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Search coil selection and search coil behavior.

October 05, 2021 03:44AM avatar
Through the many decades that I've been detecting I have had numerous opportunities to use and evaluate aftermarket search coils along with those from the detector-maker. I have used more aftermarket coils on Minelab detectors then I have all the other brands, but I have used them on some Teknetics, Tesoro, Garrett, Fisher, Makro and White's products. I usually had better performance results with some for Minelab FBS series models.

As a rule I have always found the detector manufacturer's own search coils to be the better quality and better performing coil for their detectors. This has become especially true when I have evaluated some of the most recent detector models that are more fully digital circuitry controlled. One recent example would be the NEL aftermarket coils for the Nokta / Makro Simplex +. I use smaller-size search coils a lot and I was hoping for something close to a 5 inch round coil from them. They never made one, only bringing out a mid-size 5X9.5 for that model.

Then we saw the ad from NEL almost a year ago that they would have their series of coils for the Simplex +, to include their 5" Sharp DD. They announced the coils would be out by last December, and then in a conversation with the owner he told me that they would be delayed until maybe January of this year. Here we are in October, and still there are no NEL coils for that model series.

I was in another conversation with Dilek at Nokta / Makro the first of the year and asked again if they were going to make a small coil and commented about those that were coming from NEL. She told me that I probably would not see any coils from them because they did not provide any chip information for them to use. She said the only chip information that was given out for an aftermarket coil was for the 13" Ultimate coil from Detech, and that was the only coil they were authorized to make.

Thus it seems obvious with more of the most recent detector designs that are very digital circuitry based, a lot of the search coil design by both detector makers as well as aftermarket offerings, is going to be approved by or controled by the detector manufacturer supplying some of the codes needed to make them work properly.

Even though I have evaluated aftermarket coils that were provided to me for evaluation, I have continued to use and rely on the detector-maker's search coils. The only exception is that I did get the NEL 5" Sharp coil for or of my three Garrett Apex units from NEL.

For me and a lot of my needs, it works. However, it does not work really well to match the performance I get from Garrett's own coils. What I found was that the NEL 5" coil produces VDI readouts that are just slightly off than what I get using Garrett's Viper, Ripper and Raider coils. I am holding out hope that Garrett will produce a small coil for the Apex, but until then the NEL 5" works well enough to be functional because it is used in very dense, iron contaminated sites where you don't pay attention to the VDI anyway because it is going to be off due to all of the nearby masking targets. I hunt by audio in those types of environments.

I do have a brand new Superfly coil available for Teknetics T2 series and when I checked it out it worked fine. But more of the newer model detectors rely on even more digital circuitry design and I believe that's where some of the challenges come.

Sorry that coil did not work well on your Apex at the beach, but it was a good thing you took the Garrett produced Viper coil to save the day.


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Search coil selection and search coil behavior.

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