bad news, however, was that I encountered few very targets at all. They were well spread apart. I have been 'cherry picking' the higher-conductive coins out of the more littered areas thus avoiding (ignoring) the lower to mid-conductors to include 5¢ coins in the mix of Pull-Tabs, Pry-Tabs, Foil and Bottle Caps. In the open area, any non-ferrous target response was fair game.

After hunting for about twenty minutes I was finding recoverable targets in the 4" to 6" depth range, with most providing a very good VDI 'lock-on' consistent with what they were. Both the separated 'beaver-tail' and 'ring' portions of Pull-Tabs, and two complete specimens, a couple of the rectangular Pry-Tabs, one Jefferson 5¢ piece, and two round metal buttons. Can't forget some copper and two zinc 1¢ coins in the take. The odd or mis-shapened targets, naturally, created a more spread-out VDI response. I did encounter two ferrous-based targets that I confirmed, both audibly and visually, before recovering, but I was curious what they might be, and then if they were masking anything nearby. One was a bent Nail and the other was a scrunched-up Bottle Cap. There was nothing good near to them.

About that time I started to get more sporadic audio responses, inconsistent 'beeps' with nothing there, and that confirmed and ended my battery run-time test. I started out at 2 bars of battery level reading, where it has been for the past week or so, and it dropped to 1-bar shortly after I started hunting. With that noise and the loss of proper function with the low battery reading, it was time to put the Apex w/Ripper on the battery charger, and I also plugged in the assigned MS-3 headphones to charge as well.

I then grabbed my 2nd Apex with the 'Raider' coil, which is their 8½X11 open-frame DD, and I went back to where I left off. This Apex showed fully charged (I charged all of them up in mid-March before I made my move to Texas) and they all start out with the same 'Custom' mode and settings. I adjusted the GB and it was also in the same '78' to '81' read-out range. And I still have some EMI issues, but even though the 'Raider' coil is larger than the 'Ripper' coil, I only had to reduce the Sensitivity to '7' bars or '6' bars. That was likely because the other Apex was running with reduced battery strength and might not have processed some of the signals as well.

My aching body doesn't last as long as it used to, plus the sun moved and chased the shade away and it was getting hot, so I didn't last a long time. Matter-of-fact, my hunt timing was bad two days in a row so the heat also cut down on my efforts. Nonetheless, I still managed to unearth a few more coins and they were all in the over 4" and down to about a 7" depth position. Again, all of them produced a proper' VDI response, but the coins were all 1¢ that dated from 1960 to 1998, 10¢ from 1965 to 1992, and three 25¢ all from the 1990's .... No Silver, No Wheat-backs, little excitement.

Oh, I can't forget, there were also several early Pull-Tabs or broken rings and tails that were also at 4" + but no more modern Pry-Tabs. That's a good sign to me because there's a better chance to find some older coins. With a house here since 1933 there just has to be something good left out there to find. Very little to find that is shallower and part of that is due to the build-up in this area of grass clippings, and at some point they brought in some fill material and upped the surface area 2"-4", maybe in the early 90's, according to what a local fellow told me.

It's supposed to only get into the 88°-90° range today and tomorrow so I plan to keep covering the area with the larger 'Raider' coil. Also, on Monday, the city and the plumbers I contracted worked on replacing the sewer line from about 10' out from my house all the way to the city's sewer line in the alley so a lot of my yard was dug up. Some of that went back into the trench to cover the new pipe, and the excess was piled on top of the trench line or raked around. That means I have some fresh raked dirt about 5' to 6' wide near the house tapering down to maybe 2'-3' wide by the back property line that needs to be hunted first. I'll try to work that today with a smaller to mid-size coil before heading back to the more open area with the 'Raider' coil. This fresh-dig area, however, cuts right through a lot of the Bottle Cap and trashy areas so I'll have junk to deal with.

Well, it's day-break and the sun's now out so I guess it's time to go detecting while it's cooler. My quest to find silver continues and I just know there has to be some out there on this property. 88 years of occupation seems to hint there's a good chance. Okay, Apex w/Ripper is charged up as well as the MS-3's so off I go.


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Ripper & Raider taking on deeper coins.

Monte 1102 August 04, 2021 08:08AM

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Monte 457 August 12, 2021 04:46AM

Re: Ripper & Raider taking on deeper coins.

Timbertodd 601 August 05, 2021 08:17PM

Todd, my Ripper & Raider detection depths observations.

Monte 471 August 06, 2021 02:34PM

Re: Todd, my Ripper & Raider detection depths observations.

Timbertodd 417 August 08, 2021 03:10PM

Depth-of-Detection comparisons gets interesting.eye rolling smiley

Monte 449 August 08, 2021 11:17PM

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